[Event] Multiplayer Absurdity (MA) Week 3: BeGone Guerra

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Where the F is UG?

Due to unfortunately inconviences throws knife away UG isn’t able to host this weeks MA, but I am here: a bright star on the firmament, a heartful savior, a- What? Or right, let’s just move on…

What is Multiplayer Absurdity (MA)?

It’s a once a week (for now!) community based activity and get-together where we all play the same (non-mmo) multiplayer game for an hour or two.

When does MA start?

The event is scheduled to be:
Wednesday, 10th of October, at 17:00PM GMT.
Convert that to your own timezone

What game is this week?

Begone: Guerra!

Note: There is a full version with more features on their website. Feel free to play there, but hold up in a Kong chat (Either your home chat, or my private I provide) or via Skype. We are not sure, if the two versions of thr game are hooked up, but we doubt the’re not.

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Do I need to sign up?

Sure, you can let us know if you are going to attend, but its not required and we won’t hold you to it. The more people that say they want to show up though, the more you’ll see at the event for sure, so don’t be afraid to post! I will make a list of people that plan to attend in this post, if you like to.

If you’d love to make it but just can’t:

Let us know why! This is the first second third event so there is definitely going to be some adjusting going on as we have more. Semi-weekly events are the eventual goal, each with new games and maybe some repeats where we all had a lot of fun.

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wat. I be there. Sorry about being unable to start up a thread earlier this week.