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I hated the higher difficulties for having many flaws. Other people may have liked these, but I definitely did not. If it smooths out all the random events instead of them being capable of massively influencing your chance to win, it would be much better. Same results on average, just no hair pulling necessary.

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New project.
Development: Still under development, we hope to finish it by the end of 2015
Type: Rpg Sanbox TBS combat with real time exploring mode and a litle sims
Theme: Cyberpunk Dark
Official page: https://www.facebook.com/Lastnightinneoncity you can contact us for sugestions on what would you like to see in such a game or to subscribe for the beta session
Features: tbs combat, team , manegment(inventory,implants,lvl up),,raid corporations, npc interaction(negociations,informations,persuasion),interactive enviroment(hacking computers,lockpiking doors,stay at motels,visit museums and so on), open world , curently 1 town with over 25 buildings(each building is a location with random generator factors, stats and maps to explore and re-explore) and much , MUCH more ….
Funding: we have ZERO funds , cannot use kickstarter due to country restriction so development speed is low but not to worry we are motivated and we hunt in forest for food
Art: Retro 16bit (pixel art mixed with special effects) top down view
Platforms: web broser + standalone version + flash

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Originally posted by Bluji:

Papa’s Freezeria is epic. I knew it all the way it was worth the wait and it surely is. Play it!

Really? Will try it out.