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Originally posted by Cammy_Justice:
Rikku: He was a total cockwad in the first game, but he redeems himself somewhat in the second.

I assume you mean Riku, Rikku was the FFX fairy.

I do, sorry.
I can never remember whose name is which.

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Favourite characters: Sora and Roxas.
I even made a picture of them:
I know it’s a bad quality.

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That’s actually not bad at all, Firevixen.

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Fairly good, but I think you may want to practice drawing faces more, the eyes are a bit off and the gap between mouth and nose is a bit large, but I am sure you will improve with time.

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I finally finished the coloured picture and with a better quality thanthe first one.
I just uploaded it today.

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i love kingdom hearts i have lived with it

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Originally posted by TheJoker16:

who likes Kingdom Hearts 2?!!
if so who is ur favorite character!?
mines sora..or cloud.

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Pretty much donald duck.
ALL others are complete and weak crap.