[Sonny 1] Ideas about defeating Galiant the Paladin?

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Well, I was tired of getting beaten everytime I face him and I know this is the 2nd Sonny Forum but i could’nt find the 1st Sonny Forum so I came here. So I tried all the strategies i could figure out but they all dont work! So i came here for help from the masters to give me some tips on defeating Galiant the Paladin.
He is in Zone 3.

My stats:

I am a Destroyer class. Level 15

Vitality: 91
Strength: 72
Magic: 20
Speed: 47
Focus: 120

My Armory:

Headwear: Crown of Frozen Shadows (from the ice lord guy in Zone 2)
Gloves: Breakers Gloves
No Secondary Arms
Primary Arms: Cannibals Hunger (from the Baron)
Bodywear: Armor of the Teacher (from the ice lord guy in Zone 2)
Leggings: Survivors Leggings
Footwear: Menders Boots
Veradux: He has all his normal armor exept i have him a Primary Arm: Bloody Blade; He is also Level 15 and his AI mode is Tactical.

My Abilities:
(remember, I am Level 15 Destroyer)

Smash 2/5
Wound 2/3
Break 1/1
Disruption 1/5
Iron Skin 1/5
Brutality 1/5
Aggression 3/3
Heroic Motivation 2/3
Magic Bolt 1/10

What Abilities I put in the Action Bar:

Quick Strike (Default)
Heroic Motivation
Supression (Default)

So, post a comment/feedback below about anything I should change to FINALLY defeat Galiant the Paladin. ( I was thinking to Re-Spec, but I didnt know what to change so…) Thanks guys for reading this whole thing. Hope I could find help in this world… of shadows…light…scary…dark…scary…nice…scary…scary… WELL you know what I mean, Thanks again for taking your time to read this :)

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There is no trick to owning Galiant.

From time to time he likes to heal,so you can get subversion and let him kill himself.
OR,you can just res-pec into a survival set,survive for the first part while he wastes focus,then whack him hard.


that’s if you need further help

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How about equipping more sensible gear? Breaker’s gloves for a destroyer? Makes no sense at all. Why don’t you buy the knight gloves instead. Get stuff with strength and vitality. You don’t use magic there. Veradux needs magic stuff and some vitality for healing. A bloody blade only makes him weaker. Best for him would be the mender’s gear.

Your skill selection – magic bolt is worthless for destroyers, but a prerequisite for the electrobolt. Which you did not buy, though. On your action bar, I’d replace the disruption by another wound. Stacking wounds is good: Seems to damage more than smash, and is cheaper. You can’t kill him off quickly, anyway. It’s about grinding him down.

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Considering you are a destroyer, I am going to suggest you mainly use skills with damage based on strength, in other words, a high strength and atleast one of the later high damage, strength based skills, will help you out immensly, try to use destroyer gear, as it is tailored for you, breaker is best for assassins, so go get survival or knight for yourself, and preferably use some of the damage over time, avoid magic based skills at all costs, those are for gunslingers, not destroyers, there are a few that can be used, but for Galiant most likely you wont need them.

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The way I beat him is I used disrupt. Drain his focus. Then let ’im have it. There is also a glitch where you eat your gear. Become strong enough by eating gear, then easily kill him.

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Alright, this is how I defeated Galiant: first off, get subversion. Then get a few high damage attacks (i.e. Smash, Coup de Grace). Attack him until he is around ~750 health. Then use subversion.
EDIT: Also throw in a break if you want to make sure he will heal himself.

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You could use the eat items glitch. grab the item you want to eat and go to the yellow options box at the bottom. with the item on your mouse, click the red background and you will eat the item and gain the points from that item.(eg. eat item that gives 20 focus when worn, and gain the focus. if you had 100 focus, you would now have 120 focus).

You could fight sensei ishiguro in section 2 and eat whatever items he gives you. Or if you have the money, buy items and then eat them like i did. It does help if you are a destroyer to use the nights armour and The canniblas hunger primary destroyers weapon. for Veradux, i suggest using menders items and a menders axe. It also could be useful to stack moves like wound and use subversion for when he heals himself.

Hope this helps :)

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you need to make sure he dosent heal himself after you damage him is the bug thing, what i noticed is that he heals when he gets below 1000 health so what you need to do is get 2 stacks of the ice ability that stuns for 2 turns (sorry i forgot the name its been a while) and 1 break( i think this is the one that stuns him for one turn?) while filling the rest with abilities that you have noticed have hit for a lot of damage, mke sure to start the round of stuns off with the single turn stun and move on to the 2 turn stuns hopefully you and your parnter can take out 1000 in the 5 turns you given GOOD LUCK!

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I killed him by using agression wounding him double having lots of strength and we he have like less then 800 i used smash

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let him get -1000 hp and then use subversion and he’ll kill himself

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i think you may need to use “Electro Bolt” when he does enrage or “Break”.