Need help on astroids 3!!!!

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Anybody can give mes ome hints/tips for whic upgrades i should chose to clear the boss in under 3.53????

my record is only 4.33 or something:S

the game is: astroids revenge 3 – chrash to survive or somthing xD

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Grab speed. Lots of speed.

On the level with the gravity repellers, you can head for where they come in to destroy them as soon as they get on screen.

On the levels with mines, just throw your allies at them.

It’s not too hard, really.

Oh yeah, and for the boss: Throw allies at mines, then continuously ram the boss. If not all the mines are destroyed, ignore what remains.

Another thing: you can grab two upgrades at the same time, so long as they’re next to each other, if you’re big enough. Maybe also if you’re not, but fast enough.

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got 3:38 lol but ty…

6522 frames………