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New project.
Development: Still under development, we hope to finish it by the end of 2015
Type: Rpg Sanbox TBS combat with real time exploring mode and a litle sims
Theme: Cyberpunk Dark
Official page: https://www.facebook.com/Lastnightinneoncity you can contact us for sugestions on what would you like to see in such a game or to subscribe for the beta session
Features: tbs combat, team , manegment(inventory,implants,lvl up),,raid corporations, npc interaction(negociations,informations,persuasion),interactive enviroment(hacking computers,lockpiking doors,stay at motels,visit museums and so on), open world , curently 1 town with over 25 buildings(each building is a location with random generator factors, stats and maps to explore and re-explore) and much , MUCH more ….
Funding: we have ZERO funds , cannot use kickstarter due to country restriction so development speed is low but not to worry we are motivated and we hunt in forest for food
Art: Retro 16bit (pixel art mixed with special effects) top down view
Platforms: web broser + standalone version + flash

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Originally posted by Bluji:

Papa’s Freezeria is epic. I knew it all the way it was worth the wait and it surely is. Play it!

Really? Will try it out.