[GemCraft chapter 0] What am i doing wrong?

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I am currently playing the premium version of GemCraft Labyrinth.
I have successfully completed 3 endurance modes but not on the hardest settings.
There is the problem.I find it really hard to finish an endurance mode at hardest settings.
So i am kindly asking for your help…Im currently wizard level 444.
My skills are : Focus (111),Replenish (91),Renosance (115).Other skills are almost maxed (multiple,blood,lime,orange,wild gem,triple mastery,radiance are MAXED)

First of all i would like to know if my skills are well built.If not tell me how to build them.
Next thing i want to know is a quick (or detailed) strategy guide.It takes me about 200 waves to set my traps up, and my damage gem.
I play with Orange/Lime/Yellow.I have read that i must put my damage gem in a trap.I’ve tried it but it doesnt damage that much… I can get on easy settings at lvl 21-22 gem.
A whole endurance in easy settings (with giants only of course) takes me about 2 hours.

So…What am i doing wrong?
Thank you in advance.Looking forward for your replies.

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1. Remove blood. Forget about this color.
2. Summoning. Drop gembomb on wavestone. More monsters – more mana – higher grade gems.
3. Final setup must be Tower + 8 amplifiers, around 100 mln damage and 3500+ crit, random target priority.
4. You can easily double your level at pylons.
Endurance video
And there are 3 pylon videos in my playlist.