Gaming computer suggestions.

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Yeah, so I decided to ask that here. I know I could just Google it, but instead I decided to have actual people writing to an actual thread…

So. What do you consider to be a good gaming computer? I’d like it to be a desktop since of more power (I think). Tell either the name of the computer (so I can Google it) or the parts inside it.

Also tell how much it would cost in either US Dollars or Euros, because I’m able to convert $ to €. Straight € would be preferred though.

I personally think CyberPower PC Black Pearl would be kind of neat.

Though it’ll probably cost more I (in other words, my dad) can afford. So if you got any max 2000 € ($2500) game computers, it’d be cool. Can also be more if I decide to sell my computer…

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1 euro = equal this to $1.40 and be fine. If you can’t, then you don’t need a gaming computer, but instead you need a lot of math classes.

Basically, make up your PC out of separately bought components. This will save you about $500, depending on what are you planning to play on it, and are you going to get top of the line PC or not, top components have more than 30% higher price than “medium” class components. Also, if you are only wanting to play Heroes of Might&Magic 3 (or any game that was released prior to 2002), you’ll be satisfied with a PC that’s now named “office PC” :D

By the way, that Cyberpower PC site is nice, and you can get a good PC out of there, just check shipping prices etc, I’ve played with it a bit, ending up with $1200 complete chassis with not too shabby video card, 16GB memory, RAID1 1TB HDDs (two), and a solid power supply.

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I made a topic similar to this and I think there’s some good info in there. I built a gaming pc quite a bit less than your cap cost, and it has been able to completely max everything I’ve thrown at it so far.

Here’s the topic, and a relevant post