Which Heroes of Might and Magic is best?

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i’ve asked myself that question plenty of times. i still can’t find an exact answer for me…

i am thinking that Heroes 3 is best, but 4th isn’t bad either, with it’s renovating concept of “A or B creature”. The 5th was a bit dissapointing… that is, when u remember the 3rd and 4th. primarily because they didn’t change pretty much anything… even the in 4th (if my memory serves me well) you could attack with the heroes (although they could have died there).

also, another thing which i don’t like at all, is the creature-moving-without-hero concept. that’s just lame, because in 3rd, u had to be much more strategical, and always remember to come back or send a hero to ur main hero with army. it was an important and many times decisive moment of the game.

so… My favorites are probably 3 or 4… i can’t really choose tho…
but enough about my opinion, lets talk about yours! Please post your opinions about the games, along with (ofc) your favorite game!

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I didn’t like HOMM 4 at all. The semi-overhead, half-diagonal combat view made it extremely difficult to move your units where you wanted. The heroes completely took over combat once they gained some levels. Worst of all, the computer AI was beyond horrible. Computer controlled units would almost never leave their home base area. You could see it most clearly on the map where you get a computer controlled ally. He builds up an army and travels from his home castle for a turn or two, then realizes there are more units available in his castle (since they build up daily) and he goes back to get them. He never actually goes anywhere.

HOMM 5 doesn’t work on my laptop. No opinion there.

I loved 2 and 3. I still play 3 occasionally, and I’d probably play 2 if I could find the CD :P. 1 was almost exactly like 2, only with about 1/3 of the unit types. No real reason to play it.

Of course, the whole thing came from a game called King’s Bounty, which was available on CPU or Sega Genesis, and was pretty kick-ass in its time.

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3 is the best. God knows how many hours I’ve spent playing HOMM3.

Turn-based strategy games are neat. I wonder why there aren’t many flash games in that genre…

I’ve often thought a flash game with a gameplay style similar to the HOMM series would be a good idea. Wouldn’t have to have the same fantasy setting, just a similar core gameplay.

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Tim, there ARE turn-based strategy flash games out there… just not like heroes… because heroes is too unique :)

i heard HOMM 6 will appear! not sure when… not sure if even the date was announced… i just remember seeing somewhere a news that homm 6 might appear :P

saneiac, your not missing TOO much from Heroes 5… it’s just a combo of 3 + 4 + the druid from Heroes 2 … and ofc with some graphic improvements… but as i said, nothing new (heroes can attack, but they only have a simple range attack beside the spells. they can’t move, can choose any target to attack. not rly good at damage pretty much…)

oh wait… they did put the initiative thingy… some units, having lower initiative than others, will take their turn more than once until another unit gets his turn (for example, the elf wardancer probably will take about 2 turns till a zombie takes 1 turn if zombie is slowed, and so on)
here is a direct link to a LOT of data about HOMM 5 (all units, all heroes, all campaigns, strategy, cheats, tips, pics bla bla) also, you can go from there to all the other HOMMs by a few simple clicks. the site is awesome!

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3>5>4>2>1, 4 was disappointing 5 was great.

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5 is the only one I have, it’s pretty damn awesome.
The others don’t look quite as spiffy, so I’d go with 5.

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while I agree with the op where 3 is my fave and 4 being enjoyable (I rather enjoyed 2 as well though), and 5 being a dissapointment, I have to say his “points” are flawed.

for example: moving units wthout a hero is lame.. well homm4 started that, not homm 5.
they didn’t change pretty much anything.. wrong.. 4 changed pretty much everything, 5 reversed some of the changes 4 made. some changes 4 made on its own (which 5 may or may not have retracted were:

1: being the first homm to NERF the amount of units, spells, abilities, races, etc
2: being the first homm to go 3d
3: being the first homm where heroes can attack and die
4: being the first homm where armies don’t need heroes to move
5: the first that makes the player unable to have “all” the units for their race
6: the first where the obelisk puzzle map thingie is completely useless if you don’t have the full map (very minor but I rather dislike this feature)
7: the first where counter attacks occur at the same time as regular attacks
8: the first that introduced ranged units dealing half damage without needing to shoot past a castle wall, or where there is 1/4 damage penalties, or even 1/8.
9: the first where you can have multiple heroes in 1 stack.
10: the first where units like mages cannot shoot, but have mana to spend on spells

and COUNTLESS others.. saying homm4 didn’t change anything is incomprehensible.

BUT.. I did enjoy homm 4 heaps more than 5. I dunno.. ot me 5 just seems like a 3d version of 3 with less “stuff”. Not to mention I don’t like how the art and color became darker and more dreary. Homm’s happy goofy colorful fantasylandesque atmosphere was nice imo

BUT.. I did enjoy homm 4 heaps more than 5. I dunno.. ot me 5 just seems like a 3d version of 3 with less “stuff”. Not to mention I don’t like how the art and color became darker and more dreary. Homm’s happy goofy colorful fantasylandesque atmosphere was nice imoMind you the art/models/animations/etc of homm4 SUCKED.

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Ghallion, i never said that 4 didn’t make any changes, i said that 5 didn’t make any changes almost at all (they just added features from almost all of them)

that penalty u talking about at the ranged units was indeed lame… the orcs from Chaos from HOMM 4 were darn annoying =/ (2nd lvl 1 unit)

as i said… i enjoyed HOMM 4 more than 5, 5 having nothing special that separated it from the others… i loved the choose-unit concept from 4th

Overall, i think that after talking to you also, i decided that HOMM 3 is best… xD

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you are all wrong warlic and artix are the best

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ahh yeah I misunderstood the part where you said homm 3 and 4 blah blah. They didn’t change anything. I thought you were still refering to homm 3 and 4 when you said “they”.

some of the changes with homm 4 I rather liked though. I can’t really say I like homm 3 more than 4, or more than the other, or equally, they are just different enough that it’s like a different game..sorta.
I feel homm4 required more strategy than 3 in battle due to the same-time counter attack mechanics. But not much more since that imo just added more use to units with abilities like no retaliation, first strike, fear, etc. One of my fave races was undead because between bone dragons, vampires, and cerbeus, and their bone archers, you pretty much thrwarted the new counterattack mechanic with your whole army.. though the cerbeus units tended to get killed alot.

My other fave race was humans, their crossbowmen were awsome, and could pummel any other rank 1 archer pretty much, pikemen were probably the beefiest “fodder” unit in the game (I find they were the ones that took the most casualties, but had a pretty good health/defense/spawnrate ratio), and they too could negate counter attacks by attacking 2 hexes away, monks just owned as a ranged unit, and believe it or not but I favored crusaders over angels. Because of first strike and joust, you could annihilate pretty much anything else without any casualties. While angel rez was nice, I found myself unable to rez before combat finished fairly often to minimize casualties.

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believe it or not but I favored crusaders over angels.

You aren’t alone there. First strike was an incredibly powerful ability, plus the angels cost too much. Archangels were the best standard unit in HOMM3, so they probably tried to lower them in power a bit for HOMM4, and went too far.

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Weren’t their name Champions? the crusaders were the lvl 3 units, u had to choose crusader or monk…

Since i only play HOMM 4 for a lil’ bit, and a long-long time ago, i dunno which is my fav race… maybe Sylvan/Forest/whatever ? i love elves a lot :)) in all games xD although the elven archers from HOMM 4 were the ugliest elves i’ve ever seen :|

i’m thinking of getting HOMM 4 again soon… I have Heroes 3 Complete version already _ deleted 5 after getting UBER BORED by the campaign… i stopped at beginning of necro part of campaign… that’s… 4th part out of 5… u begin with Humans, continue with Dungeon, then Inferno then Necro then Wizard and then Sylvan… i think o.O

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I never really liked any of the homm campaigns, I just go straight to the custom maps.

But yeah I think they were called champions.. crusaders sucked. They were like.. well.. Always dead. It was utterly impossible to keep em alive imo.

I think vampires were op in that game once you got to the point where you had a hero with grandmaster necromancy. In a particular large map I had a stack of over 1000 vampires! Obviously it was untouchable.

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3 always and forever. i have all but 3

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i like which ever has boe dragons

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I’ve played most of the games (except 5) after the fact (usually in compilations, or in 2’s case, at a friend’s house) and I’d say 3 is the best, but 2 is my favourite for some reason (I think it has to do with town design which is a lot more subtle than in the others. Like the Undead town looks like a haunted Elizabethian town whereas in 3 it’s a Fortress of Doom™ made of obsidian, iron and evil energy). After those two I’d say 5, then 4 (I actually like most of the changes in four but their execution leaves something to be desired) and then 1, which ends up at the bottom not because it’s bad but because it’s just lacking in features.

I’ve never played King’s Bounty but King’s Bounty: The Legend is pretty good.

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I liked 4 the best. Weird.

The first king’s bounty is pretty good, but you aren’t missing much reading the LP of it.

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Hmm, i played HOMM 3,4 & 5, i think heroes 3 would be the one i liked the most (even though the “castle” team seemed to be more powerful than the other teams), heroes 4 was awesome too cause you get to use the hero in combat but i did’nt like the idea of daily creature growth or creatures runnin around without heroes. Heroes 5 seemed like a remake of 3, but i kinda expected more out of it…

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I liked the 4 most, and its the only one I ever played. Tried 3 but compared to 4 I just didn´t enjoy it.

But I undesratnd that 4 is despised by pro community over and 3 is preffered and connected to best memories.

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Most time I spent with HOMAM 2, got 3 quite lately.

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3 is still my favorite. Kings Bounty on the Genesis got me hooked on this type of game. I didn’t notice a mention of the PS2 game M&M:Quest for the Dragon Bone Staff. It is an exact remake of Kings Bounty. Only downfall to it was a lot of load times.

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Well I am still trying to find 5…. so haven’t played that but my rank would be


Really 2 is the only game that made sense…It had the optimal number of castles and if you’re human you don’t have crazy magic things vs. if you’re undead you have only undead things… It was also much more challenging then any heroes released after it. 4 was cool with having the hero in battle if not a little unbalanced because of that…while 3 which seems as an improvement on 2 really mixed the game play up making it to linear

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5 is quite like 3, but the 3D graphics really got in the way of playing the game.

I definitely still like 3 the best.

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Does anybody know where I could download 3 for free? I’ve been wondering about it for a little while.