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Since 5 is out let’s suggest!!!
New bloons:
Awesome bloon 999hp 999atk 999def 999spatk 999spdef 999spd
Lol bloon 9001hp 9001atk 9001def 9001spatk 9001spdef 9001spd
there should be new levels like super level mega legal for experts and lots of achievements and upgrades
what do u guys think?
more bloons
Iron bloon: Contains a lead bloon, immune to physical damage.

Bronze bloon: Contains an iron bloon, immune to physical damage.

Silver bloon: Contains a bronze bloon, immune to physical and ice damage.

Gold bloon: Contains a silver bloon, immune to physical and bomb damage. How do you kill it? You must use energy-based attacks such as Laser Vision or its upgrades.

Platinum bloon: Contains a gold bloon, immune to physical, bomb, and ice damage.

Diamond bloon: Contains a platinum bloon, immune to physical, bomb, ice, and energy damage due to its reflective properties. To damage it, you must use corrosive glue or other chemical methods. In BTD5 they should have something like poison tower.

Mirage bloon: Contains a camo bloon. Undetectable by normal towers. Every shot fired toward it has 25% chance of missing; if a shot misses, it will continue to travel and pop the next bloon it hits.

Shadow bloon: Contains a mirage bloon. Undetectable by normal towers. Every shot has 50% chance to miss.

Invisible pink bloon: Contains 2 shadow bloons. Undetectable by normal towers. Every shot has 75% chance to miss. This bloon is a pun on the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

LOLZ: Stands for Ludicrously Oversized Lightning Zeppelin. Contains 2 BFBs and has loads of health.

IT’S OVER 9000: Contains 2 LOLZs and has tons of health. The total RBE of this thing exceeds 9000, hence its name.

The Bloon: The FINAL boss of the entire BTD series, a godlike bloon. All other bloons are spawned from this thing. It has a crapton of health, and when finally popped, it will spawn one of every type of bloon. It will spawn a red, blue, green, yellow, pink, black, white, zebra, rainbow, brown, lead, iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, camo, mirage, shadow, invisible pink bloon, MOAB, BFB, LOLZ, IT’S OVER 9000. Is it even possible to kill this thing?

And some new towers and upgrades:

Poison Tower: Shoots out globs of poisonous acid that melts through bloons, dealing damage per second; it will soak through all layers of bloons. The range of the Poison Tower is large. Initially it deals 1 damage per 2 seconds. The Poison Tower is one of the few things that can damage a diamond bloon.
Poisonous Dart: The Poison Tower now shoots poison darts instead of globs. Poison darts will pop a bloon and poison it.
Poisonous Bomb: The Poison Tower now shoots bombs; they’re not explosive, but they will release a poison splash on contact, poisoning many bloons at once.
Potent Toxin: The poison is now twice as powerful, dealing 1 damage per second.
Toxic Mist: All bloons near the Poison Tower will be poisoned.

Snow Monkey: Throws snowballs that splash and freeze many bloons at once. The Ice Tower is for short-range freezing, while the Snow Monkey has a long range.
Faster Throwing: The Snow Monkey throws snowballs faster.
Bigger Snowballs: The splash radius of the snowballs are larger, freezing more bloons in one shot.
Ice Ball: The Snow Monkey throws balls of ice instead. Ice balls will shatter on contact, popping bloons with ice shards before freezing them.
Hail Storm: Raw ice power. Each ice ball will cause a large hailstorm, popping many bloons and freezes even more.

Force Monkey: This tower is similar to the Wizard, because it will use all the skills it had learned. Initially, the Force Monkey can use blasts of heat and kinetic force; it melts metallic bloons and frozen bloons, and it can push bloons back along the track a bit.
Electro Force: Shoots a bolt of electromagnetic force. EM force blasts on a bloon will spread to all bloons near it. This is effective for crowded areas.
Gravity Force: Shoots a ball of gravity. It creates a temporary miniature black hole that will suck in bloons and damage them. Unfortunately this doesn’t last very long, and it can’t suck in bosses (MOAB, BFB, LOLZ, IT’S OVER 9000, The Bloon). When a black hole dissipates, all bloons inside it will be released.
Weak Force: Shoots a beam of radiation that will cause bloons to undergo radioactive decay. Bloons in this attack’s splash radius will be poisoned for 1 damage per 1.5 second, but the damage is energy instead of chemical.
Strong Force: Shoots a beam of nuclear disrupting energy and cause a massive nuclear explosion. The target bloon will be stripped of 4 layers, while all other bloons in the splash radius will be stripped of 2 layers. This is similar to the Mortar Tower’s Bloon Buster upgrade.


OMG – Overlord of Michanic Gods – Carries 3 of all balloons
Fire Bloon – carries 1 attack bloon. It can damge towers. Destroys 1/4 of tower’s health
Attck bloon – Carries 2 Diamond bloon. It can damage towers. Destroys 1/6 of tower health
Defense bloon – It has 5 Iron bloon surrounding it.


Robber Tower – Robs bloons randomly and convert them on your side. It can’t attack though. Bloons on your side can only ram bloons causing them to pop so they dont last.

Construction Crew – Builds things such as walls, spikes, pinnaples and puts it randomly arund the map.

Bloon Desinigrater – Releases a desinigration formula which desolves bloons faster than corrosive glue. It also leaves a hole behind which sucks in non-blimps. It will transport them somewhere behind it.

Energy Tower – It supplies energy to towers such as the such as the Ice Tower. It will not be used to enable towers to use but will be used to make all towers like the Ice Tower more powerful.

here ar my tower suggestions:
monkey sub: shoots a stream of darts from its turret(as fast as the battleship’s heavy dart),uses very little space but can only be placed on water,upgrades include torpedoes which explode when it hits the shore,longer range for the turret,missiles which replace BOTH the turret and torpedoes, and a upgrade thats top secret other then its very explosive.
BANANAS (Ballistic Assualt Non-ANphibious Aireal Station):a space station(it cannot be seen) that bombards a specified area like the mortar tower, except with supersonic shells hurled at the bloons, vaporizes everything it hits directly and does large damage over an area,is installed for 100000 and can be upgraded VIA controll center to eventually shoot explosive shells,shoot more,shoot more frequently(5 per wave) and then upgrades to fire an liquid nitrogen blast(only 1) that kills everything and freezes anything that survives for a WHOLE MINUTE :P,and anything that survives freezing gets slowed by 75% FOR THE REST OF THE BLOON’S LIFE,but upgrade costs 100000 aswell,so good luck getting there:P

and also, here is a new boss bloon,inspired by bloodshadow’s LOLZ
introducing…… THE ROFLZ it contains 2 BFBs, and has the properties of a diamond bloon,but because its a blimp,it can be hit by explosives,and because it roatates,mortar shells bounce off, doing no damage. has between the health of the BFB and the health of the LOLZ. and about the diamond bloons reflective properties, the energy attacks should be reflected everywhere,popping bloons unlucky enough to be in the deflected energy beam’s way, and also the invisible pink bloon should render other bloons around it invisible,so they cannot be targeted IN ANY WAY UNLESS THE INVISIBLE PINK BLOON IS DESTROYED


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You are either a troll or just REALLY stupid…

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Well, your avatar is true.

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thx for the suggestions guys plz keep it comming thumbs up so NINJAKIWI sees this!!

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They should add something that works like a nuke, but it needs to be expensive

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they should add a new blimp thats called the sb (super blimp)

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make a bowling monkey

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Give ninjakiwi a break.

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Well the names caught my eye, abilities and stats just lost me there.

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Also those stats for the Bloons are just plain stupid

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Add A Mario Tower! It Launches Fireballs, Hammers, Boomerangs, Iceballs, Such! Also Add A MADZ And A PWNZOR!

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Firework monkey: Shoots fireworks at bloons. Upgrades:
Path 1:
1. Faster fireworks- Makes fireworks move faster
2. Bigger fireworks- Increases range and makes increases explosion area
3. Firework pad- Makes firework monkey shoot 5x as fast
4. Firework Finale Ability- When used, shoots 500 fireworks randomly across the track
Path 2:
1. Enchanted eyesight- allows firework monkey to see camo bloons
2. Variety Pack- shoots many different types of fireworks at different powers
3. Firecrackers- occasionally tosses highly explosive firecrackers
4. Tracking fireworks- fireworks always hit a bloon

1. Purple bloon- Very fast, spawns pink bloon
2. Mirror bloon- Reflects all energy based attacks (ex. lasers, plasma) spawns creramic bloon
3. Chain bloons- Bloons tied together. Has speed of slowest bloons tied on
4. Speed bloon- Extremely fast, spawns a mirror bloon

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Originally posted by JaredN12:

Add A Mario Tower! It Launches Fireballs, Hammers, Boomerangs, Iceballs, Such! Also Add A MADZ And A PWNZOR!

If bloons made a Mario tower, theywould definetely get sued. And I agree with BloonsTroy about the bloon stats. Its a horrible idea.

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Could you format your original post better please.

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Originally posted by Richard545:

Could you format your original post better please.


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Chances are this won’t appear due to the pure difficulty of installing it into their game, but a level sharing system would be brilliant.

People could make levels, maybe limit the towers available, pick bloons available.

I think there should be challanges that limit towers, it would make the game much more stragetic in placement in my opinion.

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Bloons td 5 only just came out! dont think they are going to bring out a bloons td 6!

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well soon enough at least.

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They could add a track editor to bloons tower defense 5. It would be E.P.I.C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Storage Unit Tower: You put spikes and pineapples into it and when you press the button, it spawns them all in random places on the track. Spikes and pineapples from this cannot destroy camo bloons. Spikes can damage MOAB – class bloons but not very much.
Cost: Easy: $810 Medium: $900 Hard: $1,050.
Path 1:
1. Enhansed Fruit & Spikes: Spikes and pineapples can pop camo bloons.
2. Fiery Spikes: Spikes can pop lead bloons.
3. Saved Spikes: MOAB – class bloons can not be damaged by spikes (this probably saves your spikes)
4. DOUBLE DA POWAH: Ammount of spikes are doubled and pineapples can pop 2 layers of bloons.
Path 2:
1. Pineapple Landmines: Pineapples only explode when a bloon touches it.
2. Radar Scanner: Knows exactly where to put spikes, in front of certain bloons.
3. MOAB Slicer: Spikes do 100 damage to MOAB-Class bloons EACH.
4. MOAB Destroyer: Each spike does 1,000 damage to MOAB-class bloons.
Untieing Monkey: This fast-acting monkey will untie 1 layer of bloons within its radius. Does not effect lead bloons, ceramic bloons, or MOAB-Class bloons. Can untie 1 bloon at a time.
Cost: Easy: $410 Medium: $500 Hard: $605
Path 1:
1. Bigger Range: Increases attack range of the monkey.
2. 6 Hands: Monkey can untie 6 bloons at once.
3. Bloon Destroyer: The monkey will keep untieing bloons until all layers are out of air AND it can untie ceramic bloons.
4. 20 Hands: Monkey can untie 20 bloons at once!
Path 2:
1.Hand Techniques: Increases attack rate of the monkey.
2.Faster Fingers: Greatly increases the attack rate.
3.Super Hands: Doubles the attack rate!
4.Ultimate Hands: Nearly TRIPLES the attack rate, almost as fast as a super monkey.
Cannon Tower: Shoots a large ball that can pop 6 bloons each. Can pop lead bloons and can only pop 1 layer of bloons Has med-slow fire rate.
Cost: Easy: $550 Medium: $610 Hard: $700
Path 1:
1. Enhanced Cannon: Increases the attack rate & range of the cannon.
2. Fiery Balls: Cannonballs become fiery which allow them to pop frozen bloons.
3.Bigger Balls: Balls can pop 18 bloons each, roll much further, and pop 2 layers of bloons.
4. Lord Ball: 2 permanent cannonballs will circle the cannon and when a bloon comes in range, 1 ball will continue to roll over it until all layers are destroyed, along with the normal attack of the cannon.
Path 2:
1. Powerful Cannon: Cannonballs roll much faster.
2. Sneaky Balls: Cannonballs can pop camo bloons.
3. Bloon Seeking Balls: Cannonballs will seek out bloons.
4. Track Seeking Balls: Cannonballs will roll accross any part of the track in range, moving 3x as fast as the next bloon in front of it.
Toll Booth: This tower forces bloons to stop and pay 1 rank to the toll. While bloons are stopped, other towers can pop them. Does not effect lead, camo, ceramic, or MOAB – class bloons.
Cost: Easy: $300 Medium: $390 Hard: $500
Upgrades: Coming Soon!
Path 1:
Path 2
Diamond Bloon: Has the strength of ceramic bloons, but these are immune to explosives (bomb towers, pineapples, mortar towers, ect.) and ice. These spawn 2 rainbow bloons.
Minecart: Not exactly a bloon, but this fast moving vehicle picks up any bloon that it touches. It has no limit to how many bloons it picks up. It has double the strength of ceramic bloons and it does not spawn bloons but when it is destroyed, it loses all of the bloons inside of it. (Does not effect MOAB-Class bloons.
Invisible Bloons: Can only be popped by towers that can detect camo bloons, but if you cant see it than you won’t know where to put spikes. Spawns 1 pink bloon.
Banana Blimp: An MOAB-Class bloon that looks like… A BANANA?!? Has the strength of a plain MOAB bloon but when popped, you get $1000! Spawns 4 ceramic bloons, like an MOAB.
Music Bloon: When a tower damages this, it plays a note. Get through the song, and you meet 2 ceramic bloons!
Interactive Bloons: This bloon can touch other bloons. When this happens, the interactive bloon will lose 1 rank, like pink to yellow, and the bloon that it touches goes up one rank, like blue to green (Does not effect ceramic bloons or MOAB-Class bloons)
The MM: The Monkey Mauler: The end of the game if you destroy this. It spawns 0 bloons. It has 20x more health than a ZOMG. Can you destroy it?
The CRAB: corny rambunctious air blimp: spawns 1 ZOMG bloon, though it is at half health along with the BFBs and MOABs it spawns.
Walls: Place these on the track to bounce bloons backwards, allowing towers that missed them to get another chance. Walls do not effect MOAB-Class bloons. Walls can effect 15 bloons before wearing out. Walls only last until the end of the round.
Cost: Easy: $25 Medium: $30 Hard: $40

I hope you like my ideas! Come back everyday and see if i added anything!

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New Towers: Monkey Summoner (must be rank 36 to get): Summons baby dart monkeys, Upgrades: level 1 (starts): summons up to 2 baby dart monkeys, level 2: summons up to 3 baby dart monkeys, level 3: summons up to 4 baby dart monkeys, level 4: summons up to 5 baby dart monkeys, level 5(must be rank 45 to get): summons 1 baby dart monkey to every tower on map (limit: 4 baby dart monkeys on towers that are not Monkey Summoners. limit of baby dart monkeys on monkey summoner towers: 6).

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turrent mounted bloon: a bloon that has a turrent on it. if its close to a monkey. it well stun the monkey with its turrent. there are 5 levels of the bloon. level 1-3 jsut add more turrents. level 4-5 add more stun time.
level 5 makes the turrent immune to ice.

next is the towers:

boom tower: like the spike tower except it makes pineapples come out and explode. dont know the use but they are for 200 in easy

path 1:
spike boom: after they blow up they leave 1 spike. as much hp as a red bloon
spike grass: if it blows up then spikes well come out of it to pop bloons some more then a normal blow up
tiny boomers: after it blows up it makes another small 1 blow up that is a normal pineapple you get a drop to blow stuff up.
epic boom: whenever a pineapple comes out the factory makes a small explosion

path 2:
faster: makes faster
kaboom!: blows up to lawers
bob-monkey: a monkey is on the pineapples to throw spikes at bloons but if the pineapple blows up they go back in. there are 3 monkeys.
epic boom: the first bloon that gets out of the things range well blow up to make a lawer down. INLESS its a large bloon. then it well just take alot of damage.

computer tower:

all bloons around it stop depending on the level of it. they most be looking at blog posts are they? only 5 can enter at a time. placed on the ground.

path 1:
forum names: make them stay there for 1 more second
forums: makes them stay for 3 more seconds
video games: make them stay for 5 more seconds
horror games: makes then stay 1 more second and they go slower.

path 2:
quiz’s: they get confused once they are off and go the oppisit derection.
computer lab: 20 bloons can enter insted of 5.
computer trap: 30 bloons can enter but every 50 seconds the doors close and all the bloons in there pop
alive computer: 1 enters but well only return is its a big bloon. but well be poped to a non-big bloon.

now how about allys in the next game:
gorilla: you place him down and he well jump on big bloons doing lots of damage. if he distorys the bloon he well LEAVE the map. 1 per map

bob-bom: a little guy that explodes bloons. 5 per map

tiny monkey: a little monkey that shoots darts. after poping 5 lawers he leaves the map. 10 per map

healer: well make you gain another heart after 10 levels. infanete.

thats all! also the allys well come back next round so dont worry that they go forever!

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Mini-Bloon — Is half smaller than a normal bloon, making 25%-50% of the attacks miss it.

TNT Bloon — Explodes when popped. Would need to hit it 100 times (with normal Darts).

Mole Bloon — Digs under the ground and comes back up in about the half-way of the track. Bloons cannot be affected underground; M.O.A.Bs or higher level bloons cannot go underground.

Ninja Bloon — Is invisible for the first 1/4 of the track.

Glue Bloon — Has glue inside, making the track be affected like when placing Monkey Glue.

Gold bloon — Gives 2x money. Any bloon can be this; it would have a small area which shows the color of the bloon.

Silver bloon — Gives 1.5x money.

Bronze bloon — Gives 1.2x money.


Laser tower — Fires a single, high-powered beam of light that can pop 3 bloons fully, highest level that can be popped would be a Yellow bloon. Cost: 3000.

Road-block: — A stone block that can block the way of the bloons for 5 seconds. Does not work on M.O.A.Bs or higher. Can be used only one time per a round. Cost: 50.

Monkey Vehicle Gunner — Drives alongside the track, shooting bloons with a machine gun. Cost: 1100.

New spell/ability for Monkey Wizard (once per round) — Tremor: Stuns the bloons at 75% chance for 3 seconds. Can be upgraded to Earthquake: Stuns the bloons at 70% chance for 5 seconds; 10% likely to pop bloons. Neither one will affect B.F.B’s or higher, the spell is weaker towards M.O.A.B’s.

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I would love too see a comprehensive system for targeting bloons. the 12 options would be strong, weak, average, fast, slow, average speed, first, last, middle, random, point and custom. the only new one that might be confusing would be the point. you’d choose a point on the track and the tower would fire there (of course, the tower will sometimes be a few degrees off). Custom would have options to prioritize which bloons were a bigger priority to it (like a bomb tower would only attack a black or a zebra if there were no other bloons in it’s radius of fire), choose to attack a point only if there was a bloon in it and if not, check the next priority section. If there were 2 priority 1 bloons, attack the one first, last, or middle. Sorry that this is just a wall of text, I fail at formatting.