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What I would like to see from Epic War 6, 7, and any continuations thereof is to see it look to some of the basics that made it Great/Awesome. Lord of the Rings is the Great Fantasy Nerd BOOK franchise- Epic War 1 delivered on being based on this 'kind' of thing, while being different enough from it to be fresh and new. MOST IMPORTANTLY (IMO) Epic War's UNIQUE 'schtick' was THE END. THE END is the Bowser/Ganondorf/Sauron/Smaug/etc and so forth of the EPIC WAR franchise-- a real CHARACTER, a VILLAIN. Epic War 1 and 2 both felt like they had some earnest Plot, and while I'm still making up my mind about Epic War 4 and 5, Epic War 3 did a LOT to DIVERGE from 'having a Plot', it made the game very much like the board game RISK. Epic War 4 was an excellent job recorrecting that problem (as I recall) but I don't have a solid memory of 4 or 5. I spent, I KNOW, MUCH more time playing 3, 4, and 5 because there was just plain more content, more gameplay hours in them, but Epic War 1 and 2 STUCK in my mind, left an IMPRESSION better. Dungeons and Dragons is the Great Fantasy Nerd GAME franchise- Basically the main thing to draw from D&D is the concept of Level Ups and Upgrades and Shops, which the game series has always always always had. I don't think you need to try very hard to improve on what you already do well. "If it's not broke don't fix it". The system for Epic War 1 and 2 anyway was excellent, and I *think* (don't remember) that Epic War 4 was like kind of an amalgam of 1, 2, and 3 right? It used the cards with the old Upgrades mechanics? (I have such a clear memory of 1 and 2, despite it being AGES since I've played them. They were much simpler and that was to the good.) Pokemon is the Great Fantasy Nerd HANDHELD franchise- now something I LOVED from Epic War 3, and I'm CERTAIN it was #3, was the "Dungeon Trials"-- this felt very much like going into the Cerulean Cave dungeon or other similar Super Dungeons to unlock a Legendary Badass that doesn't really do much for Story Mode, but makes Replay Value pretty fun to go back and destroy some levels. Double-Dipping on Pokemon and D and D, having a series of DUNGEON Trials where you unlock Titans and Beasts, Legendary Bird-Style, and actually having them be useful to the story because the Super Ultimate Final Mega Boss is so challenging you feel like you need to have all Dungeon Unlocks, or you just Want Them. Gauntlet is the Great Fantasy Nerd ARCADE franchise- I bring up Gauntlet now because I distinctly remember that I could never really decide between the Demon/Dragon Destroyer of the World and the Evil Wizard who summoned it, who was the Mini Boss and Who was the Big Boss? Since you've expanded the game just EVER so much since Epic War 1, you probably don't see THE END as THE Boss To Beat, but you could still have THE END show up in every game as an homage to Game 1, and he could have a more prominent role than he did in Epic War 3 or 4, but a Less Prominent one than in Epic War 1. Make him like Giratina or something, and have either a GREAT AWFUL HELL MONSTER, or a Super Dark Wizard, be above him in Plot Significance. Magic the Gathering is the Great Fantasy Nerd CARDS franchise, and like DnD has had SO many expansions and longevity like "The Simpsons" and if you want my advice on what to take away from MTG for how to make your game good: Expand the Map. Increase the Settings. Show us many, many levels and Worlds. I think Epic War 3 and 4 were only a little bit bigger maps than Epic War 1 and 2. In fact now that I think of it, I'm beginning to remember more of Epic War 5. Epic War 5 had Regional Continents sort of, right? 4 of them if I remember good? That was good, but the Continents were too small and the total number of levels not very high. The Red "Hellish" one in particular could have been much bigger and put us up against more Zombies and Apocalypses, and had more Normal Levels leading up to VERY INTENSE Boss Fights. Epic War 1 started with 15 levels, but Epic War 6 should have at least 40-50 Levels, and the Map should be huge. Not just divided into distinct, designed regions each with their own feel, but actually have those lands be fairly big. I complained earlier about the "RISK" like Game Mechanics of Epic War 3, but if you want a good idea for how to improve the Board, take one leaf out of Super Mario Bros, and Another Leaf out of RISK, and give us a good 5-6 Continental Regions with a good 55+ levels and at least a full 38 'countries' or 'territories'. Check out lots and lots of video game World Maps and RISK World Maps to come up with the coolest Geography you can. Epic War 5 has a good map that needs to be Taken to 11. World of Warcraft is the Great Fantasy Nerd INTERNET franchise, and it's big contribution is the sheer number of classes, factions, quest trees you can follow that end you up in a MASSIVELY different direction that when you started. It's lifted pretty much directly from DnD, but I find that MMORPGs or Skyrim are a lot EASIER to do the ''Become Something Entirely Different Now" thing with, than say a traditional RPG like DnD or KOTOR. In my opinion the part of the Epic War Series that does the BEST job of giving this kind of gameplay experience, is right at Epic War 2, with the simple addition of being able to play as Goblins or Elves and level up their skill trees instead. The way that was executed, it felt like picking up a box of a new color of pieces in RISK- start commanding an entirely different army. IDKN if anyone else felt this way, but some of the ways the Heros were Executed in Epic War 3, 4, and 5 felt somewhat Homogenized, and ESPECIALLY dividing every single Creature Unit in the game into equippable cards??? Destroyed any semblance of "Factions" and any feelings of "Loyalty" to a cause-- it wasn't Fighting for the Goblins, or For the Humans, or For the Elves anymore, it was just these Heros picking ANYONE they felt like to join them, including Monsters I wouldn't consider myself an ally too. I LIKE Unlocking New Units!!!!! But please, try to return to the Cool Factions of Epic War 2!! Make the Available Unlockable/Equippable Units DIFFERENT based on what Faction you're playing as/unlocked. Also instead of just those 3 Factions, have two more Factions: Dwarves and Undead. I think Epic War has to oppoturnity to be the Great Fantasy Nerd FLASH Game Franchise, and I think that because of the Internet being a VERY Public Domain, you should look to other popular games of your same Genre-ish, like Age of War (the one with the Dinosaurs that turn into Musketeers that turn into Robots :D ) and Prince of War (that one had EPIC Story Telling) The Epic War series right now is suffering from POKEMON syndrome: Too Many Units Too Many Bosses Too Many Heroes Too Many Bosses Too Many Titans Pick your FAVORITE Units, Monsters, Titans, and Heroes out of the ones you have, and develop them into more of a STORY. And have it be OK for the Players to run into Creatures and Monsters that they don't necessarily automatically get to add to their team, ever. That makes it more like Good Guys Vs. Bad Guys. I think that because you've released SO many Epic War games, you should actually run POLLS on peoples very Favorite Units, and ask their opinions on which Bosses they think should make the cut to Return in Epic War 6, and also add ones we've never seen before. I think it's slightly a weakness that every game seems to try to return Everything from all Previous Games, it helps make the "World of Epic War" a little bit overly redundant, it makes things wear out and get old and overly familiar. Put some of your pieces on the shelf for a while, and bring them back in Epic War 8, or 9, to inject both Freshness and Nostalgia in One Deft Stroke! As you can tell, I'm a DIE-HARD fan of pretty much Absolutely All of This Crap, and I spend a LOT of time thinking about Game Design. I want Epic War to be as EPIC as possible, and part of that is trying to figure out what does it Want to Be. It Wants To Be Everything, but right now I think it over uses "Cards". In addition to wanting to be the Super Combination of All the Fantasy War Epicness Ever, it also needs to regard that it's been around so long it's got its own History, its own Roots, its own Nostalgia it can tap into. One MAJOR exception to the "Don't Let People Use Any The Monsters In Their Army//Have -Bad Guys- that we Never make Friends With" Rule: THE END. THE END was such a DAMN, AMAZING, HUGELY EPIC success of a Boss, he's not just your Bowser, he's your Mewtwo. I would love to be able to use a Super-Nuked Godzilla-fied, Giratina-scary MoFo version of THE END as one of the Biggest, Baddest, Coolest Unlockables. See if you can make a THE END that we can play, that's SO AWESOME, that in order to use him, he takes up all of our slots for Armies and Spells and Heroes and All that Crap at once, and have him count as our Fortress if we use him. And Make Him BEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And have that be like an Unlockable you get for 100% Beating Epic War 6 and paying like 2 infinity bajillion gold. Also make gold easy to farm, because a problem I had with Epic War 3 was that it was very, very difficult to unlock stuff. ummmm......If you want to email me, it's darthparallax@live.com x3 I would freaking love to go on and on forever about ideas for Internet Games, -_- Prince of War and Age of War also need sequels. and HEY WAIT A FRACKING SECOND @.@ ARTLOGIC. YOU. DEVELOPER GUY. COULD YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIND THE DEVELOPER-GUYS FOR Prince of War and Age of War and do a COLLABORATIVE SEQUEL?!??!??!?!?? Age of Epic War Prince?!?!??! Prince of Epic War Age?!!?! Because like Legit I would play the fuck out of that game o.o Think Amalgam DC + Marvel/ or Crisis of Infinite Badassness X.X Viegraf the Red, the Viedar, the Zombie Nation and the Goblin Nation allied with the Elf Nation and the Human Kingdoms to like, stop the Evil Lords of Hell and the Shadow Beasts from resetting the Order of the Universe. And And Like, Terminators from the Future have to help you beat The End, which is like from an Anti-Matter Dimension???? PUSH. ALL. THE BUTTONS. IT'S OVER NIIIIINNE!!!!!!! THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BILLLLLLLIOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! do you have any idea how many fracking hobbits you would have to spam against Terminators! :O OMG! IF YOU COMBINED EPIC WAR WITH AGE OF WAR. . . . . FREAKING ----TIME---- -----TRAVEL------ O.O MAN! *I know I'm insane. That's alright. What I do best is coming up with a Billion Bad Ideas in the hope that one of them is a Good Idea and actually Smart people use just the Good ones and throw out the crap? :)
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my first post was supposed to be in paragraphs :’(

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*also Type correction: I meant to say ‘’Dont let us use EVERY’‘, not ’’Dont’ let us use ANY’’ of the Monsters we defeat.

Simpler monsters like Orcs and Undead and Dwarves— Hey! you can make then, like, a Faction?!

But some of the more Powerful Evil monsters that we kill, should be definitely identified with Evil. Maybe have them only available to Evil Factions. But Viegraf the Red does not need to be running about with Zombie Hordes in his army.

A Burning-Skull Head hero? Now he could use all kinds of neat Horrible Demons in his Faction. :)

There were like—- 6? 7? unlockable Creature Types in Epic War 1. Keep it to something like that number — have 7 or so Monster types that each Hero can collect, but make sure the Heroes don’t get to play with a Monster that’s not their Faction.

With 5 Factions, and 1 or 2 Heroes in each Faction,
that’s like....7 × 5 × 1.5 = 35 + 17 = 52 different playable Monsters.

I think there should 75 Monster Units, ish, so that 20 or so are like Really Scary Elite Bad Guy Stuff that we just Never Draft into our own Legions?

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SPECIAL LEVELS: that let you take more than one Hero’s Faction into Battle at once:

For the people that want to see ALL the units flying around getting chopped up into bloody bits, have certain Boss Battles be like Normandy: You pick any 2 of your Heroes, and you take them BOTH together to tackle the Awful Boss Fortress Monster Legion O’ Doom.

This would let you have 14 Monster types to summon at once. Figure out how to program that somehowish. :P

The one thing I would have LOVED to see in Epic War 2 was to bring the Elves, Goblins, and Humans ALL to a single Fight! But, I don’t want to lose the idea of Factions! the Factions have to stay with their Leaders xP

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Try to do something like that like the 4 but with history much more units and upgrades like a hundread of levels and that create an unit in a battle dont costs anything that units have time based spawns with bosses like the bing bang, the troyan horse and the giant demons and angels or the goblin that kills everything with a hit

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it is really a very good game and epic war saga also but epic war saga is the best

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but the goblins are weak but effectabele and the troll,templar knights,pegasus knights,beast rider,catapults,are the best.but epic war 1 2 3 4 5 are also the best games I have ever played too.