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every one of these ideas are AWESOME but, i dont thinkany of these are actually going to be in a btd6 because btd5 premium is coming out

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jaja 999hp? im funny

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I have one bloon idea:

Propellor bloon: This is actually a modifier like camo and regenerating bloons.

Propellor bloons move faster than the normal variant. It does not work on ceramic bloons or MOAB-class bloons – though should they get the propellor property, the bloons that emerge once popped will get the propery working assuming it works with that particular type of bloon.

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New tower:

Monkey car:

Easy- 400$ Normal- 500$ Hard-675$

Drives around track popping 1 layer off each balloon it runs over. It goes from the back to the front of the track and reappears after reaching the end. It can only pop a balloon once and does not damage M.O.A.B. class balloons without upgrades.


Path One:
1- Emergency Spikes: Drops 5 road spikes at the end of track every time it get to the front. Easy-100$ Normal-200 Hard-350
2- Pineapple Menace: Occasionally drops pineapples in random spots behind itself. Easy-250$ Normal-375$ Hard-500$
3- Spiked Tires: Tires pop 3 layers of balloon when run over and instantly pops ceramics. Easy-500$ Normal-750$ Hard-800$
4- Golden Tires: Tires pop 7 layers of balloon and do TONS of damage to M.O.A.B. class bloons. Easy-1500 Normal-1750 Hard- 2150

Path Two:
1- Faster Driving: Drives faster. Easy-200$ Normal-400$ Hard-500$
2- Even Faster Driving: Drives even faster. Easy-300$ Normal-500$ Hard-600$
3- Motor Monkeys: Transforms car into motorcycle causing bloons to be popped twice. Easy-750$ Normal-800$ Hard-1000$
4- Lightspeed: Makes the car travel so fast it can not be seen, also allows bloons to be popped more than once by car, lasts 10 seconds, 3 round cooldown. Easy-4000$ Normal-5000$ Hard-5555$

New bloons:

Invisible bloon: Pops into 2 camo bloons and can only be hit by monkey car, comes at round 27
Big Red: Boss bloon with as much Health as a M.O.A.B. bloon and pops into 100 reds. Appears at round 57
Big Blue: Same as Big Red but pops into blues. Appears at round 58
Big Green: Same as Big Red/Blue but pops into Greens. Appears at round 59
Coconut bloon: Mini-boss with as much health as 10 ceramics and pops into 10 ceramics. Appears at round 45
B.B.B: Stands for Big Boss Bloon, pops into 4 Z.O.M.G. Appears at round 150

New Modes:

Hero Mode:

Like apocalypse but when you beat a Coconut it gives you 1000 extra XP.
When you beat a M.O.A.B. it gives you 2500 XP
When you beat a B.F.B it gives you 7500 extra XP
When you beat a Z.O.M.G. it give you 25000 extra XP
When you beat a B.B.B. it ranks you up 5 times.

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Soory for double post but Hero mode is unlocked at rank 32

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I would rather like a much more extensive upgrade system. The current specialty buildings are nice, but pretty limited. A separate in-game and pre-game upgrade system would be great (so pre-game always applies, costs a lot of monkey money, while in-game should be bought every game again). Much more upgrades (that can always be bought) and more paths. It would also allow for less static setups like now in BTD 5, as you’ll eventually always want anti-MOAB.

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Monkey Fencer

Easy – 540, Normal – 600, Hard – 660

Slashes at bloons close to him, takes off two layers. Slashes fast.


Path One:
1: Faster Slashing – Slashes faster. Easy – 135, Normal – 150, Hard – 165.
2: Super Slashing – Slashes even faster. Easy – 225, Normal – 250, Hard – 275.
3: Glue Sword – Sword applies glue effects to all bloons it hits. Easy – 540, Normal – 600, Hard – 660.
4: Spray Of Glue – Sword sprays out glue every slash, glueing all bloons on the field. Easy – 2260, Normal – 2400, Hard – 2640.

Path Two:
1: Sharp Sword – Sword takes off three layers of bloons. Easy – 180, Normal – 200, Hard – 220.
2: Longer Reach – Gives more range. Easy – 225, Normal – 250, Hard – 275.
3: Painful Sword – Sword takes off six layers of bloons. Easy – 585, Normal – 650, Hard – 715.
4: Throwing Blade – Every ten seconds, throws a sword that travels in a straight line, taking off three layers of all bloons it pops. Easy – 2440, Normal – 2600, Hard – 2860.

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Monkey Agent

Easy – 1080, Normal – 1200, Hard – 1320.

Shoots darts very fast. Can hit camo bloons.


Path One:
1: Faster Throwing – Throws darts faster. Easy – 360, Normal – 400, Hard – 440.
2: Razor Darts – Darts can pop three bloons. Easy – 450, Normal – 500, Hard – 550.
3: Powerful Darts – Darts pop two layers of bloons. Easy – 720, Normal – 800, Hard – 880.
4: Super Dart Agent – Darts can pop five bloons. Easy – 1800, Normal – 2000, Hard – 2200.

Path Two:
1: Cell Phone – All towers within range fire 10% faster. Easy – 450, Normal – 500, Hard – 550.
2: Longer Range – Gives more range. Easy – 405, Normal – 450, Hard – 495.
3: Desert Eagle – Gets a desert eagle that fires faster with more range. Easy – 810, Normal – 900, Hard – 990.
4: 007 – Fires even faster and pops three layers of bloons each hit. Easy – 1620, Normal – 1800, Hard – 1980.

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i prefer two new beast towers
infatry monkey- has single shot dart pistol that pops 2 layers of bloons 960$
upgrades -
1 gets rapid fire dart rifle which can pop 6 layers of bloons and range is increased 120$
2 pinaple launcher and increased recoil 340$
3 fully trained monkey spetsnaz can detect camo bloons and has incidary ammo 1225$
4 juggernaut monkey has a heavy mashine gun dart rifle and also has a rpg 5000$
1 3 rond burst dart rifle can pop 16 bloon layers 500$
2 fully auto dart rifle with pinaple launcher 1225$
3 black ops monkey can detect camo bloons and lets other towers around detect camo bloons too 3000$
4 super soldier with laser gun and can make moabs have a run for their money with airstrike ability wich 9 monkey aces drop pinaples with the fire power of a moab mauler 10000$

Monkey chopper- shoots two darts and chases bloons and can detect camo bloons 1500$
1 assaul helicopter will make it have a nose gun wich fires fully auto and flies faster 650$
2 ads rockets wich oblitarate bloons 960$
3 combat chopper flies faster and turn rockets to guided missiles 2000$
4 vtol jet flies super fast and replace darts with racors and has rockets missiles and penetration shells 20000$
1 fiis fast 75$
2 flies faster 250$
3 flies super fast 500$
4 turns into ufo wich fires a unstopable laser beam wich can desrtoy a Z.O.M.G. insantly and the special ability destroys all bloons and M.O.A.B. class bloons in the hole round 1000000$

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i think if btd6 is gonna have these two towers nothing could stop you

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Monkey Barracks:

Generate a Dart Monkey once per 10 seconds on the map. All towers summoned from this disappear at the end of the round. – Tower Cost: 1500.


Tier 1: Dartistics – The Dart Monkeys can pop two bloons. – Cost: 600

Tier 1 (another path): Reinforcements – Call for reinforcements, giving you a Boomerang Monkey, Ninja Monkey or on rare cases, a Bomb Tower. – Cost: 750

Tier 2: Haste – Click the Activate button to speed up all the tower summoned via Monkey Barracks by 75% for the end of the round.

Tier 2 (another path): Air Strike – 3 separate powerful explosions in one part of the map, popping all bloons except M.O.A.Bs or higher and Ceramic Bloons.

Tier 3: Logistics – All types of Bloons can be popped by all towers.

Tier 3 (another path): Upgraded Reinforcements – The summoned towers can now be also Monkey Wizard, Monkey Buccaneer (if the map has water), Monkey Ace (instead of the Buccaneer in maps without water), Mortar Tower, and in rare cases, a Lightsaber Thrower.

Tier 4: Battlefield Training – The units have been trained for this, spawning in 5 seconds instead of 10.

Tier 4 (another path): Divine Intervention – Click the Activate button to send a prayer to the Monkey God, whom will answer your prayers and will send 2 Sun Gods to protect the entrance and exit of the map. Can only be used once per round.

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guys , go suggest in ninjakiwi forums not here because btd5 suggestions are included at their forums and NO SUPER OP BLIMS [OVERPOWERED]

thank you

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Yes Yes Yes I like it fine but there is one thing, why don’t you add prices on the towers and upgrades and add what rank?
Poison Tower: $650 at Rank 1
Poisonous Dart: $470 at Rank 2
Poisonous Bomb: $1000 at Rank 3
Potent Toxic: $510 at Rank 4
Toxic Mist: $4500 at Rank 5

Snow Monkey: $730 at Rank 6
Faster Throwing: $250 at Rank 7
Bigger Snowballs: $730 at Rank 8
Ice ball: 1150 at Rank 9
Hail Storm: $2750 at Rank 10

Force Monkey: $2500 at Rank 11
Electro Force: $900 at Rank 12
Gravity Force: $5000 at Rank 13
Weak Force: $250 at Rank 14
Strong Force: $1200 at Rank 15

Robber Tower: $850 at Rank 16
Construction Crew: $2000 at Rank 17
Bloon Desinigrater: $400 at Rank 18
Energy Tower: $1200 at Rank 19
Or something like that….
Don’t Exactly Follow my directions. Make your version of what i just said. Add it and Fill it with more Towers, and just, ADDDDD more! Hope Ninjakiwi reads this, and he’d sure to accept.
Thanks for desighning!
P.S.: you forgot about the ZOMG!

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New Bloons:

BOUP: Splits into 7 ZOMGs, and it has a ton of health. One of these things has a total RBE of 999,999.

New Towers and Upgrades:

Knife Thrower: Throws knifes at the rate of a Ninja Monkey, but with the range of a Dart Monkey. They can see camo bloons, and they can pop lead. Each knife pops 5 bloons. They are unlocked at rank 19. They cost $750 on easy.

Knife Thrower Path 1 Upgrade 1: Ninja Sight: Increases range to that of a Ninja Monkey. It costs $360 on easy.

Knife Thrower Path 1 Upgrade 2: Super Sight: Increases range to that of a Super Monkey. It cost $780 on easy.

Knife Thrower Path 1 Upgrade 3: Quick Thrower: Throws 0.5x as fast. It costs $1500 on easy.

Knife Thrower Path 1 Upgrade 4: Knife Juggler: Thrown knives twice as fast as a Quick Thrower. It cost $2500 on easy. It is unlocked at rank 36.

Knife Thrower Path 2 Upgrade 1: Harder Throwing: Knives pop 10 bloons each. It costs $1200 on easy.

Knife Thrower Path 2 Upgrade 2: Even Harder Throwing: Knives pop 15 bloons each. It costs $1350 on easy.

Knife Thrower Path 2 Upgrade 3: Sword Thrower: Throws swords instead of knives, which have no limit to how many bloons they can pop and pop 3 layers instead of 1. It costs $5000 on easy.

Knife Thrower Path 2 Upgrade 4: Broadsword Thrower: Throws broadswords, which pop 18 layers each. It costs $7380 on easy. It is unlocked at rank 40.

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I liked the upgrade system in BTD5, but they don’t need to add another huge balloon. The ZOMG was enough.

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New Specialty Buildings:


Level 1: Decreases the cost of Knife Throwers and their upgrades by 5%. Costs 1000 monkey money.

Level 2: Increases the firing speed of Knife Throwers by 10%. Costs 1000 monkey money.

Level 3: Every other knife deals double damage. Costs 1500 monkey money.

Downside: Increases the cost of Manhole Covers and their upgrades by 5%.

New Special Agents:

Dragon-Costs 5000 monkey money. It shoots extremely powerful fireballs that pop all bloons they hit except MOAB class bloons and deals 500 damage per shot to MOAB class bloons.

Dragon Pro-Unlocked after placing 20 Dragons, or 100,000 monkey money total. It does the same thing as a Dragon except it also has a “Dragon’s Inferno” ability that triples the popping power, range, and firing speed of all Dragons for 33 sec.

New Difficulties:

Spicey: Towers cost even more than on hard, and bloons move even faster. Also, all bloons except MOAB class bloons are one rank higher than usual. There are 120 rounds. The 120th round has a BOUP. The rewards are twice as high as on hard. The symbol is a sun god(Technological terror on extreme tracks, Temple of the Monkey God on kalamari tracks)

New Track Difficulties:

Kalamari: These are even harder than Extreme tracks! You cannot save on these tracks and it costs 100 monkey money to attempt it. It doesn’t cost anything to attempt it if you’ve already beaten it. Like on Extreme tracks, there are no deflation, sandbox, or apopalypse modes. The rewards are as follows:

Easy-200,000 xp-1900 monkey money

Medium-500,000 xp-4600 monkey money

Hard-1,000,000 xp-9100 monkey money

Spicey-2,000,000 xp-18200 monkey money

Trust me, these tracks are HARD. These are the symbols for the difficulties:


Medium-Sun God

Hard-Bloon Liquefier

Spicey-Temple of the Monkey God

You know how extreme tracks have fire coming up around them? Well, so do Kalamari levels…except the fire is blue!

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New Towers and Upgrades:

Fruit Thrower: A monkey that throws fruit at bloons with the rate of a Tribal Turtle. At first, he only throws apples, which pop 2 layers of bloon and can pop lead. He costs $400 on easy, and is unlocked at rank 20.


Path One:

1: Watermelon Toss: Throws watermelons instead of apples, which pop 7 layers of bloon. Costs $350 on easy.

2: Good Eye: Increased range, watermelons can pop 7 bloons each instead of 1, and can pop camo bloons. Costs $700 on easy.

3: Expert Eye: Infinite range and watermelons can pop 30 bloons. Costs $2300 on easy.

4: Cantaloupe Thrower: Changes Fruit Thrower to a Cantaloupe Thrower, which, hence the name, throws hard Cantaloupes, which can pop 35 bloons each and pop 18 layers of bloon. Costs $2250 on easy. Requires rank 50.

Path Two:

1: Ricochet: Fruit bounce from bloon to bloon as long as there is one nearby, and as long as they haven’t reached their pop limit. Costs $1500 on easy.

2: Ambidextrous: Throws two fruit at a time instead of one.

3: Fruit-a-pult: Turns the Fruit Thrower into a Fruit-a-pult, which throws fruit faster, allowing them to pop 18 bloons each, but slightly decreased firing speed. Costs $980 on easy.

4: Frawatcha: Turns the Fruit-a-pult into a Frawatcha, which launches fruit 8x as fast and grants the Corn Cob ability: Starts throwing Corn Cobs instead of whatever it normally throws, which deal 1000 damage, and can pop 1000 bloons each. It lasts for 10 seconds. Costs $200,000 on easy, making it one of the few upgrades that costs even more than a monkey temple! It requires rank 64.

New Specialty Buildings:

Fruit Storage Facility:

1: Decreases the cost of Fruit Throwers and Banana Farms and their upgrades by 5%. Costs 1500 monkey money.

2: Increases the firing speed of Fruit Throwers and the value of Bananas from Banana Farms by 10%. Costs 2500 monkey money.

3: Increases the amount of time Corn Cob ability lasts by 100% and makes Banana Farms give you one red banana per round, which is worth triple and instantly reloads all special abilities. It costs 5000 monkey money.

Downside: Increases the cost of Monkey Villages and their upgrades by 5%.

Carpenters’ Workshop:

1: Decreases the cost of Monkey Villages and their upgrades by 5%. Costs 750 monkey money.

2: Increases the range of all Monkey Villages by 20%. Costs 750 monkey money.

3: Monkey Villages always give nearby towers the ability to detect camo; radar scanner increases the range of the Monkey Village by 200%. Costs 1500 monkey money.

Downside: Increases the cost of Fruit Throwers, Banana Farms, and their upgrades by 5%

New Bloons:

Kryptonite Bloons: These annoying little things won’t take damage from Super Monkeys or their upgrades, and when they’re on screen, Super Monkeys and their upgrades will have half as much firing speed and popping power! They have twice as much health as a Ceramic Bloon, they split into one Camo Ceramic Bloon, they take away all your lives, and, to top it all off, they can only be damaged by towers that can pop BOTH Lead Bloons and Camo Bloons! They appear at wave 60.

Crown Bloons: These are like Kryptonite Bloons, except they have twice as much health as a BOUP! They appear at round 200, but only on hard difficulty or higher and on expert or higher tracks. They count as a MOAB class bloon, despite they’re appearance. They appear as early as round 100 on Kalamari Levels. They split into 2 BOUPs when popped, and they look like a red bloon with a crown.

“Not-A-Bloon” Bloons: These are basically bloons that can only be fired at by towers affected by the Monkey Intelligence Agency or by Monkey Aces with the “Neva-Miss Targeting” upgrade. They always start out as either Lead Bloons or Ceramic Bloons. They wear signs that read, “Not-A-Bloon”.

New Battle Modes:

Collector Mode: Like easy mode, except the track ends when you get at least $50,000. The rewards are 1.5x as high as on easy mode.

Rich Monkey Mode: Like medium mode, except the track ends when you get at least $100,000. The rewards are 2x as high as on medium mode.

Big Bucks Mode: Like hard mode, except the track ends when you get at least $150,000. The rewards are 2.5x as high as on hard mode.

“You Must Be Made Of Money Now” Mode: Like spicey mode, except the track ends when you get at least $300,000. The rewards are 5x as high as on spicey mode.

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New Towers and Upgrades:

Manhole Cover: Unlike most towers, these are placed on the road only. They pop up every 5 sec, staying out for 3 sec. While he’s out, every bloon that touches him will take massive damage(specifically, 18 layers of damage). Unfortunately, MOAB class bloons are immune to this tower…at least to start with. They cost $3200 on easy, and is unlocked at rank 21.


Path One:

1: More Pop-ups: Pops up every 3 sec. Costs $1000 on easy.

2: Stay Longer: Stays out for 6 sec. Costs $3000 on easy.

3: Higher Popping: Allows Manhole Cover to damage MOAB class bloons. Costs $3000 on easy.

4: Sewer Hole: Turns the Manhole Cover into a Sewer Hole, which makes it stay up permanently and deal twice as much damage. It looks like a hole with an alligator sticking out of it. Costs $6000 on easy. Requires rank 39.

Path Two:

1: Banana Flinging: Throws Banana Peels before disappearing. Banana Peels do the same thing as Manhole Cover except they can only pop up to 3 bloons each and they damage MOAB class bloons. Costs $595 on easy.

2: More Bananas: Throws more Banana Peels before disappearing. Costs $1090 on easy.

3: Nastier Bananas: Throws Rotten Banana Peels before disappearing, which deal twice as much damage and can pop up to 6 bloons each.

4: Banana Carpet: Throws tons of Rotten Banana Peels before disappearing. Grants the Banana Storm Ability: A very, very thick layer of Rotten Banana Peels covers the entire screen. Costs $8500 on easy. Requires rank 60.

New Specialty Buildings:


1: Decreases the cost of Manhole Covers and their upgrades by 5%. Costs 750 monkey money.

2: Increases the damage Manhole Covers deal by 10%. Costs 750 monkey money.

3: Manhole Covers can pop Kryptonite Bloons. Costs 1250 monkey money.

Downside: Increases the cost of Knife Throwers and their upgrades by 5%.

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New Towers and Upgrades:

Tank Monkey: Shoots bombs at the rate of a Ninja Monkey and the range of a Monkey Buccaneer. Bombs can pop lead bloons but not camo bloons, black bloons, or zebra bloons. Easy-$1500 Medium-$2100 Hard-$2400 Unlocked at rank 22.


Path One:

1: Farther Shooting: Increases range. Easy-$300 Medium-$420 Hard-$480

2: Much Farther Shooting: Greatly increases range. Easy-$600 Medium-$840 Hard-$960

3: Hawkeye: Turns the Tank Monkey into a Hawkeye, which has infinite range and can see camo bloons. Unfortunately, it can’t see kryptonite bloons. Easy-$1800 Medium-$2520 Hard-$2880

4: Super Hawkeye: Turns the Hawkeye into a Super Hawkeye, which is just like a Hawkeye, except it shoots at the speed of a Super Monkey. Easy-$5000 Medium-$7000 Hard-$8000 Unlocked at rank 49.

Path Two:

1: Bigger Explosions: Explosions pop 2 layers of bloon instead of 1, and have a bigger explosion radius. Easy-$400 Medium-$560 Hard-$640

2: Even Bigger Explosions: Explosions pop 3 layers of bloon, and have an even bigger explosion radius. Easy-$800 Medium-$1120 Hard-$1280

3: Heavy-duty Explosions: Devastatingly large explosions, and explosions pop 9 layers of bloon. Easy-$8000 Medium-$11200 Hard-$12800

4: The Mother Of All Tanks: Turns the Tank Monkey into The Mother Of All Tanks(or TMOAT), which makes explosions that cover nearly the entire screen and pop 18 layers of bloon. Also, it can pop camo and kryptonite bloons. Easy-$15000 Medium-$21000 Hard-$24000 Unlocked at rank 51.

New Special Challenges:

Desert Base: The 4/4 Desert Base(Tank Monkey) is under attack! The bloon ranks are much higher, and there are more bloons per round. Survive 50 extremely difficult rounds to survive! Unlocked at rank 120.

Desert Base Statistics:

Damage: 18

Firing Speed: Hypersonic

Explosion Radius: The Mother Of All Explosions

Range: Infinite

Can Pop: All

Pop Cap: None

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New Towers and Upgrades:

Summoner: Summons different kinds of legendary beasts. Starting out, it has dragon’s breath and can summon a phoenix. It can always pop lead and camo, but, starting out, it can’t pop kryptonite bloons. Unlocked at rank 23. Easy-$8000 Medium-$11200 Hard-$12800


Path One:

1: Stronger Breath: Increases range and damage. Easy-$4000 Medium-$5600 Hard-$6400

2: Much Stronger Breath: Greatly increases range and damage. Easy-$6000 Medium-$8400 Hard-$9600

3: Stronger Summoning: Summons a super phoenix instead of a phoenix. Easy-$2000 Medium-$2800 Hard-$3200

4: Summoning Aide: All summoners and masters of fire within range will have their ability cooldown reduced by 30%. Easy-$4000 Medium-$5600 Hard-$6400 Unlocked at rank 50.

Path Two:

1: Bad Breath: Breathes out toxic gas, which acts like a Bloon Liquefier’s glue and deals extra damage to MOAB class bloons(twice as much as dragon’s breath!). Easy-$15000 Medium-$21000 Hard-$24000

2: Worse Breath: Breathes out more toxic gas, which can pop effect kryptonite bloons and can glue MOAB class bloons as well as damaging them. Also, it immediately atomizes any bloons it touches other than MOAB class bloons and kryptonite bloons. Easy-$30000 Medium-$42000 Hard-$48000

3: Grand Weed Summoner: Allows him to summon a Grand Weed on the path, which pops the first 2000 bloons that comes to it. It deals 1000 damage to MOAB class bloons. Easy-$8000 Medium-$11200 Hard-$12800

4: Great White Weed Summoner: Summons a Great White Weed instead of a Grand Weed, which pops the first 10000 bloons that comes to it and deals 5000 damage to MOAB class bloons. Easy-$24000 Medium-$33600 Hard-$38400 Unlocked at rank 200.

New Specialty Buildings:

Tank Repair Shop:

1: Decreases the cost of Tank Monkeys and their upgrades by 5%. 1000 monkey money.

2: Increases the firing speed of Tank Monkeys and their upgrades by 10%. 1000 monkey money.

3: All Tanks pop kryptonite; The Mother Of All Tanks deals double damage to MOAB class bloons. 1500 monkey money.

Downside: Increases the cost of Summoners and their upgrades by 5%.

Summoning Grounds:

1: Decreases the cost of Summoners and their upgrades by 5%. 5000 monkey money.

2: Decreases the reload time of summoning abilities by 10%. 5000 monkey money.

3: Increases the reload time of summoning abilities by 1000%, but summoning abilities last forever. 20,000 monkey money.

Downside: Increases the cost of Tank Monkeys and their upgrades by 5%.

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i would like a campaign where you fight the guy behind the bloons! i also would like banana farm and monkey village specialty buildings!

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Originally posted by PvZpro:

i would like a campaign where you fight the guy behind the bloons!

What guy?

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New Bloon:

LAG: takes 999 hits to pop, pops into 95134534604192384385134096156324849523462087 Z.O.M.G. Bloons after being popped.


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Ninja Kiwi should make a junior monkey. It would throw sticks and 2 sticks can pop 1 layer. It sometimes misses its shots, not allowing a hit
Prices: Easy-150 Medium-175 Hard-200
Upgrades: Path 1; sticks and stones- throws a stone every other throw. Stones pop one layer per shot, stoning- only throws stones, breaking bones (or ballons) stones are fired muchfaster, BB gun-shoots a BB gun. BB guns pop 2 layers and stuns ballons for a short period of time.
Path 2; sharpshooting- shots never miss, double sticks- shots are shot faster, arrows- fires arrows from a bow faster than normal, CALL OF THE WILD- summons a dog that gets on the track and rapidly pops ballons for 10 seconds
Also, they should add a cement monkey. The cement monkey would be like a glue gunner, slowing the ballon, just as the cement hardens, the balloon gets extremely slow
Price: Easy-450 Medium-600 Hard- 750
Upgrades: Path 1; higher quality cement- after 15 seconds the ballon is stopped completely
coarse cement- if the cement hardens completely, it starts stripping layers of ballon, Better recipe- makes the recipe even better, stopping the ballon after 5 seconds, cement truck- spills cement all around the tower every 30 seconds, causing the ballons to get stuck in cement (all upgrades apply to this)
Path 2; sandy cement- leaves a layer of sand below the cement that pops one ballon, shelly sand- the sand is fresh from the beach and has shells left in it, allowing the sand pile to pop five ballons, cement buckets- the monkey has buckets of cement on the track, the first ballon to touch it spills it on the track, it effects 15 ballons after it, up to 3 on the track at a time, CONSTRUCTION SITE- summons 4 other cement monkeys that last for 10 seconds

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Originally posted by puddinguy:

The Storage Unit Tower: You put spikes and pineapples into it and when you press the button, it spawns them all in random places on the track. Spikes and pineapples from this cannot destroy camo bloons. Spikes can damage MOAB – class bloons but not very much.
Cost: Easy: $810 Medium: $900 Hard: $1,050.
Path 1:
1. Enhansed Fruit & Spikes: Spikes and pineapples can pop camo bloons.
2. Fiery Spikes: Spikes can pop lead bloons.
3. Saved Spikes: MOAB – class bloons can not be damaged by spikes (this probably saves your spikes)
4. DOUBLE DA POWAH: Ammount of spikes are doubled and pineapples can pop 2 layers of bloons.
Path 2:
1. Pineapple Landmines: Pineapples only explode when a bloon touches it.
2. Radar Scanner: Knows exactly where to put spikes, in front of certain bloons.
3. MOAB Slicer: Spikes do 100 damage to MOAB-Class bloons EACH.
4. MOAB Destroyer: Each spike does 1,000 damage to MOAB-class bloons.
Untieing Monkey: This fast-acting monkey will untie 1 layer of bloons within its radius. Does not effect lead bloons, ceramic bloons, or MOAB-Class bloons. Can untie 1 bloon at a time.
Cost: Easy: $410 Medium: $500 Hard: $605
Path 1:
1. Bigger Range: Increases attack range of the monkey.
2. 6 Hands: Monkey can untie 6 bloons at once.
3. Bloon Destroyer: The monkey will keep untieing bloons until all layers are out of air AND it can untie ceramic bloons.
4. 20 Hands: Monkey can untie 20 bloons at once!
Path 2:
1.Hand Techniques: Increases attack rate of the monkey.
2.Faster Fingers: Greatly increases the attack rate.
3.Super Hands: Doubles the attack rate!
4.Ultimate Hands: Nearly TRIPLES the attack rate, almost as fast as a super monkey.
Cannon Tower: Shoots a large ball that can pop 6 bloons each. Can pop lead bloons and can only pop 1 layer of bloons Has med-slow fire rate.
Cost: Easy: $550 Medium: $610 Hard: $700
Path 1:
1. Enhanced Cannon: Increases the attack rate & range of the cannon.
2. Fiery Balls: Cannonballs become fiery which allow them to pop frozen bloons.
3.Bigger Balls: Balls can pop 18 bloons each, roll much further, and pop 2 layers of bloons.
4. Lord Ball: 2 permanent cannonballs will circle the cannon and when a bloon comes in range, 1 ball will continue to roll over it until all layers are destroyed, along with the normal attack of the cannon.
Path 2:
1. Powerful Cannon: Cannonballs roll much faster.
2. Sneaky Balls: Cannonballs can pop camo bloons.
3. Bloon Seeking Balls: Cannonballs will seek out bloons.
4. Track Seeking Balls: Cannonballs will roll accross any part of the track in range, moving 3x as fast as the next bloon in front of it.
Toll Booth: This tower forces bloons to stop and pay 1 rank to the toll. While bloons are stopped, other towers can pop them. Does not effect lead, camo, ceramic, or MOAB – class bloons.
Cost: Easy: $300 Medium: $390 Hard: $500
Upgrades: Coming Soon!
Path 1:
Path 2
Diamond Bloon: Has the strength of ceramic bloons, but these are immune to explosives (bomb towers, pineapples, mortar towers, ect.) and ice. These spawn 2 rainbow bloons.
Minecart: Not exactly a bloon, but this fast moving vehicle picks up any bloon that it touches. It has no limit to how many bloons it picks up. It has double the strength of ceramic bloons and it does not spawn bloons but when it is destroyed, it loses all of the bloons inside of it. (Does not effect MOAB-Class bloons.
Invisible Bloons: Can only be popped by towers that can detect camo bloons, but if you cant see it than you won’t know where to put spikes. Spawns 1 pink bloon.
Banana Blimp: An MOAB-Class bloon that looks like… A BANANA?!? Has the strength of a plain MOAB bloon but when popped, you get $1000! Spawns 4 ceramic bloons, like an MOAB.
Music Bloon: When a tower damages this, it plays a note. Get through the song, and you meet 2 ceramic bloons!
Interactive Bloons: This bloon can touch other bloons. When this happens, the interactive bloon will lose 1 rank, like pink to yellow, and the bloon that it touches goes up one rank, like blue to green (Does not effect ceramic bloons or MOAB-Class bloons)
The MM: The Monkey Mauler: The end of the game if you destroy this. It spawns 0 bloons. It has 20x more health than a ZOMG. Can you destroy it?
The CRAB: corny rambunctious air blimp: spawns 1 ZOMG bloon, though it is at half health along with the BFBs and MOABs it spawns.
Walls: Place these on the track to bounce bloons backwards, allowing towers that missed them to get another chance. Walls do not effect MOAB-Class bloons. Walls can effect 15 bloons before wearing out. Walls only last until the end of the round.
Cost: Easy: $25 Medium: $30 Hard: $40

I hope you like my ideas! Come back everyday and see if i added anything!

I like the idea of a toll monkey but i think it should have to pay either 25 dollars or 100 xp. (Builder’s pick) Any balloon rainbow or higher can break the bar, allowing ballons to pass thru for that round. Upgrades: Path 1; stronger bars- Can block all but moab-class Barbed Bar- moab class balloons take 50 damage for breaking the bar, the wire stays on the ground and pops passing balloons, auto video defense-if a balloon breaks the bar, the defense starts shooting darts at the invader, trap tunnel- a fake tunnel goes ‘below the bar.’ All ballons who think they can get thru without having to pay go to the beginning (so does the tunnel)
PATH 2; Larger tolls- Costs $50 or 250 xp, Pay Up- costs $100 or 500 xp, Loans- ballons can place loans, the next round you get 2x as much as you regularly would, PAY OR DIE- if a ballon places a loan, you get the money and if you have barbed bars, they pop completely. If you don’t have barbed bars, then the other monkies around the toll booth shoot the balloon until it pops