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This is actually an easy game.

1. Stay close to the station in the direction of where the enemies are.
2. Intercept and destroy as many enemies as you can. Keep on moving. Since the shield recovers fast, don’t worry about upgrading the shield.
3. When you can, upgrade the cannon 3x
4. When the enemy upgrades, shoot as many of the reds ones and keep them top priority.
5. Upgrade the ally once
6. Upgrade to tri-shot and then smart missiles
7. Upgrade allies again, max out shot, upgrade shield once.
8. Start chasing the yellows, you should be able to catch and beat them down easily. Make sure you upgrade the engine when you can as some of them run fast away from you. You’ll often cross the red core to catch the yellows on the other side.
9. After killing all the yellows, destroy the core.
10. You win. What score did you get? I managed to top 30,000 on my last run.

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Hey thanks for the guide, helped me a lot….Even though it was awhile ago!

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If you don’t do it right, you will be on the defensive (which ain’t good)
If you do, all the allied ships go on the offensive.
What I did, is get allied ships as high as possible, cannon as high as possible and then shield, in that order. Then smart missiles. I would sneak behind the enemy and then they will send all their blobs at me, not the station. Then the allied ships start attacking and hitting them in the back. Then I hunt down the yellow orbs and shoot the other enemies swarming at me too. This gives me a lot of ether.

The current enemy list as I know it:

Tiny blue orbs. Hard to hit but low damage.

Green orbs. Easy to hit and kind of low damage.

Red doubles. Easy to hit them, medium damage. No longer one shot kill with basic/medium cannon.

Fireballs. Quite fast and medium damage. High health.

Black stealth orbs. Huge health, kind of invisible sometimes, appears to have an energy shield.

White orbs. Not much known.

Yellow protector orbs. Shoots a laser at you. Huge health. Protects red core.

Red “brood master”. Spawns other orbs. Destroy to win. :D

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replustion shield emits white projectlles when you get hit. it is expensive. however.