Sandbox mmos vs amusement park MMOs

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Here’s the difference between the two.

In amusement MMOs the content is created for you to play such as the raids in World of Warcraft or Rift etc. They keep creting the content such as expansions.

Sandbox games are a lot different and they don’t really create content because the players drive the game like in Eve online you can choose your own role by literally robbing other players or if you want to be the hero you can. The game is ran by players so because of this you will see 1000 vs 1000 player battles with spaceships to control a territory. They developers just sit back and allow the players to create their own content.

I wanted to know your opinion on which one you prefer because I have been looking at this sandbox mmo that isn’t really going to come to the west from korea for a few years to come.

It’s called archeage and from what I know about it you can build your own castle or farms and at any moment you could be attacked and your land came be conquered. If you kill somebody you get the chance to hide the evidence and the players may have to play detective to figure out who killed this layer etc.

You can sail across the oean in your own ship and even gather players together to take over other players territory.

The thing about thease games is that the player creates his own role better than in amusement par MMO because that really limits you to the world first on killing a boss unlie a sandbox where you can steal from other people and you can create your own legacy with the community.

Example: They know you will try to set up blockades so they will dread you and maby hire mercenaries to fight you or if they know you will probaly help them etc.

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None of the games you listed are sandbox. they’re not “amusement park”, but they’re not sandbox, either.

Runescape and WoW are amusement parks, like you said. the players have only the most limited ability to attack one another.
But a sandbox game? that would be games like minecraft, dwarf fortress, sand sand sand (heh heh). archeage doesn’t sound like a sandbox…it sounds more like a territorial. (Admittedly, multiplayer minecraft can turn INTO a territorial pretty easily with the factions mod. Bleargh. I much prefer pstones. It keeps people from interfering with mining operations..well, most of the time.)

no, you need a new word if you’re going to classify archeage as something other than a purely territorial game.

territorial games: ceaseary, astro empires, pardus*.

*pardus is a rather interesting case: it is ap-based yet incredible. stark contrast with urban dead. “Mrnh?” indeed. or is that “Mrhn?”…it’s been too long since I played that.
With a fair amount of npc content for those who prefer only a bare minimum of social interaction.

pardus and archeage both could use a seperate classification. no, not sandbox, they’re not that flexible…
maybe sandbox-carrer? carreer-sandbox? directed? …hm… gotta be something…