[Mardek 3] Lost progress in save file? Can someone edit it?

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Now I have a save file which, I had not played since late February. -I had everyone to at least level 30,

Mardek level 51,

Legion at 45

and Solaar at 34 almost 35,

all learn-able(by player) passive skills except Loquacity cause I had not beat Animus to get the Sorcerer’s Soul. But I had gone in and grabbed all the items in Animus world. So the rainbow disc was in my grasp.

Everyone except Donovan had won their tournaments and claimed their unique items.

And I had beaten the big tournament that gives the hero sword II.

However much of this progress was gone. It took me days of annoying grinding to get up to those levels and abilities, if anyone knows how to edit SOL files to make these changes or can help me find something safe that can allow me to make the changes that would save me a lot of time.

Thank you ahead of time.

p.s. in case you need the base file to edit, I’ve stored it here

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