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Originally posted by Flinty94:

Sounds good to me :-D

What is youtube name?
EDIT: New page goes to moi.
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i want minecraft im just 8 and i want no downloads cause i cant my computer is almost full of crap and shit so yeah CAN YOU GET ON IT PLS LIKE NOW if you see this ok plssssssssssssssss

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Actually, a strategy I would prefer is, get a kill from the players who are running to the centre,
usually about 2-3 kills, it’s unexpected for them, get a chest from far away range and get some food, or sword if there’s sword, there should be food, if there’s armor, equip it, no exceptions, someone can attack you when you’re looking in the chest.

Run away, as fast as you can, let your hunger go down, since most hunger games allow leaves to be broken, you can get some apples later on.

After you’re sure you’re away from others, get some apples.

Find chests, and well, get better stuff, kill people if they become threats, don’t ever form an alliance. NEVER.

And well, Stay alive.

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Strategy- run. no one gives a @#$!.

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FYI http://www.minecrafthungergames.com is also another hunger games server. it’s pretty good :)

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the answer -http://heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com/