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[Jumps into the chat randomly]

I like ubisoft because they probably made a game I like on ps1. I forget. Anyways, I probably won’t try this because they remind me of Emulators and ROMS

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what are you on about? wha??

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So you see, that is why, I warned about the randomization beforehand.

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in general, all the money goes to the publisher, whatever you do. the programmers and artists will not make a penny from you buying any game.

Well okay, I don’t think it’s fair to say the programmers are not getting paid. Also to be fair, it’s not their game either, and as we both know it takes entire teams of people to make these things, so if anything, the employees are in a good position because they will be paid for their time up front (by the month), whether or not the game goes to market or sells well. It’s true, the bulk of the profits goes to the publisher, but they are the ones taking the risk and paying for the production. If the game bombs, they are the ones losing money. So, I don’t think any one ‘game creator’ is entitled to say they ‘own’ the entire product just because they worked on it.

If this new advertising model brings in more money for the publisher, then they will be less likely to lay off employees after a game’s sales come in lower than expected. I guess my point is, it seems unlikely that publishers will just start giving away their games, just to spite the hard-working game creators, but rather it could help the industry by creating more sustainable revenues after the initial release. I guess that means more jobs.

Someday I hope to produce my own independent Web games, and you can be sure that if I’m the one who is paying (or going into debt) to produce it, I’ll be the one making the profits ;)

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upfront? wages are paid in arrears. it is not uncommon to not get paid at the end of the month’s hard work, to continue working for the next month, in the vain hope that things will sort themselves out because you care about the game you’re making, and then watch the company liquidate. this happens all the time.

as you mentioned, entire teams of people make these things. and entire teams of people have bad things happen to them as said above.

i’ve seen companies take everyone out to lunch, tell them they are all fired and not let them back into the building. and that’s actually a good experience, compared to most.

i’m unsure where you get your information about the games industry from but i’m speaking from actual experience. you know every time you hear about a game that has been in development for a few years and then got canned? it’s the above that is happening.

all of this can happen because you do not care about developers. you do not pay attention to what they do, you pay attention to what publishers do.

for instance, here is a company that didn’t pay its developers. you may notice that the developers have control of the webpage.


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Wow. All I can say is… DAMN.

That’s really shocking. While you can tell from my posts that I tend to respect intellectual property rights, I totally disagree with the corpo tactics you mentioned there. I find it appalling that they would expect people to work on a project without payment, although I can’t say that I would continue to work for someone very long while not being paid.

That being said, I’m really just a little, indie-type Flash developer who can’t claim to have spent years in the big-budget game business. I do have some friends working for local game studios, making big-budget games, and while I know people get “downsized” all the time, I haven’t yet heard of anyone getting stiffed.

I guess it depends on the reputation of the company. Sounds like some of them are total crooks :P