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Originally posted by UNRIVALEDUDE52:

i wouldnt recommend you coming to gambling hall buddy. halflife 2 is a terrible game and anyone with eyes can see that. the weapons are sparse and uninteresting, they recycle the same enemies for the entire game. all the combines are practically the same just with barley changed equipment. zombies headcrabs and antlions are so shortlived and pitiful that they may as well not even exist. the vehicle portions feel extremely funneled and every single weapon is just a boring old hitscan that is beaten by the next or a weapon that you only use because you need to for that part. there is no redeeming feature in that game today. at the time it was kindof cool because of gravity gun and the physics and graphics were alright. also the forced cutscenes are boring and tedius if you want to replay the game you have to go through these again and again or cheat past them which is just lame.

tell me a single part of halflife 2 that you thought made it anything better than mediocre

What about the memorizing story, great characters and interesting gameplay? Please stop bashing on a game you know nothing about.

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characters and story mean next to nothing if there is no gameplay to make up for it. the gameplay is boring and simplistic. you just spam hitscan weapons at recycled combine throughout most of the game. every now and again you take break and go on stupid funneled vehicle parts or maybe spend a few minutes blowing up a helicopter, but that really doesnt carry much entertainment value when you consider how prevalant the combine portions are. even the characters and story are mediocre. the whole setting is just a generic dystopian alien invasion with you trying to stop the evil invaders. the characters are alright, definitely not terrible, but definitely not great. you hardly even know them or have a reason to care about them. as far as you are concerned they are just there to get you further in the game.

what do you mean by interesting gameplay? what exactly is interesting in that giant borefest of a game?