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heres an early test build of my game:



After terrorists attack an underwater lab only a handful of people escape capture, the rest are made hostages. The terrorist leader, a mercenary named Barshai broadcasts a message “We have hostages. Anyone who hasn’t been captured, turn yourself in as soon as possible to one of my men. If anyone tries to escape will begin killing hostages. If anyone radios for help we will begin killing hostages. If any of my men are attacked or killed we will begin killing hostages. Understand that I am serious.” The player is presented with a moral choice. Will you try to save the hostages, will you risk their lives by killing the terrorists, will you try to call for help, or will you try to escape on your own and leave the hostages to their fate? This is an action/adventure game that emphasizes problem solving.

btw my coder dropped out, any competent flash coders want to script my game?

check out this thread for some of the game art


my art blog


contact me here if you are interested in scripting (and serious about finishing a game), be sure to give me examples of your previous work:


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new test build http://denvish.net/ulf/280407/4855_Ocean_Deep.php

BTW any feed back is greatly appreciated. Also the coder position has been filled by Loneronin, that is until he screws up and I need to have him replaced….

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Great. I look forward to playing it. I’m lovin that stylish green wheelchair you’ve got in the background of the opening screen.

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yeah isn’t it the coolest thing you’ve seen in your entire life? I spent hours researching wheelchairs and green stuff to conceive such a masterpiece.

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