feudalism badges ideas

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i think some good ideas for a badge for feudalism are
-beat the game without dying once
-defeat the black ninja acadamy town
-get 100 for DEX STR INT and CON
-buy and put a great hero into your army
-buy and put a black ninja into your army
-succesfully complete 10 missions without dying
-complete a rouge mission worth 20,000 gold
-succesfully complete a package delivery mission worth 700-900 gold

those are some ideas for greg (the badge maker- at least if i heard correctly) so if you greg use one of my ideas be sure to give me some credit too! ;) and feel free to post any other ideas you think would be good for feudalism

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One: Ideas made on kongregate are kongs property, so you get no credit. Two, the badges you have are terrible. Three, there is no statistics API for fuedalism so you can’t possibly think that would happen. Four, if there was, they would put it in for levels gold and cities under your command AT BEST, not very specific things like your stats what units you have, deaths, specific towns controlled, and mission gold. Five, no game has EVER gotten more than four badges, and that game happened to be the bestt one on the site. Six, repeat badges(get a great hero, get a black ninja) are also TOTALLY horrible. Seven, wrong forums. 8, there is an official thread on the kong forums for this.