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I like terraria. It is really fun when admin spammed spawning boss to 100 or beyong and the age of sparta began!
Also, terraria can use to create nice pixel arts too + nice mechanical , electrical systems made by yourself for your epic bases!

minecraft is good, but it is about creating many things because it is 3D.

To sum up
- If you want pvp, fighting mobs → terraria
- If you want to build your empire , statue, etc. → minecraft
- If you want to create pixel arts → terraria
- If you want to build in endless space → minecraft
- If you want to play mods for the game → minecraft has more mods.

the number of players : minecraft > terraria
because minecraft is unique sandbox game which being sandbox game better than terrania
but it doesn’t mean that the number of players playing terraria is low. It is just a bit different.

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Originally posted by slasher:

Yogscast. Checkmate.

Lol. http://youtu.be/YeBrOp5XW3I

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I don’t understand why people try to compare minecraft and terraria. it’s like trying to compare grand theft auto and legend of zelda. but personally, i like terraria better.

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