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Hello, my name is Eric and I’m the Programmer for Left Side Games. We’re excited to announce our first game QuickBlast!
QuickBlast is a modern and unique take on the Gallery Shooter genre that transports you around the world and through time against hoards of animals. Help the weapons defeat their wooden nemesis!

Core Features Include:

  • Building your own arsenal of weapons, each with their unique ability to do damage.

  • Over one hundred hilarious wooden animals.

  • Levels from all places around the world, including the desert, jungle, arctic, city, etc…

  • Three modes (for now) from campaign, to limited bullets, to a hardcore mode, which we shall be announcing pretty soon.

  • A robust combo system that can really enhance your score, along with achievements.

  • Fast paced action, as never experienced before.

  • Power ups that help boost your score or give you advantages and power downs, which are the opposite of the advantages; you want to avoid those!

    • And the features don’t stop there! We’ll be announcing and planning much more down the road closer to our launch date.

      Because we’re a group of full time students, funds have been quite low and at the moment we cannot afford Unity, much less the iOS add-on. It’d mean so much to us if anyone who’s interested in seeing this game come to life, could come check us out on our Kickstarter and support us. You can reserve a copy of the game and get other tons of awesome rewards. We thank you so much! If you have any questions/comments, feel free to post below. You can find our Kickstarter project here.

      Kickstarter link : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1932386335/quickblast

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updated with screenshots :)

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wow this looks pretty cool! good luck

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yes, very colorful look and lively feel, good luck