gd65 glitches eps 2

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hi guys! youve probably been shocked by my rubbish writing ( cause of the glithes and so on ) but ive made my guide better and badder and harder and grandier and bannier!!! lmao :) but anyway as usual…. lets get on with the glicthes….


1: read prev guide

2: read prev guide

3: read prev guide

4: get a camera and use all of its pics ( on scenefull things of course that u like ) now save the pics but do not save the game now switch ur ps2 off then on again….. now the difference is that well uve started were u were again but urpics are still there and ur cam is there as well enjoy ;)

5: while on a bike do the jetpack cheat and CJ will look like hes standing on the bike!! :)

6: while on a phone quikly cancel it then put it to the tec 9 something then ur fone will be a gun!! ( im not sure if this works 60% sure 40% not ;)

7: ( for pc users only ) to get into the area 61 bit quiker go near the entrance and type in the jetpack cheat then ull go through it ;)

8: ( again pc users only ) i cant remember this but if u have a gameshark thing u can get 2 things that i no the superman coustume ( with his usual powers ) and the big big truck cant remember what it looks like… enjoy! };)

9: the TERMINATOR: to make ur own terminator…. get a car then go inside the pay spray thing then let it spray ur car then get out of it leaving the door open then make cj puch some1 then go in the car when there near u then the car sprays and ull hear cj go coo-coo then shoot him/her…. they wont die!!!! even the most powerfulthing cant destroy!!!!! RUN NOOB! RUUUUUN!! BEFORE TERMINATOR KILLS YOU AND EATS YOU!!!!ENJOY……. MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!! }:)

10: kill urself in reallife! just joking!! :}:]:)

now heres the credits so far!!

greendragon65:for creating this guide
8gamemasterz8:for being my best buddy
rileyvace:for to never give up
theDGB:for telling me 1 of the glitches on eps 1 about red
phoenix:for telling me that i was in the wrong forum area ( im also coo-coo myself )
arcane:for locking my forums cause they were rubbish at first ( i was practicing )

well remember folks! gd65 will come upwith glitches every day or week! cya guys or glitchers or noobs! ;) }:)

thanks for reading this guide!! plus tell me anything that is wrong and ill add you

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and i was a bit rushed up so srry for the mistake on the top :( }:(

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lol sweet stuff. cant wait for the new game, i live in NYC so im hoping itll be good

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but wait until you see eps 3…… its gonna shine right outta your eyes cause im gonna make it great!!! dont worry nothing too u-no-what hehehehe…. imao