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The basic idea of the game is to let it idle all the time , and when you are active you get rewarded for playing it .

So plz post hints ’n tips here and make the lists as good as possible ,
and a “walkthrou” would also be nice =)

The DEVELOPERS has made this thread ( So post your suggestions and so there plz ) :

SPOILER ALERT ! For the posts here . ( posts gets edited to collect good info on page 1 , but other posts also have nice info you need )
( The game might change often , so the lists is not 100% correct )


Your computer settings matter !

Developer response from saybox : ( I’ve combined different posts )
“Hi! Sorry you lost your save.

The save file is stored on your own PC, and deleting cookies, running CCleaner, or using addons like BetterPrivacy will delete it.

If you have your browser set to clear cookies on exit, or if you delete them yourself, your savegame will be deleted with them.

Some browser addons like BetterPrivacy also delete cookies for you, and so do cleanup programs like CCleaner.

If your browser crashes during the autosave it might also delete the file
(with Chrome some people have said restarting their PC recovered it, but that won’t work if you’ve already saved over it).

I dont’ recommend using Google Chrome, because it doesn’t handle flash saves very well, but whatever browser you use, you should definitely back up your saved game.

You also need to make sure Flash is set to accept game saves at all, by going to “Settings” in the right click menu, picking the middle option, and putting the slider all the way to the right. The space you allow there is for EVERY GAME on Kongregate to use, so its best to put it to “unlimited” (that also fixes lag in games that save a lot)."

Changeing the internet browser you use might reset the flashplayer info stored on your computer !

An guide to “how to” save/backup your game progress :

And set kongregate as an thrusted site should also help .

I copy/save the Folder as a backup ( i have Vista ) :
C:\Users\ (your username) \AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\ (random letters and numbers) \\gamez\0012\6674\live\pingy2.swf
( That folder has most(/all) of the other games on Kongregate too )

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Hints n’ Tips lists : ( Update : 3/18/12 )

1 : Click the big Achievement word at top , in the Achievement tab .
Unlocks : Whirly Hat

2 : Play the Ping Slots until you get 4 Noctopuses .
Unlocks : Lampshade

3 : Manage skool level 50 ( Use an calculator if you need to ) .
Unlocks : Top hat

4 : Save $ 2.000.000 in the bank .
Unlocks : Monocle

5 : Cook 2000 burgers .
Unlocks : Fry Cook

6 : Get Pingy to lvl 25 .
Unlocks : Mouse Ears

7 : Get Pingy to lvl 50 .
Unlocks : Cork Hat

8 : Get Pingy to lvl 100 . ( Remember to click the Ping at the Market to get it )
Unlocks : Cowboy Hat

9 : Get Pingy to lvl 250 .
Unlocks : Pretty Hat

10: Use the key on chest/box at skool ( see Secrets ) .
Unlocks : Polar Bears

11: Press arrow keys left and right ALOT (25000 ?) of times in the swimming pool tab .
Unlocks : Motorcycle

12: Click on Pingy 500 times .
Unlocks : Pyro Mask

13: Farm 2000 whales .
Unlocks : Farmers

14: Sort 2000 fishes in total , at the Factory .
Unlocks : Turban

15: Whack 25 seals in combo .
Unlocks : Knight Helm

16: The bonus bar gives you this , but you might have to play for a while and get lucky .
Unlocks : Jester Hat . ( You can also use the Throne Room to get it )

17: Complete 80 quests .
Unlocks : Pirate Hat

18: Sell 5000 burgers .
Unlocks : Status Hat

19: Be awesome and become a VIP – All Kongregate members are VIPs now .
Unlocks : Sunglasses

20: Find the sombero hat in the secret cave by eating the icecream .
Unlocks : Sombero

21: On special events / When strange things happends in the game .
Unlocks : Kong Hat

22: Completely upgrade your house .
Unlocks : Hero Mask

23: Get the top prize in “Double or Nothing” .
Unlocks : Afro

24: Halloween , find 15 pumpkins hidden around in the game . ( 1 week only event )
Unlocks : Ghost Outfit

25: Buy ALOT exp in the Throne Room .
Unlocks : Fairy Wings

26: Find the buried hat on secret island . ( see Secrets )
Unlocks : Balloon Hat

27: 500.000. Plays unlocked a hat , see page 2 in the Hat Shop .
Unlocks : Kong Top

28: Keep all the snails of the plants at once in the Meditation Garden ?
Unlocks : Bandana

29: Idle in the Meditation Garden for 600 min or until you have gained xxx exp ?
Unlocks : Shark Hat

30: Buy the Hero Cape for $ 5.000.000 from the free Ping at the Swimming Pool .
Unlocks : Hero Cape

31: Click the gift …. ( Christmas event for 1 day/week only ??? )
Unlocks : Santa Hat

32: Build a huge snowman in the catch a snail map .
Unlocks : Fedora hat

Secret cave – Click left of Pingy in the credits tab .

In the Secret cave – Move your mouse crusor across the icecream ALOT of times to eat it so you get the sombrero hat .
( You will see it shrink after an while , so give it some time , no clicking needed )

WARNING ! There might be more boxes to open , but only 1 key .
The KEY Is here : In the Movie tab , press and hold the white opening text and drag up to see an small door ,
click that door to find the key

Secret Island hat -
Fish until you get a map , Click 1 time to get the HINT pointer ,
then you have 1 more click to find it in that direction on the map , random or maybe ca 1"/2,5cm distance in that direction from the arrows tip ?
Repete until you manage to find the hat .
Use goldfish bait and farm whales while you’r fishing , nice extra exp .
( And the spot you need to hit might be this size o . )
( You can see the Balloon Hat in the next post by OnyxIonVortex )

Scroll down for more !

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Hats and Masks guide (not yet complete):

[Thanks to SPIFF1 for the Balloon Hat]

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Misc :

Target range “how to” ideas :

Zoom you browser . ( Seen posts that make this works well for mac users )
Have another flash game run in another window to slow down the flash player .
( Make sure Pingy game is connected or play it on another site )
Set your mouse pointer speed abit faster , but make sure you have control of it .
Plz let others know if this workes for you ! ( Spesially Laptop users )

Events :

Halloween Quest/Event – ( 1 week event only )
where to find Pumpkins :
( Progress is shown on the top left , under your LVL bar , Pumpkins : xx / 15 )
Might be abit random where you find them .
You might have to revisit some of the maps before it gets shown .

1 when you get the 30 min bonus .
1 when you refresh , login bonus .
2 in the bank , close to the desk .
3 in the casino , 1 in 21 , 1 or 2 in high or low , 1 in double or nothing ?
1 in fishing , lift the basket .
1 in skool , left for green board .
1 in the hat shop page 2 .
2 in secret cave , drag the orange Elite box down , and on one of the art pics .
1 in the blue info button ( down right corner )
1 in map shop page 2 .
1 in the top right corner of the game window in ..
1 in the market sign .
1 under the menu/map tabs of the game window in …
tapifruit posted this : ( GOOD INFO )
1. login bonus
2. half hour bonus
3. i think 1 from the house or in the school, this one i really forgot
4. 1 from the info box at one of the areas (not sure but just check the info box at every area you’ll eventually get it)
5. second page of the map shop
6. upper right corner of the screen of the hat shop (next to the orange and blue exp bars)
7,8. 2 from the bank at his desk (one on top and one on the lower left)
9. fishing area, lift up the basket for it
10. top of the chalkboard of the market list, it’s a stem that’s poking out
11,12,13. casino games, high low (on the table, i think above the box that rolls the number and below “combo: x earned: xx”), twenty one (below the table between hit and cashout), and another game that has a table on the screen on the bottom of the table, it was either dice game or double or nothing
14,15. secret cave at the bottom of the credits screen, in the lower right concept art, open it up and collect the pumpkin, and behind ‘the elite’ list (move it up and down like you would the fishing basket)

Thanksgiving Event – ( 1 day event only )
-Free VIP day: 24th November (or Thanksgiving as it said in the ping speech)

( Update 11/25/11 A , was to end this as far as i know )


Christmas Event - ( Next i guess )
- All Kongregate members get VIP from december 1.

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‘sort 2k fish’

Howdo I sort fishies?

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An fast/mini guide with big pictures : ( Under progress , Not room for more pics =( . )
( And its strange that noone has made an thread about this =P )

Your House :

Hold your mouse over some items to get some more info .
And every upgrade of the items gives you + 1 to exp and money pr fastbar .

Quests :
No pic needed =P
Here you can see available quests , and your progress about the quests .

Achievements :

Here you see the list of all the achievements .
Click on one of the [locked] in the list and see what info Pingy says .
And click the big word for the first Achievement on the list .

Map Shop :
No pic needed =P
Here you buy new maps when you are abel to do so , and there is more pages ,
you just have to click the big red arrow to get to the nest page of maps .

Hat Shop :
See Hats and Masks guide by OnyxIonVortex .

Ping-Mart :
No pic needed =P
Here you buy stuff to use in the game .

Movies :

Here you find the key to the chest in the Skool .

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ive been playing pingy for a day or so now, almost lvl 60 and i think ive got some good advice and tips on earning big combos for some things.

1. House – Every thing in the house gives you +1 xp per fast bar, and also increases how much money you get on level up. Get as much of this as soon as you can get it. it will really help you level and get money early on.

2.Hat Shop – Always buy hats as soon as you can. The first six you get will each reduce the fastbar time. Once you get the first six hats, your fastbar will fill up every 3.11 seconds. After the first six, each hat will only give you +1 money per fastbar.

3. Movies – Don’t bother buying this until your level 25, unless you wanna watch utube videos of pingys. Plus its kinda glitchy from what I can tell. Once at level 25 and you buy the mouse ear’s hat THEN buy this and you can get a key, which is used in the skool.

4. Bank – Buy this either first or after the fishing area+market. The trick is to deposit all of your money right after you click the collect interest. I have about 600,000 in there and making about 11,000 every 3-5 min. Now that’s some good money.

5. Fishing – There’s really not much to say about fishing, except that once your farming whales, buy goldfish bait. But be careful, if you log out or quit all the bait you bought will be gone, just like fish and burgers. Also do not sell your goldfish or snails unless you have to quit the game. You can save these and use them later to make more money.

6. Market – This one is a bit tricky. The higher level you are, the more your fish can sell for. You can find a complete list, based on what level you are here this is a really good tool and i use it all the time. Just imput your level and how many hats, and go over to the fishing tab and you can see how much each fish can sell up too, along with a median price.

7. Casino – Personally I wouldn’t bother with this one until you have allot of money. There’s no skill here everything just takes a ridiculous amount of time and of course money. However the easiest one to win money on is the “21” game. you can cash out on hands of 17-21 i believe and make a profit.

8. Whale Farm – Best thing to do here is buy all the pools, get the goldfish bait, fish out alot of goldfish, put them in the pools and wait till there done. Later in the game when you dont care about money so much you can use burgers to speed up the process, but only do that once you get the quest “Farmville 4” where you have to farm 1,000 whales.

9. Whack-A-Seal – This game can get really annoying really quickly. The best trick here is to constantly click your mouse (hope you can click fast) Then all you have to do is roll your mouse over the seal. The fist seal will give you 2xp, the second 4, 6,8 ect. If you can get good combos here you can get some good xp. also after you get 5 seals, you start getting 2$ for every seal. from what I’ve seen, that number doesn’t go up no matter how high your combo.

10. Catch a Snail – This is the best place to get massive amounts of snails to make lots and lots of burgers. However to complete the last snail combo quest, you need to get 50 in a row. Now this can be very hard, however there are a few tricks, and remember if at fist you don’t succeed, try try try try try again. The bucket has a weird “hit box” you can still catch a snail even if its JUST outside the brim of the bucket. Try it out for your self so you get a feel of where that box is. also the snail can be just under the bottom lip of the bucket and still get in. Use those tips to your advantage and practice with it. It might take you 500 tries to get a 50 combo, but at least you’ll be a winner!

11. Skool – For you to get good combo’s at skool you kinda need to be smart. However there’s two ways of being smart. One you can be a math genius like me, and do all these problems in your head in about 4 seconds. Or you can be smart like ANYONE can by getting a piece of paper, and making a table for your multiplications. Also take advantage of a few math short-cuts I’ve learned. You have a math problem of 14×9. Sounds hard, but its really not. take away the 4 in 14 for a moment and look at it now...10×9, well that’s easy! 90, ok now bring JUST that 4 back..4× you might need to look over at your times table you made earlier for this, but you’ll find is 36…now add them together 90+36 = 126…you just solved that problem easy. May take some practice to get it.

12. Burger Ping – Really not much to say except that it makes burgers at the cost of 5 snails. Sell the burgers for more then 30/35 if your trying to make money.

13. Target Range – Use the same tactic from the whack a seal here.

14. ??? haven’t gotten here yet

15. ??? haven’t gotten here yet

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I went from getting 10$ to 37$ every time my fastbar filled up, i don’t know how or why but its the same amount as my exp, is this glitch or is it like a prize you can get?

EDIT: I refreshed and its still giving me 37$ any way to fix this?

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try buying somthing for your house..if not, you might want to contact the maker of the game.

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Originally posted by ragen666:

try buying somthing for your house..if not, you might want to contact the maker of the game.

thanks and i left a shout on his page. i restarted my browser and its still doing it. i feel so dirty cheating because im just storing it all in my bank. and it still isn’t fixed even when i buy stuff for my house.

I really hope i don’t get banned lol

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its just a bug, i wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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I don’t think it’s a bug.. I’m now earning 56 every fastbar fill so I suppose it’s changed… though… I don’t really care about it… in half an hour I’ll have hit the 50 million mark in my bank account and be earning 1 million interest every 5 minutes… whoop-tee-doo >.> also the Pool is just the trapped pingy… you need to press left and right on the keyboard a ton (about 30 minutes straight) to free him -- one last thing…. the final high/low combo is most certainly impossible without some hack or cheat.. it’s 50 .…. it took me well over 1000 tries just to get the 20 one… but 50!?!

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how do you get that higher levels in such a short time?

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i just refreshed my game page, and yea your right, im getting 43….daaaaaam

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I’m only level 61 and I’ve been playing since day one… so… ask him >.>…. buuut I did just have a good idea for snail catching – normally you earn only one exp per snail… however I think every ten in the combo should earn one extra… 10-19 = 2exp , 20-29 = 3exp, etc…. sure it’s not that big of a difference but it would help us to level, especially when we have to catch so many snails!

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Currently I’m starting the game from scratch and logging all the quests that come up.

The Three Freebies
Beginner: Free to complete at the beginning
Free Quest 1: Free to complete at the beginning
Free Quest 2: Free to complete at the beginning

Visit Quests
Houseguest: Open the house tab
Banking: Unlock and open the bank tab
Fishing: Unlock and open the fishing hole minigame
Seal Plaza: Unlock and open the whack-a-seal minigame
Casino: Unlock and open the casino tab
Market Day: Unlock and open the market tab
Farm: Unlock and open the whale farm tab
Snail Hills: Unlock and open the snail hills minigame
Skool Run: Unlock and open the skool minigame
Burger Bar: Unlock and open the burger bar tab
Pool: Unlock and open the pool tab
Sorting Line: Unlock and open the sorting factory minigame
Shooting Gallery: Unlock and open the shooting gallery minigame

Purchase Quests
New Trend: Purchase the Whirly Hat and equip it

Fishing Quests
Fishing 1: Catch a sea snail
Fishing 2: Catch a lost goldfish
Fishing 3: Catch a shrimp
Fishing 4: Catch an icefish
Fishing 5: catch a cold eel
Fishing 6: Catch a cuttlefish
Fishing 7: Catch a codfish
Fishing 8: Catch a dragonfish
Fishing 9: Catch a noctopus
Fishing 10: Catch a whale

Visit Quests
Return Trip: Visit the gamepage twice


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how do i level up fast

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My understanding is that you need to wiggle the trapped ping 25,000 times to free him. Any clue as to what happens at the pool once he’s free? I’m hoping he’ll turn into the emperor but for now he just sits there, saying nothing, staring at me as though he’d like to use my pool if only I actually had one.

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I have finished all the quests except the high / low 20 combo… ive gotten to 19 and then failed T.T

Also i want to know what achievement 9 is, i have reached lvl 100 and its 100m exp to lvl up… that will take years

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im level 44 and i played two days straight but i cant level up fast enough how do i do that

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A tip for whack-a-seal game.You can click same seal more times and it will count as much times you clicked.If you click same seal 2 times the game will count that you clicked 2 seals.Use that if you want to make a good combo.

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Originally posted by mihajlo10000:

A tip for whack-a-seal game.You can click same seal more times and it will count as much times you clicked.If you click same seal 2 times the game will count that you clicked 2 seals.Use that if you want to make a good combo.

This doesn’t work for me, So It’s either our pc’s being different or brower? (Which I doubt) I use google chrome anyways

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Im still looking for a way to back up my save file. Any help in this area would be awesome. Thanks All.

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Originally posted by DougL07:

Im still looking for a way to back up my save file. Any help in this area would be awesome. Thanks All.

I hope someone can help you with this ( i can’t ) , but they will need abit more info about your computer system .
And i think someone sayd that this forum has some info somewhere about this , so you can try to find that if noone help you .

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DougL07, if you could provide me with your operating system (windows xp/2000, vista, 7) and your web browser of choice (firefox, IE8, Chrome..) I’d be happy to help