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Heya! This is a thread for where we post our thoughts about all of Pseudolonewolfs games in general. I chose to put it in this forum since there’s no other forum for Pseudos games. If I am making this in the wrong section, sozzy!

Anyway, my thoughts on each of his games.

I like it! I like how we can really customize our character and how versatile it is. I am not huge on the music or graphics so much, but Pseudo has improved in many years since Deliverance.

Raider 0:
Hm. I have mixed feelings about this. I do like the graphics and the funny comments. The gameplay is also nice, but I found the bosses and controls a little confusing. I’m okay at platformers, but this provided a challenge for me.

Raider 1:
I liked it! I love the style of graphics, the music, everything. The one thing I didn’t like was how you can’t kill the final boss with the sword.

Raider 2:
What I said about raider 1 pretty much sums it up, without the last sentence.

Marderk 1:
A short sweet RPG. I loved it. I remember first seeing it in oh, was it 2007 I think? On crazymonkeygames.com.

Mardek 2:
A great game as well. It’s longer, but still relatively short.

Mardek 3:
I love it! Everything about it is great. Except for how we have to grind like crazy. I’ve not completed it, but I have read the plot over and over. I mostly follow Mardek not for the gameplay so much, but for the wonderful plot.

Definitely my favorite of Pseudos games. I wish he didn’t remove it from his site. It was buggy, yes, but everything was phenomenal. If anyone knows where I can play it or download the SWF, I’d appreciate it, as would many others I’m sure.
Since most of you haven’t ever played it, I shall describe it.
It was wonderful. It was a lot like Deliverance, with the world map and all I think. It’s been years since I’ve played it, my memory is sketchy… but the art was great, and I loved when we got to Ehalaiah.(I think that’s what it’s called.)
If anyone knows where it is, please, tell us, and everyone should play it.

What I think Pseudo should do next:
Although he hates advice and has a lot of motivation problems as do I, his gamemaking skills are amazing. I hope he completes Chamaeleon, Miasmon series, and Alora Fane before the end of the year. And then, as everyone else hopes, Mardek 4 and then the Deliverance remake.

Post your thoughts about all the games here please!

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What I hope Pseudo does next: Mardek 4, and work on the following 4 chapters as well later on.
What I know Pseudo does next: Wait a few years before even starting on Mardek 4, and then abandoning the series completely due to having to rewrite the engine again.

I’d also recommend you to play Clarence’s Big Chance. It’s an awesome platformer.

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Oh yeah, I forgot a bout CBC. I’ve played it.
You’re misinformed about what Psuedo will do next. He’s going to cut mardek down to 5 chapters. And I doubt he’ll rewrite the engine. It’s currently written in AS2, but he’s learned AS3 n ow and is lessening his AS2 knowledge, so that’ll also make production longer on the rest of the Mardeks. he just wants to get them out of the way.

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Yup, pretty much a screwed series for what otherwise could have been the most legendary ever. Any way, don’t mind my rants on that.

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He should have considered Raider. The engine was built – it’d only take a few months per each of the remaining three games to make them and get sponsorship. More than he’s making now at least. . But at least he’s going to remake all of the Raiders into one big game!