Johnny Rockfingers 2 Walkthrough

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Follow the numbers, straight and simple

1) pick up the beer bottle to your right

2) use beer bottle on countertop/edge to break it

3) pick up ashes out of the ashtray (not the ashtray itself)

4) use ashes on thugs

5) pick up Thug Inc card


6) use the chain (center of room to the right of the lightbulb). It break off and you receive it

7) pick up the knife (left wall, above couch, just past the ‘Johnny Rules’ graffiti along to the wall)

8) get the key & quarter from underneath couch (use the fist)

9) use the key on window


10) pick up the gum, under window sill on the left

11) use chain with gum to make a “chain with gum” combo item

12) go down ladder


13) get the stale bread out of trash can (near bum)

14) go inside liquor store

15) pick up the 40 ounce of beer (in the barrel)

16) use beer with crack in the wall, next to pac-man machine (you can’t take the bottle out the front door)

17) go outside & retrieve beer from crack (just to the left of the parking meter)

18) give beer to bum which then passes out

19) use the bums ‘can’ (to his right) to receive some change.

20) go back inside store


21) pick up the “seltzer” out of the tray on the counter

22) talk to the clerk

23) buy the “fizzy tabs” with the money from the bum


24) use the bread with the seltzer to make a “seltzer & bread” combo item

25) go up the ladder

26) feed it to the pigeon which explodes

27) get the hairpin out of the nest

28) go down the ladder

29) use hairpin on the parking meter to get the mad cizzash


30) talk to hooded guy (shady looking character to the far right)

31) say you need information

32) say anything about Thug Inc

33) agree to retrieve his lighter


34) use the knife with the storm drain closest to hooded guy

35) go down into sewer

36) immeditaly come back up to the street after going in sewer

37) go into the alley to the left of the shady looking guy

38) use knife with the trashbag

39) you now receive a wrench, screwdriver, hamburger, & scrabble tile


40) go back down sewer

41) use the wrench with pipe (just next to your knee)

42) climb into large hole

43) use hamburger with outside of hole. A crocodile shows up.

44) use the pipe on the crocodile. It doesn’t work and your trapped now.


45) No rush. The crocodile stays put. Use the wrench on the wheel

46) turn the wheel (using the fist icon)

47) use the single quarter (that you got from under your couch) on the panel to unscrew it

48) use the knife to open the panel. Your knife will break

49) look at the panel

50) use scrabble piece with missing button

51) Push the G2 scrabble piece button


52) keep walking to the left til you reach the treasure

53) use the “chain & cum” combo item on the lighter (sitting on top of the treasure)

54) leave sewer


55) talk to hooded guy

56) give him the lighter

57) walk all the way to the left till you see the front of a bus

58) use the money from the parking meter on the bus


59) Wander over to the right till you get the final cut scene.


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Too bad there’s already a walkthrough,advertised on the game description.

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i used one from a diffrent website last night

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lol so long

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thnx ^^