[GemCraft chapter 0] skills

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Is there a guide somewhere on here that explains what each upgrades does. Some of them I do not quite understand.
Like focus, says 204% higher initial mana. If I am not mistaken that means I am starting the round with more mana then I would be if I did not upgrade it.

I am pretty deep into the game, and I figure maybe it time I understand the skills better to maybe make the rest of my game for that endurance hard bandage a bit easier :D

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I recommend
The Beginner Guide
The Intermediate guide

There are short sections on each that talk about the important skills to get. They also detail how to get that endurance badge. You can usually figure out what skills do just by playing the game. There is 1 skill you should not get – the increased pool. It is useless and actually counterproductive.

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Thanks. I am on a decent track for my last couple badages. Just wanted to make sure I understood the skills. thanks :D