Holier than thou when rating comments?

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Hi all,

So this is the most mature gaming site I’ve found and at first I was glad to see that hate comments under the games got rated down by users.

However, now I have started to think it has more to do with people wanting to feel “holier than though”.

Does anyone else think it’s pathetic that any crisicism, no matter how polite or well intended goes below the rating threshold in the comments section?


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You can edit your posts at these forums, look under your avatar for an “edit post” link. :D

On topic – no, not every criticism goes down the threshold, some do stay up and even get top five. Although this is rare for a criticising comment to stay visible. “Holier than thou” – I don’t know frankly, knowing I’m not holier than anyone…

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I would very much like to see the “under rating threshold” system removed. A comment should not be hidden just because a few people didn’t like it – that’s basically censorship. Only comments which are spam or offensive should be hidden (after being flagged). What do others think?

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It isnt like other people can’t view the comments you just click a damn link and it still appears. I unflag comments all the time to see what they said. But yeah probably most people playing a game and checking out comments are fans of the game and wont react well to criticisms.