[GemCraft Labyrinth] Better Skill Allocation?

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I have 26,356 skill points, and I’m level 2878. This is my skill allocation currently:

Focus: 300

Replenish: 352

Forge & magnify: 30/30

Construction, chain hit, multiple damage, mana gain, flexibility, Wild Gem, Recharge, readiness, and ritual: 20/20

Violent explosions & deadly traps: 15/15

Triple gem mastery: 12/12

Everything else: 0

Is there a better way I should allocate my skill points?

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1.Drop Resonance to 200%. (or even 100%) – Possible to beat WGTF without it at all on fields before the first Pylon.
2.Add into Powerful shrines.
3.Increase Focus to the point where you can afford 1 unlock, 1 grade 7, ~20 grade 2 gems, shrine, 4 manapools. Wild gem will do the trick with grade 7, you need ~12k mana after selling wild gem. This also interfere with Ritual.
4. Leftovers – into replenish.

Starting tactic -
Preparation – Check how much damage grade 7 yellow bolts will do. Restart.
1. Unlock yellow, make grade 7 pure Y
2. Build shrine
3. Summon on first and second wave with grade 2 until min bolt damage *2(crit multiplier). Yes, 200 monsters with 50k hp on first wave – not a game over.
4. Leftovers – manapooling
6. That would be legen… wait for it.
7. During the second wave shrine must be ready (don’t call early wave)
8. Use the gem. You must get more mana than were spent on gem.

Then you can
build another 1-2 shrines, create more Y gems, manapool.
with 8 grade you can summon until min bolt*2,5
with 9 – min bolt *3

As I saw in another thread, you really need to improve you summoning tactic. It must be based on minimum bolt damage and average damage of your gems, not “1-10 waves 1 times with grade 1”.
Average gem damage – (min+max) * crit * chain /2. You can multiply this by 3 and make monsters with this hp safely.

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I discovered something: The problem wasn’t my skill allocation, it was my summoning tactic! Thanks for the help!