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Minecraft server called: Lewna’s World. The ip address for it is: mine.lewna.net

Come on over, its heaps of fun with 5 different worlds: 3 creative 2 PvP

We have some extremely talented builders as you can see in the pictures.

If your not sure, come on and have a look around, see what you think.


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Its a pretty relaxed gaming community that mainly caters for minecrafters. I mean, they play other games but mainly focus on the voxel-based genre..

to elaborate on mihali’s list, the guests worlds are
tempworld (spawned creative, resets from time to time)
promoplot (true creative, place to make your promotion build)
playland (spleef, 2 pvp arenas, mob arena, parkour, two race tracks)
and members worlds:
freeland (creative world)
big wet (creative ocean world)
big flat (creative flat world)
the rift (survival world)
amnesia (survival that gets reset with updates that improve or add biomes etc)

heres some more links too
teamspeak (ts.lewna.net)
forums (forum.lewna.net)
blog (blog.lewna.net)