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Originally posted by slasher:

Yogscast. Checkmate.

Lol. http://youtu.be/YeBrOp5XW3I

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I don’t understand why people try to compare minecraft and terraria. it’s like trying to compare grand theft auto and legend of zelda. but personally, i like terraria better.

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Originally posted by My_Pale_Rex:
Originally posted by Jon010:


Minecraft is not a game yet. It’s VIRTUAL LEGO. WITH GRINDING.
I’m not saying it doesn’t do a damn good job at it, but still.

>minecraft is virtual Lego with grinding

then what is terraria?

A game.

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I prefer Minecraft, but I’ve never really played Terraria.

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Just wondering why in the heavens are people saying that minecraft is better at building than terraria?Sure it’s 3D but it misses one of the most important aspects of building :detail and not that black wool on the darker sides thing i mean tru detail that makes it look like a real house
I like terrraria because of the content ,building and developer response
Minecraft is good tho and excels at survival and multyplayer