[GemCraft chapter 0] how to beat 76 beyond corrution

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can anyone please give me a few pointers on how to beat level ID#76 BEYOND CORRUTION?

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It all boils down the the r/o supertrap start; since beyond corruption is available to you, I know you have the wizard level needed to use the trick.

1. max red and o mastery. Get as many other masteries up to level 9 as you can while maintaining decent starting mana etc.
2. make a grade 4 r/o gem out of the starting crystals.
3. stuff as many grade 1 orange gems into it as you can (transmute if you have to)
4. place into a trap and watch the mana roll in.
5. repeat step 3 whenever convenient.
6. once the firerate stops increasing, create a new r/o gem.
7. repeat step 3 and/or step 6-at this point you can afford to expiriment.
8. optional: anger the waves so they survive long enough to fuel your mana farm.
9. (optional): start making lots of grade 11+ prismatic gems, placing in towers (less damage butless lag) or traps (more damage but more lag) as needed.
10. leave your game running.
caution: overuse of step 8 will lead to a game lasting hours or days, and may still be overdone to the point of a loss, even with the nigh-invicibility provided by a mana farm.