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I’m creating this topic to talk about and or discuss any AMAZING moments or thoughts about The Elder Scrolls.

Preferred format:
1.) Your favorite Elder Scrolls game and why. How long ago was it that you became a fan of the series?
2.) Tell me what your AMAZING moment(s) were or simply any thoughts or topics you would like to discuss.

—Please no spamming or insulting comments I will not tolerate ANY-

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My favorite Elder Scrolls game is Oblivion. Oblivion was AMAZING, will all the things that you could do the possibilities seemed endless. I, easily, dedicated over 250+ hours of gameplay into it over the last 6 years.
The thing I liked to do most was to break into people houses and collect all their items. Then I would dump all the junk into a big pile in the middle of a room and take the valuables to my house and drop them. I collected so many items in my waterfront house that it would take forever to load when I tried to go in there lol.

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Morrowind was, overall, the best Elder Scrolls game. Oblivion and Skyrim have had absolutely terrible plot lines, and usually pretty-but-uninteresting settings. The sheer amount of content in them has mostly been the result of copy-pasted dungeons and impassable mountains, as opposed to well-made and unique content… Not to mention the incredibly unimpressive bosses which required almost zero strategy… Also worth mentioning is that the magic system has actually had a lot LESS content since the Morrowind version.

As with most series, as the number gets higher and the graphics get better; the overall gameplay takes a nosedive.

And now they’re releasing a WoW clone.


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Oblivion was HUGE. That’s about it, you had so much stuff to do, it was unbelievable. Not to mention, exploring other areas that weren’t quest related, also increased Oblivion’s lifespan.

But it is far from being a perfect game. First off, it’s buggy. Sure, you can expect it from games of this magnitude, but it’s still a buggy game. I had every kind of problem, from glitches to corrupted save files.
Second, it gets too easy too soon. When I played, I hit max level quite early in the game, and found tons of magic stuff. So even if monsters were leveled, I obliterated them. Also, it gets repetitive. Go to Ayleid ruins, go to caves, go to crypt. And that was it.

Still, it is my favorite.

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Yeah, not going to lie, I played morrowind a little bit and it did have more attention to detail. Since I had already played Oblivion, Morrowing seemed too low grade.
The story line for Oblivion was awesome though, Skyrim was terrible. Having such high hopes for the sequel to Oblivion was a big disappointment for me. Bosses in Oblivion didn’t really seem like bosses but that didn’t matter to me seeing how I could distract myself with all the other content. Skyrim on the other hand seemed too much like a “run and gun”.

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I don’t have Skyrim yet (if ever), but played all other…Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion with all expansions and official plug-ins. And Morrowind is simply best. Graphics are not a big issue for me, and Morrowind had best combat and leveling system from whole series, and wasn’t as repetive as Oblivion where I spent half of the time training one or two skills because I couldn’t use trainer and had to have the stat bonuses set before going exploring and gaining level again.