[GemCraft Labyrinth] Need help (K9, And m9) :(

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Hello, ( i’ll try show it on english :’( (im french :D )

Im no prenium, but i love this flash game, im lvl 35 with 325 on skills, and like the tittle saying i dont found the good soluce for k9 or m9 :s

(i never use amplify maybe is it? )

If one can show me it with a good english (i can translate i’ll really appreciate it) :D

But this game is funny and i get sad think stop bcs i start be bored…

Thank for u help if one answer

Enjoy to game, seb.

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If you haven’t already, put some points in Wildgem and sell that at the start of your level, unlock Bloodbound (Red) Gem, cause it will be pretty helpful at those levels, also…tick Armored Only for the level, it’s actually easier (no Swarm monsters!)
Also, make sure you make a bit of a path for the monsters to follow (Especially K9 needs a bit of pathing).
Also, you can use a slowing gem in a trap and give your tower more time to kill the monsters.
And definitely, if you have mana to spare, Amplifyers can make your towers really powerful.

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I’m not sure what you can do in terms of max skill points, but here’s what I would do:
max construction, forge, dual gem, and the two gems given. Put ~20 into focus. Let me know if any of these skills are unavailable to you, and I’ll adjust and rerun the level. Definitely use armored only. I was able to build the third tower and gem after the first wave. I upgraded those to grade 3, then started building upward, alternating a tower and a wall. Then, I built a wall going down along the left (one space over from the original ‘wall’) so the monsters had to go by the towers again. No towers, just walls. Then, as I could, I filled in the walls with towers and g3 gems. Basically, make the monsters snake around as much as possible. Here was my starting setup:

I forgot to tick armored only this run, but it’ll be easier for you if you do it. iirc, I banished part of the last wave because I called it too early.

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Thanks for u help guys, but yesterday my brain decided to works again lmao!!!
And i uped lvl 42 (with remake fields with diffulty up, for start with a gems and sell her) , and forced the monster turn arround with wall like a “o”

Yeah Greate_pier i tried this tower amplifs, and rly rly so fine lool, im using they every time now lool, but i block in the M5 (with swarm comming same time of boss and other monster…) im fuck.ng hate this monster lol rly…

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im no patient lol problem solved without a monster in my orb… with option monster armor online byebye swarm!!!!!!!!!!

i post this screenshoot, bcs too i start use amplifi yersterday and im sure can give an exponential effect? ( exemple amplifi., can amplifis other amplifis?)

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The screenshot really helped me, I created paths on both K9 and M10, worked well, thanks!