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Originally posted by DJStatika:

The official plan, copied from my forum:

The time has come when I want to start making SF:DG2. Intend it to be a long term project that I will do alongside other games. The list below is my initial plan, but basically it is just a list of my ideas. It may not all make it in and im sure other stuff not mentioned will make it in….

Multiple Galaxies – More added as players increase, accessable via Intergalactic Jumpgates or Wormholes

Optimized game engine – will run more smoothly and hopefully allow more stuff to go on in a sector at a time

Every sector multiplayer – Using smartfoxserver which will be less laggy. Hopefully with cooperative missions

Walk around on space stations and the surface of planets – moonsweeper style – still multiplayer. Would like some random things like a fast food space station and stuff like that where people can go to socialize. Maybe some planet surface missions e.g. pest control, rescue stranded person.

Built to avoid hacking right from the start

3D rendered ships (& space stations) – Top down view for most of the game, and side view for when landing on planets

Auto pricing weapons and ships etc – popular items will increase in price, unpopular ones will decrease in price

Ship upgrades – Different Engines, different Shields, energy upgrades.

More gang features, gang leader can choose which other gangs are enemies or friendlies or neutral. Gang can include both human and alien, or be strctly one or the other.

Different materials to mine which may be required by stations to produce items

Different space stations will produce different items and will have finite stock.

Gang owned space stations & buildings on planets

Weapons divided into more weapons e.g Maybe 10 types of stinger etc

More useful primary weapon – Rapid fire or locking on mini laser beam

No ammo reloading. You will have a limited amount of ammo and have to go and buy more if you need it (but will be able to stock up with lots)

More stuff to find – in SF:DG people seemed to enjoy stumbling accross planets. I would like more collectibles and achievements

Time released content – Game will automatically expand over time and more items etc will be added.

Training – Players will be eased into the game and show right from the beginning how fun it is going to be. SF:DG major failing was that it appeared very complex to a beginner and if they left the station without accepting a mission then there was nobody to shoot.

Weapons stats stored seperately from the main game – will allow me to tweak weapons/ammo etc without having to update the game file.

More “end game” content – will abandon the “all ships balanced” approach (as it didnt really work out like that) and have more big scary ships for people who have been playing a long time.

Some kind of XP system rather than kills to encourage some more non violent missions.

Maybe a 3rd, NPC only, race

Less harsh dying penalty. Maybe just lose lots of money or something.

More moderating controls – temporary bans, warnings, fines (hmmm maybe a small fine for bad language)

Auto aiming turrets – will auto lock on and fire. Allowing bigger ships to attack more than 1 enemy at once

i dont like the “big death and destructive ships for longer time played” or something like that. I think you should make it easier to get new ships because lots of people i know find it difficult to unlock new things on SF:DG.

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I think this game should have BIGGER ships and better weapons and should start out with 40,000 money and should have better quality. they should put a big bomb so who ever is on the map they can put the bomb there and all the enemy’s GET BLOWN up but not your friends.AND ONE MORE THING DON’T put friends that blow up when you use the thunder bolt

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You should be able to call off freindly ai so they don’t kill something you were trying to kill.

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it should have the action to go into planets atmosphere probly have a station on them planets could be good for mission’s pushing aliens back out of the planet, also… probly… ok mayby better space stations, caricter costomization, planet destruction (blowing up a planet that will be fun =D), what will be good is scaning stuff and storing it in your database and mayby just mayby better ranks along with ships and wepons.
but i dont know if that is a real hit if you know what i mean.

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Originally posted by sgtdroopy:

it should contain less suck

Now, I think that’s pretty offensive to other Avid gamers who like to play the game because te game doesn’t suck. It still is alot of fun and a good way for an avid gamer to have a fun yet strong challenge on the internet world.

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Originally posted by supersonic22:

I think this game should have BIGGER ships and better weapons and should start out with 40,000 money and should have better quality. they should put a big bomb so who ever is on the map they can put the bomb there and all the enemy’s GET BLOWN up but not your friends.AND ONE MORE THING DON’T put friends that blow up when you use the thunder bolt

I call that over kill… 40k Starting money is just plain old stupid. Honestly, if you want 40k, I think it would be better if you just went out and worked for it. It’s honestly not that hard to get 40k in the game. It took me like 45minutes to earn that much from like 6 kills.

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Originally posted by mikyle:

You should be able to call off freindly ai so they don’t kill something you were trying to kill.

As for your idea, I really like it. I’m always around a station with like 7 friendlies and then 3 enemies get to the station. I get 1 / 3 kills which really gets on my nerves since only a few enemies enter your sector, than you hafta dock the station, than go out of the station to FINALLY fight even more enemies when the friendly ships are already out there attacking the enemy. Making it only so that once you get there, it is dead.

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I have a few ideas to put into SFDG2:
1) Left click/right click for primary/secondary weapons. I tried it on a game i was making and it worked ok. sadly the game was lost as my hard drive collapsed.
2) Experience system for weapons. The kill reward system is a bit awkward, as most friendlies take the final shot and get the points (hence what Callacose said), so maybe an experience system, dividing the ships experience reward to each craft (like 1 xp if you half kill a drone, 2 if you destroy it yourself)
3) Better Hud. I think the ship shield image is a bit dodgy, as you can see the booster flames from the ship, and it makes the craft look slightly strange. ALso, a permanent weapon loadout to be shown so you know what weapon is where.

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I think that you should be able to change sides or become a renegade.

and you can disguise your ship to do undercover missions, such as plant a bomb on a base.

you could also chose what set of ships you should have such as a heavy mission set, or speed mission set.

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it shold have drones to hire and to help you in big battles

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diffrent missions better ships better weapons build your own ase um counqer other bases drone bay where you can by droes put weapons on them upgrade ’em better uttilities and thats it leave a whisper if you agree

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Originally posted by hochiminh1:

oh yeah, and dont forget to make it so u can capture enemy stations and build ur own station+drone army

I don’t like this idea because it would allow some players to become too powerful, and it would eventually make a monopoly

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i want to know when its finished….

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you should be able to make your own wepens

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when the game will be made?

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i think the third race should be rebels who don’t listen to the laws of the human race and can buy really expensive and powerful illegal weapons instead of very large weapons that the humans and aliens can get

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i dont like the no ammo reloding, couse you mite find your self in enimy teritory with no ammo. so if a wepon can hold 50 ammo, maby changing sectors can relode it to 5 ammo.

also, when a new galaxy is made, maby it can hav a new race.so, say a new galaxy is made,
and it has a race that thinkes its bettre, and launches a big attack so other races have to work together to defeat the new race. there could also be peacefull races, or maby a deseas, or parisite or something

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My friend here on kongregate, ELmaestro, is actually doing some work on it. It will be 3D, that is about all I know. I will link him to this thread.

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Hello everyone,

Yes, I’m the SFDG2 3D graphic design guy as far as I’ve been lead to believe. :)

First of all, the ships are 3D, but the game on the whole is not (or so I’ve also been lead to believe).

If anyone’s interested in the newer look of the ships. You can follow the URL below to see some of the earlier ships (uncolored) that I made. There’s a lot more then you see there, but those are all still being held behind the curtains. ;)


That picture was made a few months ago, there’s only four or so of the SFDG originals left that I haven’t made.

This next link is to my imageshack profile. There you can see a lot of individual pictures of those same ships as on the “so far” pic while they were in basic development… As well as some other crazy images I’ve made… But we can just pretend they aren’t there for now, right? Of course right. ;)


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IF u guys havent noticed, he hasnt been responding recently. Plz stop clogging up chat with junk

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Please make being a small ship harder to hit. Aliens races would use the rocket boost and laser to death smaller ship while running away from the battle afterwards. In fact GET RIDE OF ROCKET BOOST ALL TO GETHER! To many unfair battles and cheap moves with that thing!

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dudes, this is starting to sound like Dark Orbit

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DJStatika can you please edit these in the game:

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Better ship- Maybe a battle cruiser or Space falcon (made up)
Better weapons- High explosive stinger would do good
Teams- maybe a third race called “monolites”?
My suggestion is that ben olding puts 2 galaxys 1

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is that he puts HUGE GIGANTIC galaxy for multiplayer And a Normal one for single player that is all
PS. When will it come out?