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This week COOLTOPLAY ( announced they would be hosting the hit MMORPG, Mythic Saga. Mythic Saga has ranked top among free to play browser games in Asia with hundreds of thousands of players. The specific launch date has not been released but we are hearing it could launch as early as the end of this month.

Developer: Gamewave Interactive
Genre: Fantasy MMO RPG
Official Site:

Mythic Saga is inspired by oriental mythology. Players become heroes that explore this vast world seeking to replace their lost memories and bring an end to the suffering caused by the Cataclysm. The game contains core features of MMORPG’s such as Quests, Guilds, Crafting, Mounts, and a complex combat system.

Features at Glance:

Four Character Classes – Players can choose to be a Warrior, Assassin, Mage or a Priest. Characters can be even further advanced by the Zodiac and Five Elements systems.

Story-driven Quests – There are four quest modes in Mythic Saga. Through them players can unravel the mysteries of the Spirit Cataclysm and save the world from destruction one quest at a time. This also ensures that players always have something to do.

Relic System – The Relic is a mystical object with special abilities which is unlocked at Lv. 25. Relics can be used to protect characters, heal injuries, and even distract enemies. Every relic has six stats that determine its respective abilities and can be upgraded through five different tiers.

Mounts – A set of unique mounts exist from the simple float stone to the Ancient Firestorm Wheel. Rare mounts like a chubby panda and dragons can also be found in game.

Community – Players in Mythic Saga can make friends and be part of the community by joining a Faction, Guild, finding a mentor or apprentice, or getting married. You are sure to be able to connect with a lot of people in game.

Others – The real-time weather system makes the world seem alive. There is also a wedding system and crafting system which adds to the level of customization.