gd65's glicthes eps 1 (locked)

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part 1: red

1: hold the shoot button then move the cursor out the window then let go then move the cursor back into it. that way. you shoot like crazy ( or rapid ) to shoot annoying asteroids or tricky 1’s far far away!!! ( this isvrecommended for noobs since it insnt good for the 600pt badge and if your quick you can get it very rapid then after a sec or 2. it will be usual rapid )

2: when you survive for 100 seconds. the monster asteroid comes… you might think he can really drive you coocoo sometimes because hes like unstopiblle but think again…. theres only 1 asteroid and it goes slow but hard to move it your way…. and thats an advantage because you can aim it to the center and if you do…. the seconds will keep going on and on and on……. when your certain youve passed 600 seconds…. make the monster asteroid kill you to end and get that hard-annoying-and-driving-you-coocoo-badge for good!

heres the credits so far…..

greendragon65 me:for creating this guide and further 8gamemasterz8:for trusting in my heart to complete the series along with him and my buddies ;)
rileyvace:for telling me to never give up ;p
theDTB:for telling me a-hard-to-find-glicth no:1

thats all if u want more wait until i get the new guide its for the ps2 its GTA SAN ANDREAS GLCITHES!!!!!
it has 10 but the next after that 1 has 25 so get excited!!
cya glicthers or noobs

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Gimme a G!
Gimme an L!
Gimme an I!
Gimme a T!
Gimme a C!
Gimme an H!
“Glitch” (with ‘Gli’ pronounced like “Glyph” and ‘itch’ as in the thing you scratch) and Glickthhh are two completely different things. One is a word, and the other, regrettably, is not.

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Heaven forbid we just wanted to play the game as intended. Something tells me this guy is waaaaaay more excited than everyone else, and has done quite a bit of caffeine in his life. Switch to decaf dude. Seriously.

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that isn’t a glitch, it happens in everyshooting game i play

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and as i say heres an extra bonus to the scene… i have 3 cool glitches for gta san andreas ps2

1: go inside the gym and do the jetpack cheat then go over the exit then ull be over the gym then land on top ( u wpont fall or committ suicide but WARNING if u fall off u fall FoReVeR!!!!! AnD EvEr AnD eVeR!!!!!! now if u have thermal googles… wear them and theres a rare chance of u seeing a sexy tattoo and a tornado annd u see how much guys uve kilt but theres only 20% chance ull get to see this if u dont ull never be able to but if u did ull always be able to see it…. hope u enjoy :)

2: this is a really known glicth unless if youre a noob….. get a sniper then shoot it at the moon ull see it change in size keep doin it then it will be tiny hope this makes the noobs happy :)

3: this is a very hard glitch so try it if ure an expert …… go to the mansion save house ( not doggs house or wateva ) then use the jetpack and go thourgh the midle cutted edge then ull go through the wall then as usual go to where area 61 or watever again then ull see a building go under the deepest 1 then ull go on top of it when u go up the stairs mind ull get a 5 start * hope u enjoy this :)

thats the end of the preview of gd65s glitches eps2 cya guyz ;)

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heres the changes now….
1: i will now spell glitches and glitch and glitchers right….
2: i will make most of the glitches hard-to-know-and-find glitches
3:i will try harder to be more explainfull ( im not a great writer you know…. )

well thats the changes in eps 2 on gd65 glitches!!! cya glitchers and noobs ;)

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Im not gona take any tips on someone with 167 friends and only 18 fans.

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the first one “1”: is only hold down the left mouse button so no special whit that.

and the second “2”: everybody know that it is only to juggle the big asteroid.

so an stupid topic….

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Quoted from his comment on Platform racing=


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i said on multiplay u dammit!!!!! cant u realise its ok to glitch on single player but not on multiplayer dammit u dont realise that gta san nadreas and red are single player games and not online ( well gta san andreas is kinda multiplayer and i dont no bout online ) but this is for only single player so sut ur mouth bout glitching!!

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Yes, this is a poor thread, but there was not really any need to troll.