Tactics 100 Multiplayer

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Who cares about the levels against the computer that everyone can use the same setup and be victorious, let’s talk about live battles. I am noticing that a lot of the players are using 1 mage (maybe one healer) and the rest rangers. How do you combat this style? I am getting tired of seeing everyone use it and would like to know if anyone has had success beating it and what strategy they use. Let’s put an end to the mcrrrrrrr style!!!

Tonight we dine Kongregians!!!

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This is a topic I made earlier in order to talk about multiplayer strategy, but then the challenge came along and people started talking about single player a little… it’s sort of half and half throughout the thread.

Also, I don’t think there’s a good way to combat that style of army, it seems like everyone uses it after a certain point.

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Here’s something I would do. Get 2 supermages. You may have to take some points off health for that, but not much. Let one mage damage the enemies and let the other get all of the kills. That way, the killer mage will get a OMGHUGE veteran bonus from all of those rangers. If they are using a super healer that has maxed range and maxed heal power, try to find a way to kill it (possibly with a chain) without getting owned. Also, remember that more people means weaker people.

And what does the c stand for in mcrrrrrrr? Cuz I don’t think healer starts with a c…

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C = Cleric and thanks IBrow, did not see this topic.