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Could you add dates on last updates on first post please?

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Backyard Monsters was removed, literally IMPOSSIBLE badge, please remove those badges from badge master.

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Hmm, the badges for FPS-MAN aren’t in the Unity section…

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Originally posted by wipuwipuwipu:

Do you Senekis93 know what to improve? I have a suggestion. Put a list of every badge of the type chosen, instead of giving 1 badge per click. That way users can realize which and how many left. Thanks if you have seen it.

he does have that way already. its called select “browse” and use the arrows. duh
and the option was definitely there at the time u made the post and i know cuz i used badge master b4 that and it was there

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I love this badge Master (although, it should be called “Badge Manager” instead) Just a few things:
1. Is there any way to use the search function to search by tags? For example, if I want to search for badges for games that are tagged “KEYBOARD ONLY”, is there any way to do this? If not, this is something you should SERIOUSLY consider adding. EDIT: Okay, I looked through the comments and saw that you don’t want to do this because of a database limitation issue. Darn it. What “host” are you speaking of that only gives you 2 DBs? Anyway you can do a workaround?
2. Is there any way you can make a button so instead of “favoriteing” a badge, you can add it to a list called “working on” or “in progress”?
3. Can you change the description of this “game” so that it says “kong badges” within the 1st 75 characters? I kept seeing it in my suggested games, but never looked at it until now because I didn’t know it looked up KONG badges (I thought it was some sort of meta-game where you mastered all the badges of badgelyness (like “Achievement Unlocked” or something)
4. Is there any way you can have at least PART of the description of a game show up on the badge page? So we can see what kind of game we are getting ourselves into before we click? and/or a
5. Any way we can get an option so we can launch the game in the same window that Badge Master is open in?
6. badges for badges! – There totally needs to be a KONG badge for this game that you get just for logging in XD

Thanks so much for making such an awesome tool/program!

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Originally posted by Senekis93:
That’s weird, uuu2.
What OS are you using?

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badge: “drone hunter” and “master blaster” from Vorp (unity game) dont exist
“you know it’s your destiny” and “to train them is your cause” from Outernauts dont exist either

pls eliminate them. thanks for creating this game/app there no kongregate without this open :D

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Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 WAS removed and those Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 badges need to be removed in Badge Master

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Uh, hey, just posting this in bugs since I love this app, and I really want to see the games that take you back to the Kongregate home page instead of any game to be gone, if possible, as well as those rare few that used to have badges apperently but do not now. I have found a few. Legacy of Heroes and Fantasy Online are the two I remember. Oh, and I was told when new badges get added it sees it too? Some new badges don’t seem to appear on this. :/ Anyway, love this app. :)
P.S. I found more, Sola Rola, Async Racing, Desktop Tower Defense 1.5, Clash of the Dragons.