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Let’s Play for Those Who Don’t Like Reading: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF565049EC6E3DD56

Epic inventor is a game that a lot of you will start off by saying, “Wow, just another Terraria Clone.”

Well it’s not. Give me a chance to explain it first.

Epic inventor is a game that has a similar appearance to Terraria. It has the same style of 2-d gaming, but without the same type of building and such. Instead the game gives you a small zone in which you can build predefined structures, such as turrets, factories, and other things you might find in an Age of Empires game. A lot of the game is somewhat defend the base.

It’s also an exploration game. Like Terraria, you can go underground (pre-existing caves since you can’t manipulate the ground) and explore looking for rarer resources.

It’s also a bit of an rpg. Later down the line the devs plan to add a bit of storyline to it, definitely separating it from Terraria and Minecraft. At the end you’ll be given the choice to “beat the game” and fly away (possibly to a more difficult type of world like space), or continue with your current world and keep expanding. It will have skill trees, and probably close to or over 150 skills.

If you’re a creative person, you might want to come now as the devs listen to their community, and right now read every single post on the forums (not kidding you on this one.) It’s a great community, and the game was just released in alpha version! Check us out at www.epicinventor.com!

(Sign up today, be active on the forums, and there’s a chance you could still get accepted to the alpha!)

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That’s pretty awesome looking! Thank you for sharing this.