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Kingdom rush: Looks good.

Bloom Defender: Even though it is a TD, I will try it.

Papa’s Freezeria: Another one? (squeals) I will try it!

Anyway fish: This is really cool! I ought to try it.

Castaway Island TD: Well, I didn’t like Castaway too much.

Crush the Castle TD: Looks good enough for me.

Raze 2: Whoever is not intrested in this is a noob. I am going to have a party when it comes out.

The Lance: If this has physics, I’m in.

Reemus Chapter 4: The Ballads of Reemus: Nope. I was never intrested in the series and never will. Even heard there was bugs.

Civilizations Wars 2: I hope theres blood in this one. I was bored in the first one.

Epic War 5: Never tried the series. I would start it.

Combat Hero Adventures – ZombInsanity: This would make a blast out of the orignial.

Rebuild 2: As long as it says game over when the leader dies, I’m in.

Bobby Nutcase And The Acrobat Smashers: This looks fun. Can’t wait!

Detective Grimoire: Not intrested.

Wonderputt: I will test it when it comes out.

TLS: Union City: This looks better. I will love this!

The sun goes to space: I will try this.

Arcuz 2: I don’t like Arcuz.

The End: Looks cool.

Talesworth adventure EPISODE 2: A puzzle game!!?!?!?!?!?!!??! No.

Bugzilla: Software Development War: This looks…. good…. Er…

Granny Strikes Back: I cannot wait for this.

Monsters’ Den Chronicles: Not that intrested…


Bloom Defender
Papa’s Freezeria
Anyway Fish
Crush teh Castle TD
The Lance
Civilization Wars: The sequel
Combat Hero Adventures – ZombInsanity
Rebuild 2
BNATAS (Bobby Nutcase)
The End
Bugzilla: SDW
Granny Strikes Back

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Kingdom rush is totally ftw, I cant wait it to be on kong.

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Raze 2 is coming out really, really soon. I can’t wait. I hope they put Kong API in it like I told them. D: If it gets badges that would me epic. We hardly get any good shooters badged.

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Castaway Island TD – released

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Where did you get this info dude?

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On armorgames, can’t wait until it come to kong

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it seems like lately armor hasnt been releasing thier new ones to kong? I know theres usually a delay, but now theres Castaway TD, Crush the castle TD, Kingdom rush, and Union city

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Wowza, I’m looking forward to most of these! :D

Miasmon looks awesome.

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I hear that Arkandian Crusade Chapter II (Revenant) is going to be out very soon. Just a rumour I heard though!

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Originally posted by undefined:

I hear that Arkandian Crusade Chapter II (Revenant) is going to be out very soon. Just a rumour I heard though!

:O Oh boy!
Loved the first one :)

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No offense, but to be honest undefined, it’s the only game of yours I liked :P

If Elements of Arkandia had a smoother difficulty curve, I would’ve liked it.

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just a suggestion, maybe remove the published game like 2 weeks or a month after published? that way a few months from now you dont have 2 pages of published. Oh and rebuild 2 according to her website is done and awaiting a sponsor and will be out in a couple weeks :)

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These games sound sweet.

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Berzerk studios…starfighter…..diamond hollow…

Can’t wait!

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Icycle 2!? I can’t wait!

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I loved Detective Grimor 1, I can’t wait.

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zombocalypse has already been released on armor games

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I really can’t wait for Rebuild 2 to be release, the first game was incredible.

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Originally posted by IHateCanabalt:

I played the “debug version” of it. Truly an epic game.

Is it is available and if so, do you think you can link to the game.

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Seriously, what’s your source?

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No way! So many awesome sequels. Wish greg would badge some of them

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Nice. Waiting to try some of these out.

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Hmm… seems like quite a wide range of potential WANTs.

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=D So when’s it on kong? It says Flipline on October…

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Oh my, I’m so waiting for that. Cactus McCoy was one of my favourite flash games ever, and I bet the sequel is going to be just as epic. Or maybe even epicer!