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Both Firefox and Chrome don’t get it to work. It most certainly has to do with the fact that it’s Java, because of the constant buggering of “always trust content of this publisher?” and the likes. Not sure if “only now” is a wrong answer, but I’m sure I have the latest Java version, since I downloaded today.

I’m not extremely disappointed, but I just want a game to run without too much of a hassle.

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Originally posted by Darkruler2005:

Seems promising, but crashes the moment I hit play.

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Takeover and Berzerk Battle has my attention however Monster Saga looks like Terrra Monsters. If Tower Empire is MP it looks rather exciting.

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Cactus McCoy 3 please.
Rolling Football please
Obama Lord of The Rings please.

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Thanks IHateCanabalt for following the game and promoting it here is appreciated (:

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3 upcoming strategy games sequals, man its the year of sequals, all 3 of them are HOT hot HOT but none have a release date and i thinnk the guys are taking sugestions

1. Fedudalism 3

Source: http://mytide.net/?p=2585
Link to feudalism 1: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Vitaly/feudalism
Type: real time tactics
Theme: dark age

2. Caravaneer 2

Link to caravaneer 1: http://www.kongregate.com/games/SugarFreeGames/caravaneer
Type: scavanger
Theme: post apocaliptical fallout

3. Awaken black blood

Source: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/3-general-gaming/topics/248202-awaken-2-taking-sugestions?page=2#posts-5971429
Link to awaken 1:http://www.kongregate.com/games/Ramos_emanuel/awaken-front-line
Type: mix between TD+RPD+RTS, real sick
Theme: post apocaliptical zombie univers

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Also, I played Awaken – Black Blood (Beta tested both of them. Awaken – Black Blood isn’t anywhere near done, just 2 levels made and a couple weapons).

I like the look of Takeover espeically.

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We are sorry to announce awaken black blood with campaning gona be put on hold for now , reason: it takes to much time to complete, we took 2 months just to make first 4 missions, we plan to release only awaken: rise of heroes(sandbox version) , game will probably be release in around 1 month.

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Hey everybody,
I just released Fat Slice 2.

I also started a kickstarter for my next game, Perch.

Any support would be greatly appreciated!

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I’ll be crying in a hole until Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Wasted Youth part 2 come out. Can’t wait.

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We announce Awaken 2 : Rise Of Heroes release date is now set on Thursday the 30th of August 2012 .

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Perch looks pretty cool!

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in development;

Creeper World 3


Tinysasters 2 : rise of the nexus


american Rracer


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Awaken 2 : Rise Of Heroes has bein released on Kongregate :


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post Kupos DA link for EBF4

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Some cool game from a well known developers:

City Siege Sniper is out on Armor game

Bubble tanks tower defense 2 is also out on Armorgames

Sushi cat 2:The great Purrade is also out on armor games

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I find game Trailer: Ro gue Soul


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Incredipede’s demo hit Kong a week ago.

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Originally posted by Xaqqax2:

Incredipede’s demo hit Kong a week ago.


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Hey thanks for writing about Enola: Prelude! That screenshot is very old though, I have taken a couple more for you:

You can view a trailer here: http://www.grindheadgames.com/enola-prelude-trailer

The game should be released in about 3 weeks, we are just sorting out licensing. Some other great looking games here!

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This thread is awesome, but I have a suggestion!

The Suggestion:

Always look at kong’s beta testing bit in the games section.

Just what’s on that at the moment:


I’ll put a list up of the games that you haven’t gotten on the released games section. Without screenies. Unless I can be bothered to go into the game and get one of the title screen for you.

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Sorry for reviving a dead thread,
Has any information been released about Gravitee Wars Online or CiviliZations Wars 2?


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Didn’t know there was a thread like this. Trying some of the games now. :)

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I hated the higher difficulties for having many flaws. Other people may have liked these, but I definitely did not. If it smooths out all the random events instead of them being capable of massively influencing your chance to win, it would be much better. Same results on average, just no hair pulling necessary.