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Hello everybody!

I recently (finally) completed the first game in a short series called The Ocean Around Me. This is the first week of about 8 or 9 that will appear in the series, all of which will be released in the next year. This thread is for anybody who would like to check out the game and make suggestions for further weeks. Anybody who contributes will appear in the credits of the game if their idea is used, and many contributors will appear even if their ideas aren’t used, just because they are awesome.

This is a game about waking up on a desert island and not knowing who you are. Instead of getting any answers, you seem to just uncover more mysteries as you fight starvation and slowly descend into madness. While it begins somewhat tame, the dreams and hallucinations will become more frequent and more intense, so once you get an idea of the basic premise, you can really do anything you want.

Anyways, I’m completely open to suggestions. I’m beginning work on Week Two now, so if you like the game and can think of anything you’d like to see happen in the coming weeks, please let me know!

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i suggest that at the end of all the weeks u make a full version joining all of them to make a huge game and storyline ,like theres the title “The Ocean Around Me” and then down of it are the chapters and it chapter is a week.

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have the mermaid either fall in love with you or eat you as a alternate ending

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have teh statue rebuild itself and live

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Week 3-

Boar hunting minigame
Build a hut to live in

Story suggestion

Unless you have use for the flare gun, make it so you see a ship/plane and you use it, but they never saw it, therefore it deepens the plot.

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Week 3

Day 1: You start off on the new island, observing the statue by the bed, and find out it’s really a machine with a pre-recorded message that says something along the lines of the storyline. It goes quiet, but clicking it’s eyeball reveals a hidden camera. (Maybe jump to a screen of black and white static-y view of the main character looking into the eye?) Further observation of the island you find a stone tablet at the base of a tree with some encrypted message carved in. Perhaps a previous inhabitant of the island before you? On the back of the tablet is a map of the island, unfinished, but it’s getting late, so you decide to sleep in the bed.

(Dream sequence: Your bed is like a boat on the ocean, rocking to and fro, and the mermaid visits you. She tell you that you have to escape from the island, and that you are being watched. Suddenly the mermaid gets pulled under, and your bed gets tipped over tossing you into the water. You wake up. The statue is now facing towards you.)

Day 2: After a bad night sleep, you decide to clear your head by walking along the shore of the new beach. The shoreline seems barren, except for a few seashells, so you head back to camp. You discover the statue has disappeared in your absence. A faint drumming is coming from the forest, but you are out of energy from not eating anything for a while and are in no condition for travel. Cue fishing game. With a full stomach, you enter into the tropical forest. The drumming goes fainter, and you find yourself at a three-way path in the forest. Drumming stops. Going left takes you to the west side of the island, with nothing but sand and a few more shells. Going straight, you see nothing but dense trees with a parrot up on a branch. Upon observation of the parrot, you sense something strange but think nothing of it (we later find it’s mechanical, and observing you like a camera.) There is nothing more here at this time. Heading right at the three-way path you end up on the backside of the island, where you find an abandoned hut made of tree logs and leaves. It’s getting dark now, so you decide to head back.

(Dream Sequence: You dream yourself waking up in the hut, but the door is locked. You can smell smoke, and the hut begins to catch on fire with you inside. You can’t get out. You wake up from the dream with the sun beating down on your face.)

Day 3: Your stomach empty, you decide to catch some coconuts. Afterwards, you go to explore the abandoned hut. The door is tied shut using vines, so you have to go back to camp and use your knife. Once inside the hut, you find a snake which you must fight using your knife. Cue battle mini-game. After defeating the snake, you examine the inside of the hut. There’s not much in here, except for a makeshift desk, a locked drawer on the desk, and a book. Inside the book you find scribbled drawings of mermaids, a few diary entries that go along with the story, and a cypher to the cryptic code that was on the stone tablet. The end of the book there is a page torn out. After you finish the book, you hear the faint noise of an airplane engine up above. Rushing outside and headed to the shore, the sun setting, you see an airplane flying above, not too far above. Using your flare gun, you fire up into the sky – but it keeps on going (you were certain it saw it, too…) Discouraged, you go to sleep, book in arms.

(Dream sequence: You hear the faint talking of two men, one arguing with the other that what they are about to do is a bad idea. A gunshot is heard. You wake up.)

Day 4: Exhausted, you open up the book and use the encrypted key to decypher the message on the stone tablet. The message reads “Collect the shells”. Exploring the shoreline both near your camp on on the left path, you collect 10 shells. Under each shell is a letter. Cue unscrambling mini-game, in which you find the shells spell out “Kill Parrot”. Ignoring your hunger, you enter the forest and take the straight path where you first saw the parrot. There it sits upon the branch, clicking it triggers mini-game. Parrot flies left and right across the screen, and you have to throw coconuts at it. 10 Successful shots win. After defeating the parrot, you find it is mechanical and made of wires and metal. Inside the parrot is a key. You take the key and head to the abandoned house, where you use the key to unlock the drawer. Inside is the missing page that was torn from the book. Reading the torn page, you find a completed map of the island with an X marked “Exit”, as well as a detailed account as to why you are on the island (could be a governmental experiment on prison inmates?) Shocked by this information, you try to exit the shack only to find the door is locked… Smoke fills the room, and you pass out.

(Dream sequence: Nothing is heard but a faint music, and the sound of waves. You wake up.)

Day 5: You wake up next to the abandoned shack, only to find it was burned down. You no longer have the map of the island. You head back to your camp, only to find your bed has been burned too, as well as all of your supplies. Stomach growling in pain from hunger, you go diving for fish. Cue mini-game where you have to avoid being eaten by sharks while catching fish. After you are done fishing, you go back to camp and review the stone tablet with the unfinished map. Using what you remember from the torn map, you complete the stone tablet map using your knife to carve into the stone (cue carving mini-game?) After the map is complete, you follow it to the three-way path, to the place where you killed the parrot – only to find a new path is available where some trees were cut down. Following this path, along with the map, you reach the X on the map. Before you is a volcano. Exhausted from your travels, you make a bed out of leaves and rest.

(Dream sequence: You dream again of being inside the abandoned hut as it was being set on fire. The store breaks open, and you are pulled out by the mermaid – except she has legs now, and looks more like a doctor. She tells you that you have to get off this island. You wake up.)

Day 6: You wake up at the base of the volcano, and start climbing towards the top. Cue fireball avoidance mini-game. Once at the top, you find it’s not really a volcano at all – it’s fake. You jump down into the top hole, and decend into a laboratory/facility where you must avoid being seen by the guards. Alarms go off, and people are rushing around exiting the building. You see the doctor that was in your dream, and she approaches you telling you where the exit is, and that a boat is waiting for you. You ask her to explain what is going on, and why you are on the island, but she says there is no time to explain. She hands you a briefcase, and pushes you out the door. It is night time now, and you make your way to the boat. You speed away, the island now behind you in the distant. You stare up at the moon, feeling tired, and go to sleep while the boat drifts along.

(Dream sequence: You dream of yourself being with your wife and child, at home, and everything is peaceful. Your world is complete again. You wake up with the sun on your face, and the feel of sand at your fingertips… the ocean waves brushing your cheek.)

Day 7: You wake up on another island…

THE END. :D Cue sequel!

[Synapsis of story: You are a prison inmate who is being used by the government to either test survival skills, or some psychological test on humans. You aren’t the first. The female doctor, who you dream of as being the mermaid, tries to help you escape. However, there is more to this story than meets the eye… ]

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Zshadow, in order to do these suggestions any justice, I’ll have to break them down Day-by-Day. Also, as I just started typing, I realized I’ll be giving away a TON of spoilers, so I’m going to respond in a PM.

Thank you, these suggestions are UNBELIEVABLE. I’ll also be sending a PM to PlatypusMan and Phamen, and I already did to Mirormi. Thanks guys!

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Pew pew. :D

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Good Luck Moshdef! Let week 3 be badged as well!

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Maybe let us do some mini-games during the game even when we don’t have to. Like if we wanna fish we can still fish even if it won’t advance the plot.

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did you make week 3 im so excited and I think sometime he should find another door in the chamber under the island and go in and it leads to a room with a toolbox and a busted computer and there is should also be weird drawings and langue on the wall.

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oh and no instucins how to fix computer

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I’m just going to e-mail you my response, Z.

And thank you for the well-wishes, Seawater! I’ll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed, whenever they aren’t batting away at a keyboard.

I think that’s a great idea, Acedragon, as some people really don’t seem to like the minigames but I know that some others do. While I do plan to limit, or remove entirely, coconut catch and sharp harpoon from the plot of Week Three, I think it’s an amazing idea to have them on the sidelines as options. Thanks!

I’m already working hard on Week 3, yourocktoo, and I do like the idea of a broken computer terminal… I’ll have to think more about that, and how it could be used effectively.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, guys! I hope you’ll keep them coming. There are many suggestions I can’t use because many things in the plot are more-or-less set in stone in my mind, so some things just won’t work, but I’d still love to hear any and all suggestions, or if you just want to talk about the plot.

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Not really. Just do what I posted on AdeebNafees should, I did a shorter but nevertheless detailed review in the comments of his shout.

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I really like Z’s storyline suggestion! :D The storyline so far is very interesting and I can’t wait to see where you go with it.

I made a few, kind of fan-art pieces for the game. I tried contacting you, Moshdef, about doing a bit of art for the series, but didn’t get a reply. The art could use a bit of work to appeal to more people. Anyways, these are just for fun and bit of practice for me, but I’m still interested if you’re looking for an artist (that’ll work for free simply for the experience).



I’m thinking of redoing the coconut tree, but I’m pretty happy with how everything else turned out. I don’t know if the storyline will advance to the original island, but this is just a simple artistic exercise.

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Wow Snipahar, those look so cool! lol, I can’t tell you how amazed I was to see a different version of my little island. I love it! Did you leave me a message in my shouts? I must not have seen it, because I try to respond to almost every message, and I definitely would have responded to this! I’m going to go looking through my shouts now to see where I missed it. I especially love the title screen, as I was wondering how I’m going to cram all of the extra weeks in there as the series goes on. I’m also adding a “jukebox” to the titlescreen that allows you to play the 5 or 6 songs that I’ll be using in Week Three in a music player, some of which can also be accessed by a small radio in-game.

I think I’ll be doing all of the art for this series on my own, even though it’s really crappy I think I’d like to keep it consistent, and I’d like to remain as a one-man-operation for the time being. When I’m finished this series, in about 6-7 months, I’ll be ready to collaborate with many people on many different projects. I just can’t thank you enough for being interested, and you’re the first person ever to make “fanart” for me! I am truly blown away.

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I sent a couple of private messages, not shouts, which may be why you missed it. Glad to see that you like my take on the island and I understand if you want to remain a one-man-team for this series. If you ever need and artist, I’m open to collaboration. Thanks for the kind words Moshdef. :D

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If you ever improve some of the mini-games (such as putting more fish in the fishing mini-game) we should be able to customize the mini-game a little in the arcade. Such as decide which fish we want in the mini-game when we play or what side the dark clouds come out when playing Sun-Spots.

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Originally posted by acedragon64:

If you ever improve some of the mini-games (such as putting more fish in the fishing mini-game) we should be able to customize the mini-game a little in the arcade. Such as decide which fish we want in the mini-game when we play or what side the dark clouds come out when playing Sun-Spots.

Wow, something like that is actually very possible. I think players might like that alot for the Arcade! I’d just have to find a way to balance the highscores, or make a different highscore for each different way to play the game (for example, with fishing you wouldn’t be able to set the number of fish at anything, but you could choose from settings 1, 2 or 3, that type of thing). It would be really cool to be able to crank the amount/speed of coconuts, fish and clouds, and also play around with other settings for the games. Thanks for the awesome suggestion!

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Snip should so do the art for the next game :D

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Someone in the comments suggested that bananas should fall from the trees in another week. Maybe you could make multiple trees with different fruits on the bigger island he just got to?

Then in the arcade instead of playing coconut catch you play “fruit catch” and you get to choose what falls from the trees. (or maybe more things are added when you choose a higher difficulty)

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Maybe for one week have him find another guy unconscious on the bigger island. The guy helps him gather coconuts etc. Then on the last day the guy is just gone.

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@ Acedragon

I’ve added some new fruit and fish to the minigames, although you only have to play them once in the plot you can always check them out more in the arcade. Thanks for the idea! I think that idea about him finding somebody who disappears is really cool, but it just doesn’t fit with the plot right now. I’m nearly half done Week 3, so I have it 100% done in terms of story, but I’m still open to suggestions for the rest of the series!

Many things that I have in the plot of the series definitely restrict some ideas, but I still love to hear them! The best ideas would be ones that don’t have as much to do with plot, but more about gameplay and what would make the game more fun. But again, I’m also open to plot ideas, as some of the things people have suggested have made it in (like Platypusman’s boar and a couple of Zshadow’s ideas).

Thanks again! I really appreciate it, and I also just love talking about ideas for the series. Some of my friends, and especially my roommates, are probably really sick of it by now.

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First Open End.
Would be pretty neat if its just something like him sailing away to some epic music.
Maybe more of these messages from the communicator thingy.
Let him kinda break out of the experiment or blow it.
No cake intended.Sorry.

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i would love a part were you build a sea going raft to hunt much larger fish in witch you have to fight them on your boat using your mouse as a harpon