Epic War 2: All 3 Boss Walkthroughs & Achievement List

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Here is how to beat all 3 bosses in Epic War 2!

Guah Hajj:
<embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/iu6jp2bWC0Y&hl=en&fs=1" width="425" height="344"></embed>

The End:
<embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/m03ARWprPyM&hl=en&fs=1" width="425" height="344"></embed>

Lord of Hell:
<embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/PI9LGmY5VEE&hl=en&fs=1" width="425" height="344"></embed>

The Achievement List can be found within the 1st minute of both videos, or you can read below…

Achievement List:

  1. - Hobbits: View instructions and credits
  2. - Dwarves: Load the game 3 times
  3. - Bomberman: Lose 3 games
  4. - Red Dragon: Beat level 17
  5. - Devil: Beat level 18
  6. - Angel Soldier: Max out the research tree for all races


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nice guides. I noticed a few things you didn’t do though that saves allot of time and bloodshed so I’ll add then in here.
1. use the elemental arrows. I’ve done over 500 each and possibly more if you get the angles right since they pierce
2. keep a watch on your sword special it helps allot when you use it more often
3. The titans are NOT useless wastes of 9999 mana, I had one forest guardian last against the end for over a few minutes but sadly after it died the end got too close to my castle =./
4. cannons+advanced magic unit= safe bliss. reason? cannons can’t get thrown up so while your adv mag units are recovering from their flying your cannons can hold you down for a while
5. I’m using this one to say that the Hell Guy is an arch demon(or probably a demon warrior cause of the angel warrior) since you get it for completing achievement 5
6. use the adv range unit, they’re nice for a faster hit and when against hero’s(like black/red dragon) they can freeze/explode/push back(wtf does the human element suck =/ )

Thats pretty much all i have to add. Back to attempting the end again =/

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This may sound retarded… how do I use elemental arrows in EW2? No idea if Titan units work well against the bosses… but I know for sure that Soldiers do work.

Thanks for the tips though, I’m sure they’ll be helpful. :)

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Press s (or s + alt for endless shooting) after you upgraded the arrow 3 times.


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yea… i figured that out through guessing. since everything is hotkey’d except S. meh. Lord of Hell is not easy. still working on the vid… will try and have it out tomorrow, but it’s christmas, so not sure.

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The way to the lord of hell is harder than the lord himself (usually more than 1 try to learn his behavior, if someone plays it without help (-:)

But since the update it’s easy to setup everything right before the first early devil.

Bla, guess I’m the only one with the achievement statistic bug.

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I would like to say titans are useless wastes of 9999 mana.

My favourite unit is the arch angel. Not only can he tank against “The End”, his attack has the ridiculous range of full screen, annihilating everything in its path.

The way I beat “The End” is simple. I only needed Arch Angels, Elf Phantom arrows, and dryads. The Arch Angels not only help stop him dead in his track by the time he is halfway (allowing you to pelt him with your castle’s arrows), the angels also keep pesky monsters away.

Phantom Archers have a longer reach than normal Hunters putting them a safe distance away from “The End”s bad breath attack.

The trick is to pace yourself summoning units making sure you always have 5200 to summon the next angel when the timer has run down.

The constant barrage of arrows easily pwns “The End”.

If you look at his resistances, he has 0 resistances to damage (melee, ranged, magic). He has high resistances to elemental what-have-you. So anti stun, anti freeze and i don’t know what fire does (extra dmg i think).

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Lord of Hell kills me without any reason. I am pwning him with 2 Arch Angels and then my every unit on the battlefield dies and game ends. Is this what supposed to be?

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The trick is to use only titans and angels once the Lord of Hell pops up. If you use grounds troops he does this weird attack that takes helath off your castle.

It’s slow but it seems to work.

(I should say that I haven’t killed him yet, I’m doing it right now. He’s on about 50% health at the moment. Also I’m using orc race.)

Edit: I killed him. I should add that either the angel or the Cerberus adds to the Lord of Hell’s health a little but I’m not sure which. It doesn’t add much though so a mix of the two works.

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dumb question: how can I build angel knights? I upgraded everything I’ve got, therefore I am able to build those Titans (who should orignially be buildable after all other critters), but not angel knights.

I fear it has something to do with the other races but so far I refused to play them, cause I think it’s retarded to start three times all over again.

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- Angel Soldier: Max out the research tree for all races

Sorry that’s what you need to do.

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Well, thanks for the quick reply ;)

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do NOT use Angel Soldiers against the Lord of Hell. He absorbs their attacks. You can use Titan Units and Red Dragons. Also, the myth that the Lord of Hell only does his ground pound attack when you have a lot of guys on the screen is a myth. I had 1 or 2 on the screen (all titan angels) and he was still ground pounding at about the same frequency as when i had 4-5 on the screen or 20+ on the screen.

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Weird, I never saw him absorbing the (lightning) attack from the soldier. I pounded him with 1 titan and 2 angel soldiers and I actually think that 2 soldiers make more damage than 1 titan. I never saw his health go up, never a little bit ;)

Maybe he is still a little bit buggy. He only did that quake attack when I played as a human with only 1 titan on the field by me…
Never had that problem when playing elf or orc. I could use more than 3 titans or soldiers there, without triggering his ability ONCE.

Anyway it would be dumb if could absorb the soldiers attacks. He pierces through the king of hell and takes out incoming catapults/cannons and other ranged units. The titan heros might be decent… But their attack range isn’t. I don’t think that my titans ever reached any cannons/archers that are behind him (nearly invisible outside that map). And after a while and more and more cannons/range units adding up behind him, the titan dies quicker then you think :x

And don’t forget, you don’t have the devil when you play vs. the king for the first time, so the angel is the only one with a decent pierce/range attack (also taking out cannons/far range units outside the map).

Guess when I have time, I’ll test out which small close combat units can be added vs. him without triggering his ability (:

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I never said the devil… you have the Red Dragon, which does close-ranged physical damage. I know 100% for a fact that the Soldier’s long-range ice attack heals the Lord. Don’t know about his close range.

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I never said that you said something about the devil…

With the devil unit I was referring to attack lengths (to reach far range enemy units behind the map, which are not attackable by most other units when the king is on the map). And that you only have 1 unit that actually pierces through him (even behind the end of the map) if you play the game for the first time.

I never tested the dragon attack length at the end of the level, might try that soon.
But it’s just rather annoying when cannons stack up behind him and you stand there with 3 titans (they’ll take damage and you need to rebuild another one). With like 1 soldier his attack beats the annoying stuff behind him.

Even if he absorbs the 1 long range attack (it’s no match for titan damage and the non magic attack by the soldier).
The health still drops fast enough. Tested it often enough.

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Ok, what am I doing wrong:
I am attacking Lord of Hell with Arch Angels and Red Dragons only but he is slamming ground one time after another and after two minutes (50 slams – 25 000 / 500 = 50 slams for 500dms each) I am dead. Is there another way to beat this guy? Am I missing something?

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You might wanna try your luck as an elf or orc.

Only when I played as a human he sometimes triggered his slam attack, even if only 1 human titan unit was on the field.
Might be still a lil’ bit buggy. He never did it once when I played as an elf (and I did that like 10 times)…

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I’ve been playing as Elf as well and the only time he slammed the ground was when I was trying to send bombs over.

do NOT use Angel Soldiers against the Lord of Hell. He absorbs their attacks. You can use Titan Units and Red Dragons. Also, the myth that the Lord of Hell only does his ground pound attack when you have a lot of guys on the screen is a myth. I had 1 or 2 on the screen (all titan angels) and he was still ground pounding at about the same frequency as when i had 4-5 on the screen or 20+ on the screen.

I actually advise to use Angels. Their ability to absolutely crush catapults and other ranged units that spawn can drastically improve the lifetime of your titan units.

Lord of Hell Strategy

Suggested Unit: Angel
The Angel unit you unlock from upgrading all the races is a completely broken (overpowered) unit. With such a powerhouse as your disposal, you would be a fool to not use him. They ridiculousness comes from the unbeatable range of their attack, freezing, crushing, destroying everything in its path.

Lord of Hell Stats
Lord of Hell is weak against melee, and absorbs ranged and magic. When I first beat Lord of Hell, I didn’t realize he absorbed arrows and magic, and I has at least 60+ Phantom Archers.

Lord of Hell does not move. He just sits in his tower.

Lord of Hell’s attack is a devastating full screen ground pound which dmgs all your units including your castle. As daKradha says, “he never did it [ground pound] once when I played as an elf”. I also beat Lord of Hell using Elf.

What to do
First use angels to clear the enemy castle. Of note, the stage may spawn 10 red devils that can easily reach and destroy your castle. A decent way to fight against this is to summon countless Phantom Archers. An army made up of these cheap, hardy archers can easily mow down the barrage of red devils along with your Angel units. If and when you survive the wave of red devils, the Lord of Hell should have spawned, i.e. you’ve defeated their castle.

At this point, summon the Elf Titan and dragon units when possible. I always kept 2 Angels on screen to make sure all the advancing enemy units were dealt with. Even if the Angels heal the Lord of Hell, the damage you do easily counters the healing. Their most important job is dealing with enemy ranged units which keep your Titan and Dragon healthy, allowing them to kill the Lord of Hell.

The only thing “hard” about the Lord of Hell is his ground pound. Since he doesn’t seem to pound against elf units, he’s really easy.

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The “offset damage” strategy is essentially what I did as well.

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Retarded Question: How do I switch from a human to an elf or an orc?

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you have to unlock them. i don’t recall the exact level, but it’s somewhere around level 7 for elf and level 11-12 for orc.

also, Lord of Hell vid is done… will add it to the 1st post when it’s on YT. should be really soon. i don’t understand it… i used the EXACT same strategy as I had been using… I just did it as Elves instead of Humans. something is definitely bugged in one of the races.

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Good job Tass, another excellent walkthrough. I didn’t need much help with the game, but this gave me the little information I wanted to know. And hilarious music, as I always expect from your walkthroughs, thanks!

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i suck i cant beat lvl 6… help

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It’s easier to beat level 17 by spamming using arrows and the occasional Beast Rider whenever you’re in trouble while building up mana and castle life, and when you finally get max, spam Totems until they start hitting the castle. When that happens, send out a Cerberus and spam Totems until cerberus gets down to half life, then wait for mana regen and send out another Cerberus. After you get about 75-125 Totems you probably don’t need any more, and you can just wait for regen to send another Cerberus. By the time The End comes out, he’ll be stuck against your Cerberus and your constant Totem attacks. As long as you keep your Cerberus “spam”, he shouldn’t even get 1/10 of the way to your castle.