TCSCCT Versus and Co-op won't let me login.

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I’ve been playing both gamemodes, when suddenly I log in and what do I get? “Unable to connect” WTF. My computer has been playing the gamemodes for quite a while, and then it lets me join, I come back another day and WTF AGAIN! IT SAYS “Unable to connect” AGAIN! WHY DOES IT NOT LET ME IN, LET ME IN THEN DON’T LET ME IN! This is so frustrating!

TCSCCT stands for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theroy, just so you know.

Yes, I’ve searched it. Google gave me unrelated topics, LIKE A DUMB REVIEW OF IT!

I know I’m angry, but I hate it when I play a game for 1 year and it doesn’t let me play for some dumb reason when I know it can let me in. Then I am able to get in and play, and all of a sudden the game says “Sorry, we connected, but we’re so dumb so we’re saying you can’t connect. Happy gaming!”

You would be frustrated and angry too, right?

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Wow, interesting problem…But I can’t answer…