[GemCraft Labyrinth] one last 228 attempt

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I’m going to make one last attempt at the old 228 waves of map 76 in chapter 0.

I plan to rely on grade 14 and grade 15 traps, with maybe some scattered g11 towers to help controll stray monster speed.

I can make up to 2 grade 14’s/wave without the interupt cat.
Current status: wave 50, with between 10 and 20 grade 14’s, only one of which has been spec’d.

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scratch the old attempt. What was I thinking. I had TWO papers due on the same day.

Modification to endgame plan: 50-60 traps grade 14, rest of traps grade 13, towers g11.

major modification to endgame and manafarming: instead of pulling poison gems ot of R/O/X combinations, take BLUE out instead, thereby restoring the R/B start slower as a viable tactic.

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Ok. here’s what the rundown was:

wave 1-40: made the mana farm. this is MUCH slower than my original starting strategy because I do NOT want to lag my computer more than I absolutely have to.

wave 40+: creating an average of 1 grade 14 every wave. I’d be managing more if i weren’t pressing “n” every now and then.

Currently at wave 65, with 25 grade 14’s, about half of which have been hued. all have been spec’d.

one last note: You can drag gems TO a prismatic gem in a trap without affecting the specials, allowing for in-place huing or grade upping without having to redo the specing.

Towers still seem to be unpredictable as to whether the specials will change or not.