screwed up game pls fix

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omfg i was so pissed, i played red from 3:30 to 4:01…. and i was like omfg im gonna get like 2000 secs, but then i lost and was like WTF i only got 424 secs… PLS FIX THE FREAKING TIMER

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Next time use the bug report, it can be found by clicking the little bug in the top right of the chat box.

As for your problem, are you sure you didn’t pause it? Are you sure you didn’t die multiple times? I’m not saying that what you have isn’t a glitch but the timer seemed to work fine for me.

The most likely thing is that you paused it to go get something to eat, drink… etc.

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no i didnt do anything i just sat there and played for 31 mins >:(… and i also used the bug report. ty :)

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This is to everyone:

If you think there is a bug submit the report as fast as possible, do not wait till the next day if you can help it. It helps them track down the bug faster, because they know exactly what time it happened.