Ring Not Pass Bug?

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I don’t seem to get any bonus cards when I know I’ve made the appropriate sets (harmonic is the only one that I can think of right now for some reason…) It shows me that I got the score for it, but that’s it.
They used to show up, but the last two times I’ve played (within 48 hours) there was nuttin’.

Anyone else encounter this, or is my computer trying to tell me something?

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Maybe you just aren’t filling the requirements to get a special thing. Take a screenshot or something.

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So I have doubles harmony and symbol triples harmony. I could of swore I got SOMETHING for that. Of course I could be horribly wrong. Did I miss something in my hurry?



Err, yeah, slightly off (I’m lazy) but you can see it is level two, same score, no cards.

Sorry: Don’t know how to embed images.

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I don’t recall symbol triples harmony giving anything from when I played through it a few times.

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You don’t get anything from doubles or triples.

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Boy, is my face red.

It pains me to have strangers point out I am stupid, but thanx all the same.