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You approach the side entrance to the arena.
“Hold it there”, says the guard, “This looks like your first time, you will have to fill out these papers first.” The guard gives you papers, where you fill in such information as your name, class, race, etc.
“Hmm, looks like we can fit you in now if you like, while we prepare the next fight. You will be more of a “Filler” battle" You accept this offer and begin your clash with a goblin right away.

You and the goblin begins on opposite ends of the arena. You, choosing rogue as your class, leap across the arena and grab onto a pillar reaching hundreds of feet in the air. The goblin, a stupid and impulsive creature, sprints towards the base of the pillar. You throw several knives downwards while pushing off from the pillar. One knife pierces the goblin’s skull, killing him.

After the battle, you request a 2v2 battle. The guard, impressed by your skills, allows it. Your friend loads his character and you both begin the fight against a paladin and an archer.

Your friend, who has chosen a Magic-User, raises the palm of his hand, concentrates for a second, and releases a flurry of miniature fire balls. The archer, skilled in acrobatics, leaps far above, out of harms way, before launching a enchanted arrow to the magic user.

The rogue immediately leaps up to intercept the arrow, only to have it explode on contact. As the rogue tumbles downwards from his fall, the paladin intercepts him, thrusting his sword upwards below the rogue, killing him. The magic-user launches a small fireball at the archer. The archer then pushes himself off a wall towards the ground to avoid the attack, but the magic-user counters by casting a single large fireball where the archer will land. It does not take long for the archer to realize his mistake, he soon dies. The paladin rushes over to bring the archer back to life, but the magic user casts a shard of ice right through his body, killing the paladin. The Magic-User’s and Rogue’s team are declared the winners, as two high-leveled clerics come into the arena to resurect the fallen combatants.

This is a description of two possible battles in “Battle RPG”. A side-view/top-down, turn-based, action, strategic, adventure RPG. Explore thick forrests, underground dungeons, developing cities, and alternate dimensions in a classic top-down environment. Fight epic battles, sneak up on unsuspecting goblins, and start a bar fight at the local tavern from a never before seen side-view turn based angle.

Not only will you be able to fight in a side view, but everything around you will be interactable. Jump off of walls, swing on ropes, throw rocks on the floor, jump out windows, break down doors (intentional or accidental), or even slide down rooftops. Not only that, you can climb up a wall to tie a rope around a support structure so later you can swing on the rope, you can smash the floor of the tavern so that the rogue can climb under it and stab the feet of enemies to paralyze them, you can even shoot an arrow across a valley with a rope attached to it to make a temporary bridge. Imagine using an Orc warior to smash down one leg of a guard tower to smash your enemy, or a magic-user halfling who uses “turn stone to flesh” on a stone bridge to make the enemy tumble into the raging river below, or a rogue dwarf sets up a tripwire that causes rocks to fall from above that he sets up before perform a sneak attack on the enemy.

All this, and more, coming out for “Battle – RPG”.

Sorry all “PC/MAC” users, this game may only be available for Linux users.

(Just thought I would give a glimpse of my upcoming game, and see how you guys liked it. If anyone would like to help me develop it, send me a message on the Kon, or e-mail me at I am making this game using OpenGL and the C programming language, so if anyone wants to help me port it, contact me as well. I can use programmers, spriters (graphics artists), and sound artists. Please reply if you do/don’t like how this game sounds.)

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So does that mean it is going to be FOSS?

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Err…. Look, I hate to rain on your parade, but unless you are making it all text based, or have some INSANE graphhical skill, you will definatly have to scrap those random ideas. Such a big game from one person is ALSO a bit much. Finally, just asking, do you have ANY programming skill at all? For an RPG you will need great RNG and equation skill, along with good design and SFX skill.

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Yup, all open-source. I like making mods, and I like when other people suggest things for my games. It would be a compliment if someone took my source, and made my game a million times beter. It only means, to me, that my idea was good. Anyhow, I have created a “stddraw.h” header file, so development is moving very fast. my stddraw header files (I had to include a standard version of glut.h that works across all platforms, and a couple other things with it) will also be open source, and it makes graphics for the game a WHOLE lot easier.

Anyhow, I will make v2.0 on linux, then work on an “official” port to windows based off of v2.0. If anyone wants to make an “unofficial” port to windows, by all means do it, all of my versions will be open-source.

Also, I would like to add, if I get enough support for this game (at least 5 people want it… or 2 people, just 1 of them it totally fanatic about it, like “Halo 3” or “Super Smash Bros.” or “Spore” fanatic) and all/most of them use windows, then I will make it on Windows first, then port it to Linux.

Anyhow, if you have any questions or concerns about it, please post them and I will reply to them. Thank you.

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Wait, does that mean you already have some dev versions or a 1.0?

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Programming for too many years to count…. I have made 2 MMORPG games from scratch, nothing like WOW of course, more like a simplified maple story. I have also made several RPG games, 4 I think, 3 games like this (none of which were RPG). The thing is, this game is a continuation of my “Battle” seriese. If you know gamemaker, back in v3.4 (like 2001) I was the first one to make a weapon select using two buttons (next and previous, skipping over weapons you don’t have), and I made a game called “Battle”, a top-down shooter, with it, it was very popular until about v3.4 where I ran out of things for it. Then I made “Battle – Jump” which was basicly a side-view version. It had crude destrictable terrain, but was full of ALOT more action. To try to further the action I found in side-view games, I made “Battle – Elements” (AKA “Stick Figure Battle” (I can’t draw)), It was not fully complete, but was a very nice side view action game like “Battle – Jump” except with magic instead of guns, and differant characters and such. That game was somewhat popular, but nowhere near as popular as jump. Then, I met Chris Fischer, an AWESOME spriter, and we created “Battle – Alien” which was basicly “Battle Elements” but based off of characters from his flash movie “Don’t call it a comeback” (can be found here: His sprites were much better when we made the game in ‘06. We got pretty far, and had a very fun engine, and development was VERY fast. Then school started and we both became too bust to work on it anymore. As soon as I had time, I created the “Battle – Turn[test]” engine on windows. EVERYONE who played it was totally mezmorized by it’s… well… awesomeness.

Anyhow, I believe I am VERY adept at programming, and know how to program all that I want to (since I have already done it before). So the question is not so much as “can I do it” but “how long until it is done”. I believe a working test version should be done by the end of the month. MUCH sooner if I can find a spriter. Hell, it will be done by next week if Chris likes the idea (Cris Fischer, the best spriter I have ever worked with).

Also, I would like to note that I abandoned game maker years ago, I only liked it because it let me make concepts for games fast and easy, and after v7.0… well… nevermore will I use it. Languages I know include C, VB, VBScript, Java Script, GML, Assembly (from my maple story hacking days), C#, and a few bits of pieces from here and there.

Anyways, no, the project is not too large, an open Beta early engine should be expected by the end of the month, an official early engine (no bugs, etc) should be done by the end of the year. Honestly, this would be greatly hastened by the presence of a spriter, but…. yeah. So I am sure I can do it, I would be supprised if I couldn’t.

Also, I plan on majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science, so the math is the easy part.

Ohh, also to note: I was the first one to create a working “Mouse look” for game maker when 3D games became available. I was working on “Battle – Arena”, a 3D fps battle game, but there wasn’t as much action in it so I scrapped it. Do note, it was a TRUE 3D game (not like the first Doom). It used a complicated engine that few but myself understood. Anyhow, I can also do 3D is my point, even though “Battle – RPG” will not be 3D.

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I do have “Battle – Turn[test]” for windows. It is a .exe. The game will basicly be based on that basic turn based fighting engine. The only version I have now is an early closed beta, before I added “Concentrate” (will convery “Energy” into “Control”) or the guns or anything. The control system will take a while to explain, and is irrelivant to “Battle – RPG” since it will not have control.

I can say that “Battle – RPG” will have HP, Energy, MP, Willpower, and (maybe) Adrenaline. Energy and MP may be condensed, but probably not, for the sake of characters like battle mages who use melee as well as magic.

I do have a working version now, but it is VERY barbaric, and a bit scattered. I am mostly connecting the loose ends while refining my stddraw.h header. If I were to release the current version now, all you would be able to do is fill out the forms, since I am working on the ground up (I do not want to get ahead of myself… plus I am kinda stalling for sprites. I may just use the “Human Sprite Outline” like I did for “Battle – Turn[test]”. But as for working battle engine, I have that too, but for windows (Basicly reprogramming it on linux now).