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Originally posted by calvindang:

I think the last H/L quest should be lowered to 25 or 30…

no… I think the H/L 20 combo quest should just be the last one in that series.

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can you try to add different hamburgers?it whould be a cool feature

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There are 2 errors I have noticed. 1 In the Throne Room where King Ping says "With your donation I will buy ‘a armchair’. It should be ‘an armchair’. The other is in the hat shop it calls a ‘Sombrero’ a ‘Sombero’. Just thought I’d let you know. Also the ‘Sombrero’ sometimes reappears after you collect it in the credits, mainly when you log out and in again :)

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May I suggest some additions to the game. Some may be suggested 1000x before, but here are my 2 cents:

- Get more fastbar xp for idling inside your house. This should be less than the meditation garden, but enough to be useful staying there.
Let’s say + 10 xp and + 1 xp for every hat owned?

- Autofishing, with a permanent upgrade. But not too overpowered.
$ 100000 rod: 1 fish caught per minute.
$ 250000 rod: 1 fish caught per 30 sec.
$ 500000 rod: 1 fish caught per 15 sec.
(active fishing is about 1 fish per 5 sec?)

- More stuff in the ping mart, expensive but useful.
Some examples:
$ 50000: tweak the slot machine slightly in favor of getting octo jackpot. Not too much, but enough to make the quest a bit easier.
$ 500000: tweak the high-low machine more in the player’s favor, so the higher quests are doable. Make it so that even the 50 quest will be possible without having to play the game forever. (the 20 quest took me long enough)
$ 200000: a bigger bucket for snail catching, 20% larger.
$ 1000000: an even bigger bucket for snail catching, 50% larger than the original.

- More upgrades for your house!
But not too many, about 5-10 more? Upgrades to the existing furniture, so no new ones (that would be too cheap and easy).

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Now I think of it, some of the price suggestions are a bit too low. And I can’t edit my post.
So here they are:
$ 1 mil for the first rod.
$ 10 mil for the second rod.
$ 100 mil for the last rod.

$ 500000 for the slot machine tweak
$ 50 mil for the high-low tweak

200k for first one is ok, 2 mil for second one and then a super bucket of 200 mil that’s twice as large (100% larger).

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Saybox, how about you add Link’s cap from the legend of zelda? I would make the pings look pretty cool!

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Originally posted by Sw4tty:

Hello there !
I’ve created an income simulator for the game, you can find it here
I’ve just update it to match the recent game changes, so I really need some feedback/suggestions to improve it and fix the bugs.

Actually it’s too much based on statistical data, from a spreadsheet I made before, so any idea to make it more accurate is good to get !

Hope it will be useful for some people =]
(Sorry for my bad English :D)

It’s terrific. Thanks

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Make the target range easier? Oh and make high low easier too, I could only get up to ten. (yeah I know, I suck)

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You know how there’s 3 kinds of hats?(The actual hat, face, and the cape) Can you make a fourth one? Like an earpiece or something.

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Originally posted by ToxicEsophagus:

I started playing on a different site, now i’m level 55, but when i play on Kongregate, it’s a new game. The other site doesnt have the updates… any advice?

Instructions for windows xp users – it shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt them for other versions of windows.

Do the following steps to locate the file you need.

My computer
Local disc C (or wherever your documents and settings folder is)
Documents and settings
Whatever you user file is called (mine is my name)
Application data
Flash player
Shared objects
string of numbers and letters


Open the file for the site you have been playing on (eg i.notdoppler – instructions that follow are for notdoppler)

Now you should see a file with the extension SOL. In notdoppler it’s called ‘user2’

If, on the site you have been playing on it’s called user, then all you need to do is copy it (don’t cut it or you’ll lose all your progress if anything goes wrong at the next stage).

Now follow the instructions from the beginning until you reach the heading ‘NEXT STEP


Open the file labelled chat.kongregate
Paste the SOL file you copied. (BE CAREFUL THIS WILL ERASE ANY PROGRESS YOU HAVE MADE ON THE KONGREGATE SITE – might be as well to rename the SOL file that is already in that folder (to user backup for example) then if it goes wrong you won’t lose anything.)

If you open the game on kongregate you should be able to start where you were up to on the other site.

If your user file on the other site is labelled anything but user then you need to change the file name AND make a minor change to the contents of the file. I’ll give instructions for if it says user2 – you should be able to adapt them for other file names if necessary.

First copy the file you copied from the folder to somewhere you can work on it – desktop? Change the file name to user.sol
Open it in a hex reader (there are free downloads available on the internet)
Look for where it says user (to the right of the numbers)
Highlight the 2 (after the word user)
The hex code on the left should have highlighted a 2 digit code (eg 32)
Replace the code with 00
Save the file as user.sol
Copy the file
Now follow the instructions from ‘THEN’.

And that’s it!

Credit to FlundR who helped me transfer my own file from notdoppler to kongregate.

BTW the sol file is the one you need to backup before you run cccleaner or similar. I’ve emailed my latest version to myself – just in case LOL

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are you gonna add a gold seal skaterfly? i hope you do!

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you guys should make it so we can change the color of the penguin with money and buy clothes for him and in the mart make it so we can trade xp for money or the other way around

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How about when you get the jester hat, you could stand in the throne room for more money? Or you can make some sort of minigame in the throne room requiring the jester hat.

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how do i free the trapped ping ???

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A new map to manufacture fish and sell at supermarket (another new map) for more money than market.

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I think there should be a way to get special quests by talking to other pings

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I have noticed that, if someone has a bug, it gets down voted, and never seen again. I had found a bug that made me lose 5 mil. But when I posted it, it got down voted and nobody saw it. There should be something done to prevent the bugs and glitches going unnoticed.

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When you are fishing you should get a 1% chance to catch a shark it i 1000k exp and 10k coins per shark!(no shark bait)

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Okay my idea is a simple one which has probably been asked before but… how about an upgradable bucket in catch-a-snail? That way we can get more snails and complete the 50 combo.

Oh and also a way to make where you hit the seals and gain more than $2, maybe an upgrade where we could make it into $3, then $5 and then $10?

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Some sort of poker or video poker style game would be cool in the casino. Maybe some sort of penguin trivia game would be interesting for a new map. Another idea might be to have a vegetable garden of some sort as a new map, then have a map for a seafood restaurant where you could combine vegetables, herbs and fish as entrees. Maybe some sort of memory game where you flip over cards and have to match pairs of hats.

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Something with polar bears would be interesting too. Maybe so sort of keep away like pong with two pings and a polar bear trying to catch a fish that you throw back and forth.

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how do you collect the insta-half hour bonus fill in throne room?

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IDEA : A Pingy Platform Game.
Called : The Pingy Pingy Jump.
You jump through various platform,collecting coins as you jump.If you fall then it’s game over.Each coin is worth $1,and you have a 1 in 25 chance that you will get a mega coin,total of $25,and a 1 of 50 chance of getting a Coin Pile,worth $75.

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I used to have a level 80, but then I got a fucked up save to the computer.

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a hacked version of the game.