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Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone plays BFH. This would be a good topic to share tips and tricks about this game. To start this topic off, I’ll begin a little class guide:

Gunner: Close range with light machine guns, shotguns, pistols and RPGs. Good against tanks from a distance, and good against infantry from CLOSE to MEDIUM range. I typed those in capitals because they are important.

Pros and Cons:
Most health, Shield, Rocket Launchers

Walk slowly, close range

Commando: This class has a sniper rifle, pistol, combat knife and a grenade launcher. Commando’s excel at long range (cause of sniper), and a good at point blank range cause of knife (LOL).

Pros and Cons:
Walk fast, have invisibility (an ability, but you can be seen in a certain radius, when you attack, your stealth is gone), Sniper Rifles

Least health, Sniper rifles leave a bullet trace (easy to be seen once you’ve fired your sniper rifle)

Soldier: Has SMGs, Assault Rifles, pistols, shotguns and grenade launchers. The soldier has “Combat Medicine”, an ability which heals you and your teammates in an certain radius.

Pros and Cons:
Medium walking speed, Medium range combat, grenades

Not as much health as gunners, At close range gunners can most likely mow you down.

That is my guide peoples! Hope you like it. If you do play this game, then plz write something about it, your hero/s and weapons. My Username is DarkPoxy, My 4 heroes names are: MrBorris (lvl 13 Royal commando), TheEpic0nator123 (lvl 14 royal soldier), Ned_Norris2 (lvl 10 Royal gunner) and MrOwnageDude (lvl 8 national soldier)


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fuck yeah love gunners and soilder but the comando is a pussy. i got once 600 btf and spend it all on a sniper rifle for my commando…………………BYE!!!!