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We’re pretty much a brand new podcast dedicated to share ideas and thoughts with the gaming world and hopefully entertain while we do it. We’re an hour long show that records every Saturday and uploads the following Monday, where we talk about the games we’re playing, the latest in game headlines, and then hit on the main topic of the day. Just don’t judge us by our aimless and format-free first episode alone, lol. Feel free to share anything with us. Ideas for topics, feelings on games, or anything else.

You can check out the first part of our latest episode (uploaded October 8, 2012) here. Tell us what you think.

Meanwhile, we’ll be using our brand new account on here to game as well. So feel free to friend us and we’ll try to help you with your various Kongregate gaming endeavours! Glad to meet you all, thanks for your time, and game on!